Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013 coffee and love best wishes...

Going to see booms and bangs and pretty fireworks light up the sky in few hours. Hopefully while sipping a cup of hot coffee holding a warm hand in a not-crowded coffee place. It's tradition -- the fireworks part.

I shall get straight to business of writing this post, before I lose all ideas and time, which is to recount every significant (and significant enough) events of my life milestone in 2012.

One word: AMAZING.

Here's a RECAP of my journey -- all the awesome, the troublesome, the strange and the expected of all things happening.

1. Sang at my sister's wedding early in the year. The most calm I've ever been on stage with my guitar singing to anyone.
2. Been featured a few times under Sarawak Blog joint-project with New Sarawak Tribune. Flattered as hell to be read by some people out there cause I know there are many better writers out there.
3. Always wondered how it would feel like to meet in real life all the fellow bloggers that you've followed or who've followed you. Amazing feeling, that. Crossing that thin line between virtual and the real world, and know they still follow you after knowing who you are.
4. Fell in love with a fellow blogger. Unexpected, that. Miracles do happen, yes?
5. Been traveling a lot. A new place, a new experience everyday. And that constant feeling of always wanting to go home sooner vs those times when I actually looked forward to going away.
6. A year has passed since I've moved to my new home. My first property!
7. Paid my credit card debts, paid my car in full, and settled my personal loans. Now I live with only one fully-paid active credit card, and I can finally tell all those creditors to get off my back for a while.
8. Bought a smartphone with touchscreen just for the camera, against my better judgement. Absolutely best decision i've made so far.
9. Climbed Mount Kinabalu for the first time! Caught the most awesome sunrise from the peak.
10. Started a tweetup account, and although it isn's much of an achievement, it opened a few doors for me, and got me a few new and good friends too. Even attended and helped out (with minimal and backstage participation) in TwtUpKch2012, for the first time.
11. My wardrobe has never seen too many dresses! It's a year when Coffee Girl turns into more of a lady and less of a tomboy. 
12. It has been an awesome year financially too, I must say, careerwise. 

I had a few more good ones, but I cant seem to recall them right now. But that's alright now, didn't we almost have it all?

So before the year ends in another 2 hours, Coffee Girl would like to apologize for being less and less around in the blogging world. And for sometimes writing inarticulately and crapping a lot when she ran out of ideas. Thank you for reading me, following me, and didn't think less of me everytime anyway even after meeting me.

Meantime, here's me wishing you all a grand, blessed, prosperous, happening and awesome NEW YEAR 2013 ahead! Have yourself a cuppa for good luck.

I see you next year.

Coffee Girl

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The birthday cum Christmas post ...

Ignore the lame title. 

But hey, since the world didn't end when it was so called supposedly so, and since it's my blog, and forgetting the fact that this is only the second post for December, allow me to take a few minutes and a few lines to wish myself a happy birthday anniversary. 

Ok, lame again.

Here celebrating ze besday at Tony Roma's with the best ribeye steak this side of the universe. Coffee Girl (the person behind the name, not the blog) is a year older yesterday on 22.12.12. Apparently the world didn't end, so ...

 The birthday dinner...

The point is I'm right now struggling to post an entry using my SGS3 for the first time and I can't deny how annoyed I am with touchscreens. But that's my problem, not the phone's.

Anyway before i lose all patience and sweetness, to all those celebrating the Yultide, here's wishing you all:

A happy merry blessed Christmas! 

 Behind one of the biggest snow birdcage ...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Food Review: Candlelight Dinner at The Peak, Pullman

I know, I know, this is an overdue post. But I'm still on time, I hope. Been preoccupied with running both career (or job) and own life simultaneously.

But hey, Christmas is coming! And if you're looking for a venue to hold that once-a-year Christmas family dinner or business talk over Christmas food, this offer is still valid.

Anyway, I had the privilege to attend this small gathering of media for a food review at The Peak, Pullman Hotel. The whole idea of dining by candlelight does make a girl feel a little romantic, most especially if you're on the 22nd Floor, overlooking the whole of Kuching City, with someone you cherish. :-) Nice feeling huh? and we're not even talking about the food yet!
The view at night is mesmerizing from The Peak, Pullman. Kuching is all bright lights beautiful after 7pm. How anyone could leave a city this breathtaking, for some other place away from home, is beyond me.
Anyway, the Christmas dinner was brisk, straightforward, and sweet. And I'm not just talking about the memory. Appetizers, desserts, main courses were all enticingly sugary I could easily develop a sweet tooth if I didn't have one already. I mean, look at this lovely candy confectionarised house, it's like a scene from the North Pole!
And the lovely chocolaty eclairs Christmas tree! Oh they're real eclairs, not just for decorations, so careful picking each one or you might bring down the tree. Ho ho ho.
Somehow nobody warned me how sweet these colourful array of macaroons could be, that I put a bunch in my plate but didn't finish half of them. This could go well with sugarless tea, but then I'm more of a coffee person...
Marshmallow candies anyone? Get a bunch of these for giveaways during Christmas Day open house, not a bad idea, hey?
And, the traditional sugary butter muffins. Now this would be perfect with coffee.
And for the main course -- a beautifully roasted turkey! Now, if you don't already know, I don't exactly have a good experience with turkey meat. But this one were surprisingly pretty nice ... tender, moist, and not blanch at all, as I had initially thought. Served with black pepper sauce with sweet stuffings and garnish on the side, it was without a doubt, the one and only time I enjoyed eating a roast turkey. Talk about! The only problem with it was it was too small for the bunch of us! Ha ha ha.
I think I pretty much mixed the appetizers with the desserts, but no matter. They could serve as both. Like this sweet rolls er... logs. I stuffed a few pieces of these babies in one go. They were that irresitible.
And what's a night without coffee, right? For that after-effect moment. The perfect closure to a good dinner.
The Christmast Eve and New Year's Eve Candlelight Dinner is priced at RM200++ per person. The view and the dining experience is expected to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones, that is, if you're as romantic as me. :-) There will also be unlimited serving of wines, chilled juices, sodas and hot beverage... although we weren't so lucky that night. Sigh...

For reservations and enquiries, drop by at Pullman’s Kuching festive desk today, or call +6 (0) 82 222 888 or email to


P/s: I'll be back with more updates soon people! Sorry I've been remiss, yet again. I know, I miss you guys too. :p