Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania

Ok now, for some easy digestion. No reading between the lines needed. I was going to write about this last week after I watched it but then stuffs get in the way. So anyway ... 

Note: Fans of animation shall not compare this with Ice Age or Madagascar because it is in a class of its own. And luckily it didn't premier at the same time either, so phew. 

My verdict: Ha ha ha! Good one there! Good one! Say what? Aha ha ha. Almost missed that. Damn, that was fast!

I haven't had a good laugh watching animated movie since well... Ice Age or Madagascar. The former two were amusing and fun in a straightforward way, but this is hilarious in a parody sort of way. The amount of sarcasm in this movie is just the right dose. You think you know your bloodsucking tall legends and myths? This movie effectively screwed Edward Cullen + Bella team double time over. No offense, but seriously, at some points, you do feel like you wanna slap the both of them, don't you?

Shall I give you a brief review? I shall spoil it for you! : Hotel Transylvania is about a kid she-vamp daughter of Dracula, being raised by a very protective single dad that he would go to any length to  keep her away from mankind. So he created this humongous mansion somewhere in the world called Hotel Transylvania -- well basically for a teenager, it's more of like a luxurious prison -- so he can keep an eye on her all the time. Her friends would be all kinds of monsters you read or watched in movies of the kind: Frankenstein, Big Foot, Werewolves, Critters, ... I even saw those cute ugly ones from Monsters Inc... ? You try watch see if you note any of them.

Get a load of this puppy-dog-eyed cuteness!

Over-protective you say? Well you know, sometimes I wonder if this vampire thing concept is similar to the Tarantula where the scientist will tell you that those deadly spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them and will only attack upon being threatened. I don't know for sure, I think perhaps my bat-instinct has been badly screwed up after watching Twilight, The Underworld, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire Assistant, True Blood, and Fright Night. I don't know who's more confused, everybody else or just me...

Anyway, one day an adventurous human-boy walked in on them in the middle of a party, lost and unsuspecting, and WHAM! Her whole life changed! And this is where you go to the nearest cinema and watch it yourself. Okay?

There's a whole lot of conspiracy in here, mainly to defunct the vampire theory. It's pretty much one good line after another and sometimes, if you don't listen hard enough, you'll miss it. Oh don't be  too hard on yourself, this movie is actually fun, if I say so myself. I was prepared to be bored sick and sleepy, but then, Dracula happened!

Moral of the story: Your zing will come, cherish it.

Oh, and my favourite line:

"A wooden stake to the heart? Who wouldn't die from that?" Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


  1. I dint watch this one, basically I am not into animations, hehe...

  2. it too!i like the last song the most!hehe ;)

  3. where did you get that flash pic of little cute kitty?haha since u made some good review about this movie,i'll be sure as hell to watch it later on

  4. okeh sound nice...can't wait for Ted :p...

  5. Bok dapat kmk post komen pakei Mozilla... haha....

  6. we watched it too.... enjoyed it very much...BLEH BLEH BLEH...hehehe

  7. Hayley: haha i know, ur into horror, right? :p

    Fiona: eh whats the last song again? hehe

    Adi Herman: i googled it.. hihi. cute kan? how cud u resist those big eyes? hahaha. yes go watch it and unwind. =)

    stan: it is! eh.. who's Ted?

    Ez Vina: sila sila... safe for the kids too.

    AmirFx: ya ka? duhal...

    Tia: hihihi...

  8. nice review babe .. you are making me jump to the nearest cinema and watch this.. :)

  9. THIS is one EPIC animated movie. I want to watch it AGAIN!

  10. ted is a teddy bear lol..:)

  11. Genskie: you should. at least to de-stress... :)

    cyrildason: me too. let's!

    stan: ooooh... hahaha. ok


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