Monday, October 22, 2012

Add to cart Monday ...

Hate Mondays? I know a quick remedy. Come, accompany me to the online malls.

I mean, how could you resist signs that say 'Free shipping', '50% off online sales', 'Weekend Deals Specials', 'Privileged Shopper Deals', 'Buy 2 get 1 on the house'... etc?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up spending nearly RM100 online on a Monday morning. Very therapeutic, even if the item on sales is probably one that you gamble your body-size on upon a successful transaction. No matter.

Now you try. I know you some of you are having your pay-day today... Ha ha ha. What are you waiting for?


Ok ... now continue work!


  1. aha... i hv americano dis morning. and cuci mata browsing blogshops! ;p

  2. less than RM100; reasonable noh bah, janji happy ;)

    -ez vina-

  3. Does this include the Zalora thingy? wife is so fixated with this kinda stuff lately,and this scares me alot hahaha....

  4. Happy Monday to you...almost over! Every day is the same to me... Just sit back and relax, never mind which day of the week it is. Sometimes, even forget the days...what more the dates.

  5. So what did you buy?

    Hehe, I love online shopping too! That's one of the best thing God created, LOL!

  6. Monday=Moody day lol.....have a nice day ;p...

  7. Haha. You read my mind. Online shopping and online window shopping is my fav stray place during Monday morning.

  8. caramel machiatto to go... yay,.. im off on Mondays so my kinda monday.. is tuesday...u get what i mean???

  9. Have a happy week ahead, coffeegirl! I do not shop online anymore cos of bad experience due to lousy quality, poor workmanship and wrong size.

  10. Hanie: untung aie... jangan cuci mata je, click add! :D

    ez Vina: ya baruk Monday ok... sik kira yang last week... and maybe Tuesday, Wednesday...

    Adi Herman: Zalora? hahaha ada juak last time, but not in this batch. different sites...

    suituapui: and now it's Thursday! hahaha. Gotta enjoy ur retirement huh? Hapyy weekend to you! =)

  11. Hayley: tops, bag, and more tops... hahaha. It is kan? Halleluyah for technology!

    stan: hahaha not after youve done a good amount of retail therapy. :p

    preciousmadphoto: Kan? hahha. SO what did you buy today?

    Genskie: yes i get what u mean. So nice to be having the Monday off! Lucky girl....

    Libby: Thats a risk we all take, and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but we never give up. Eh? LOL. have a nice weekend too!

  12. Shopping online can be addictive.

  13. Enuff with window shopping. Dpt last warning dari Tuan Hubby. Haha.

  14. Hola, it is actually online shopping, not window shopping DUH!

  15. Wil Est: it is, isnt it? la la la

    Mizz Coki: Hahaha it is bought already, sekda main2 window shopping time tok aie, beli terus. hahaha *dasyat sik?*


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