Monday, November 19, 2012

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect ... Aca-awesomeness

Had waited with hyped up anticipation for this movie since IMDB released the trailer last year. Anticipation fully justified. Haven't had this much fun since Sisters Act and Hairspray. I supposed it won't be fair to compare it with Glee, but then with the amount of voice matching, synchronised singing, and harmonious movement going on, it's inevitable not to.

"Making music with your mouth" aka A Cappella  is what Pitch Perfect is all about. Heyyyy!

Google pic

I bet you didn't know Anna Kendrick could sing, did you? She was actually nominated for Broadway's 1998 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Musical) for "High Society." She was the second youngest nominee in Tony history. Ok I Googled that part up, but the most important point is, she wasn't just a cute face who featured as Bella's first friendly-face classmate in Twilight. She is now in her best lead role ever and what better way to feature that vocal gift than to flaunt it on stage with one of the most colorful cast ensemble?

Google pic: Anna Kendrick now, a far cry from Twilight...

Here's how the story goes: Beca (Anna Kendrick), a seemingly rebellious but quiet teen, is forced to go to college where her father is the resident academician, despite her dream of becoming a radio DJ. By choice, her initial journey into college-hood wasn't smooth sailing, she didn't make any friends, in fact her roommate practically ignored her.

She accidentally joined an all-girls a capella group called The Bellas, after her vocal talent was discovered in the shower by senior Chloe (Brittany Snow). Coincidentally the song they were harmoniously singing to was Titanium by David Guetta, my all time one-hit favourite. Fire away fire away...

Anyway, The Bellas were determined to dethrone reigning champion all-boys The Treble Makers in an international competition, but first they have to win (or get at least second placing) the regional and the national to get to the international. With the juniors joining in as part of their college curricular activities, senior Bellas led by the controlling Aubrey and the supportive Chloe, quickly gather a group of unconventional but gifted bunch of girls (of all shapes and sizes and sexual orientation).

 Google pic: Signing up with the Bellas

Then there were the series of chemistry pull between Beca and the leading actor Jesse (Skylar Astin) which was seriously sweet to watch, and the series of unspoken anger aimed at her dad, and also the unhidden hostility between Beca and her Korean roomate. But then, this is Hollywood, you don't get pegged down for pulling a racist remark now and then.
Aside from Anna Kendrick who shines in her first few leading role, the other person to watch is Australian Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy, a confident alto singer who loathes cardio workouts. I didnt know she could sing too until I checked out her bio! She is both comical and natural, and carries a total couldnt-care-less attitude. Watch out for her witty one-liners, sugar coated sarcasm, and cute dramatic approach to everything. Ooo I love her!
Google pic: Fat Amy and Aubrey rehearsing the pout...

Remember her in Ghost Rider -- the gothic punk girl who witnessed the first soul-drenching drama and lived to tell the media?

 Google Pic: Remember this awkward pose? Ha ha ha.

The Treble Makers were actually the perfect match for the girls. There were some really good songs and hair-raising male pitch with the bass landing. At some point, I kept asking myself, did the High School Musical boys grew up and went to Barden University?

Google pic: The Treble Makers ... 

Check out the girls' version for rehearsal number, by Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are. It was perfect. But then again, what isn't? Gave me goose bumps.

Pitch Perfect may not have the best storyline ever -- in fact, you could conclude it as another rebel teen vs college drama -- but they definitely score the highest where music arrangement and voice pitch are concerned. And even though the plot sometimes might be a little predictable if not non-existent, I totally enjoyed the whole ride. Aca-Totally.

Go catch Pitch Perfect in cinemas closest to you today. Bring a date, you won't regret it.

Fire away! Fire away!


  1. Have you watched Rock of Ages?it's the same genre with this movie, with a bit of rebellious...Tom Cruise jadi leading role, recommend you this movie sis...

  2. It plays around with its premise and idea in a goofy and fun way, but never fully comes around and takes us by surprise. Still, you’ll have a good time regardless. Nice review.

  3. Is it in the cinemas here already? I would want to go and watch...

  4. alamak..mesti hubby sik mauk teman kan nangga cerita tok..huhu

  5. Adi Herman: Rock of Ages not yet released in our cinema, right? Or did i miss that? haha. I saw the trailer too. but i think it was more of Rock with the whole package. Oh i definitely will watch it. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for visiting. :-) Yes, when the credits roll, u'll realise that what matters most is that you enjoyed the whole movie.

    suituapui: yes it is, since 15th Nov. Go watch, I think Sibu King Cineplex (the one near Premier Hotel) got.

    Ez Vina: aik kenak? best bah. sikda unsur2 violent. hahaha

  6. Sounds interesting after reading your review!
    But ar, really no time to hit the cinema these days!

  7. Caught it and pretty much enjoyed it for its own entertainment values.

  8. story line kinda okey...waiting for the abnormal one hihi..:)

  9. Such a detail review. You should be hired by them. Ahaks!

  10. Hayley: it is! it is! u shd totally go and see. :p

    missyblurkit: i know right? that was entertaining!

    stan: u mean Paranormal 4? hahaha not into that kinda movie tho

    Willie: its not detailed, just sharing how i felt about it. Yes they shd hire me. haha

  11. Hi Coffee Girl, I never even heard of this movie. Guess I have lost touch with whats on at the cinemas.
    Haven't stepped into a cinema ages.
    Have fun,

  12. Hi Uncle Lee! Well you should get a DVD copy, it's really nice and entertaining. :-) Thanks for dropping by!


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