Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balancing life ...

[In deep thoughts...]

Hey there.

This calls for a coffee moment because office hours just about done and I am finally a little bit free now. Yay. It has been a crazy few weeks and I haven't been updating much, if you noticed. Not really experiencing some kind of mental block because I do have a lot to write, just that given a really accepted excuse, time and energy has been keeping me from actually doing that. Focus is a luxury these days.

No movie review today. No food indulgence. No crapping. No condemning. Just taking a measured look at own life.

On one hand, am trying to run my personal life as private as I can, while quietly and slowly erasing those memories from the past that has anything to do with me or other people that I'm circling around with. And making a lot of new ones to overrun the rest. It hasn't been all that tough since being in something voluntarily and willingly gives you enough motivation to keep going on, adapt, accept, nurture, and sustain. This might sound a little premature but since it's almost year end now, I have to say that 2012 has really been great to me so far. Sometimes all it takes is one small brave step forward to push you to the right direction, and taking those further steps with a lot of faith and confidence. You can't go wrong wherever you tread with honesty, sincerity, and purity of heart. That's what my Pastor says, and he happens to be my dad too.

While on the other hand, am doing my best to run my working life, career, job... whichever you wish to call it without sounding repetitive or prejudiced. Did I tell you that 1st October was the anniversary of my 3rd year working with this organization? Well, all I can say about it right now is that I never regretted leaving my job as a civil servant in a well-known department for this small not-quite well-known (yet) one. It has its ups and downs and rock and rolls and twist and turns, but then to compare, there are way worst places to work in. Here, you have a misunderstanding one day, you settle it, get over it, and forget about it, without holding grudges or fake affection. Results matter, and how you get them counts. You give respect, you get some in return. You do your task at the best of your abilities, exceeding them at some point, and go home happy and satisfied when each day concluded. You treat each other like family, but you always remember and appreciate more the real family that you go home to day after day. And lately it's getting to be more than what pays the bills, it's what gives you some self-worth and pride at the end of the day.

So if you asked me, am I happy today?

Happiness is probably subjective. Some can be seen and measured, and some can be read about all over media social channels, while some are kept solely private but for the people closely concerned.

But am I content? Now there's a question after reading the above that if you still had to ask, then you probably missed it and more.

Happy Wednesday Coffee everyone.


  1. It's really hard to balance every aspect of our lives... and you are right bout Happiness being subjective... I think for me it's a choice...

  2. for me the balance of life is as luxury as focus, just like u mentioned just now. anyway year 2012 personally going nice and smooth to me as well hehe tang nyaman aik kopi ya sis hahaha

  3. Hidup hendaklah selalu happy walaupun di dalam hati kadang2 terasa sedih, sakit, atau kecewa ;-)

  4. Nice summary sis, hope for the complete one at year end ;p...(just joking)...agree with you "Happiness is probably subjective",pain is subjective to, well if there is no pain then there is no gain as well...p/s sis the coffee looks like kopi tenom hahaha..

  5. Nice entry here. We choose to be happy if we want to kan. Despite of all the setbacks that comes with it, life is not easy but we decide how we want our life to be.

    Tengok nanga kopi ya...:)

  6. i'm happy when i get my coffee. eh? hehe

    lets live life to the fullest! kan babe..^^

  7. Hmm, happiness is very abstract, everyone has different definition to it.
    Anyway, just do whatever you like, as long as it makes you happy ;)
    Smile and wishing you a great evening!

    Btw, thanks for linking my blog, I have linked yours too!

  8. true..sometimes caffeine leads me to some deep thoughts too :)

    Latest: Best of Ramen

  9. Been busy too. Rarely on FB, stop tweeting after 2 weeks of opening an account and now concentrating on work and family.

    See yeah!

  10. Seems like you like your job from what I read. Glad that you found a job you like. Keep the writing coming in, I love reading your blog.

  11. Nimi: Thanks. :p

    Genskie: yes, a choice too, one that we hold in our hands.

    Adi Herman: nang nyaman, kaw kaw! see? thats a luxury too. =)

    Ms Tikot: tapok-tapokkan supaya org sik tauk kah?

    stan: year end summary? Amen. haha u know u do sound familiar every day. Coffee is original local brew, not tenom. memang thick rupa dia kan? pekat tuh..

    Nur68: happiness is what we make of it. right? :p coffee is the closure, yet.

  12. Ez Vina: Happy Monday dayung!

    Hanie: thats right! no matter what, coffee cant go wrong. eh?

    Hayley: abstract, subjective, relative, cant put a finger on it. :) ur welcome and do come back.

    FiSh. ohFISHiee: it's the concoction for the quietly intelligent... :p

    Willie: Good to know, family comes first. But keep blogging, u do have good stories. see yah!

    Libby: hi. =) well if i dont love it yet, id have left already. but then it's probably just our attitude towards it. accept and be happy. You keep writing too Libby.

  13. sound familiar?really :) be honest, i only know u here :)...

  14. stan: yes really. but maybe im imagining it. thanks for following anyway. :p

  15. I fall in love with this sentence, "You can't go wrong wherever you tread with honesty, sincerity, and purity of heart." Stay happy & grateful ;)


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