Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November ...

Don't know how it happened, but November is here now and there's nothing to do about it but accept the brutal truth. Real soon it too will pass and then year end looms.

If anyone were to ask what were achieved so far, the answer would be pretty much a lot, and then some. Emotional level is currently on a high. Career level? Just had a lump of good news being dumped on the unsuspecting happy us. Social level? Not so bad. Spiritual? O Father in Heaven, search this humble stubborn heart.

Irregardless, still loves coffee but has been reducing the intake due to conflict of taste. Cant name one-self Coffee Girl if the namesake is slowly being converted to tea lover as well, now can she? One must always be true to one's heart, even if one drinks all sorts of coffee at all sorts of cafe without being partial while the partner only drinks a certain brand.

But it is rainy season. And I did get this short Venti coffee mug as consolation. So me no complain. For someone who claims he doesn't drink coffee, he sure does know his way around Starbucks waaaaaaay better than I do. And that's a good thing too.

Like I said, am not partial when it comes to coffee. Besides, the more run down the cafe, the better the coffee. How can anyone compete with experience right?


One more to go and I'd have to make another entry on the yearly appraisal. 


  1. More cups to go... enjoy smelling more freshly brewed coffee... but be careful sipping the hot ones... :) (metaphor of life baby)
    Have a great November babe!

  2. I do sometimes feel a little bit insecure when thought of "what have i achieved this year?" come to mind. It does feel scary in certain times. But come to think of it,i just ease myself with the song "Que sera sera, whatever will be will be..."

  3. November rain indeed...wet...wet...wet!!!

  4. but i love both! hahahaha gile tamak haloba kan...

  5. Huh...rainy Nov indeed. I really love it...:p.

  6. Lots of rain this month...and I thought it was supposed to stop after the 9 emperors celebrations.

    Coffee...never judge a place based on its looks for coffee. There is this rather run down but very happening and busy coffee shop in Pudu that serves consistently good kopi-o. Been there at different times, and its aromatic. The right water temperature and not recycling the beans too much like most places perhaps? COupled witha freshly fried yao char kwai (chinese crullers)...I have no complaints returning there for my caffeine fix.

  7. Yes, indeed love and hate for coffee for me, ah November is here already, reviewing what I have achieved, nothing much though, but really "whatever will be will be."

  8. Hi, I love my iced coffee....and believe it or not have never stepped into Starbucks or any of those designer coffee shops.
    Yes, November is here, and our autumn leaves now all but gone, and ole man winter fast approaching and snow!
    Already the temp in single digit, it's 1'c as I type this.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  9. Who is this partner who drinks only a particular coffee brand?


  10. Hayley: you too!

    Genskie: you too babe! steaming hot coffee is my fav. :-p the more sting the better.

    Adi herman: yes at some points we can just roll back and let fate do its best (or worst) on us. Happy November Adi!

    suituapui: raining outside now, as we speak (or type)

    hanie: hahahah nothing wrong with that. bukan tamak haloba, high achiever namanya. lol

  11. stan: esp at night when its almost bedtime kan? then no need go out. cool outside.

    missyblurkit: ur right too. the rundown kopitiam is normally the best place to search for much loved environment, good strong coffee, and classic good times. which is why i only go to starbucks once in a while only, or there's a sudden craving for a caramel macchiato (but thats not becoz they serve the best cm, but because of what it represents in my life... :p)

    Libby: love hate for coffee? LOL. but u either love or u hate, so im guessing ur a tea person then. :-)

    Uncle Lee: really? aww thats ok, theres other places to have ur iced coffee too. Rainy month this, year end monsoon brewing. You have a nice weekend Uncle, have fun and stay safe!

    Cyrildason: that partner is the one with the Grande size tall coffee mug. :p


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