Tuesday, September 25, 2012

U Bistro: Best pizza in town and stuffs...

[Note: went for this under Sarawak Bloggers, made new friends, met some old faces, good food, good company, me no complaint...]

Ok what you need to understand is that I don't really dig pizza on a normal day, but when I do, it's because I found one that I don't have to pretend to like or stuff in my mouth just to please my host. Yep, people, I discovered the best pizza in town and it's at U Bistro!

This Bistro serves it thin-crusted, generously cheesed and sprinkled with various types of toppings. My favourite so far is still the pepperoni, but the herbs is not bad either.

 Pepperoni pizza and herbs pizza and lookit Jaq enjoying the pull factor!

...and coupled that with a refreshing glass of Sprite peppermint.... voila! I had to push aside thoughts of coffee for a while to try out that mojito-lookalike drink and it was well, pretty good actually.

Sprite peppermint ... or fresh watermelon juice...

This place also serves a really awesome (for lack of a better word) grilled lamb. In fact, if they had black pepper sauce to drown it in with (like how I usually like my lamb) the night would've been perfect. You have to try it for yourself because some things just can't be described quite as well as experiencing it.

Fooh... grilled lamb baby!

What I did remember though, was enjoying this crispy grilled chicken with the best bruschetta I've ever tasted and the most generously cheese-sprinkled garden salad on the side.Why I keep saying generously ho... bah it's true! LOL.

Mix and match...

Too pretty to eat... coral salad, garden salad, and bruschetta

And some more grilled stuff! What's a hungry girl to do but take her carving knife and tread slowly... Notice the midin (wild fern)? Dare to be different I say. You won't see much of fried stuffs here. The baked potato kinda made a wonderful substitute for the typical french fries. Nice touch.

Grilled sirloin steak...

Here's where I tell you where to find this place because I can't risk being chubby alone: You know that old MAS (Malaysia airlines) Building at Jalan Song Thean Cheok? It's the corner shop right next to it. The sign is right there so you can't miss it. There are set lunches too and various other beverages, including liquor and beer. And they don't serve pork.

I tried their coffee, it was ok. But by then I was too full to be judgmental, and too lazy to take a boring coffee picture. But there's also free wifi here... so hey. =)

Business Time: 9am - 10pm
Tel: 082-233243
Also available for private functions.

Note: Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S3 quality. :p

Also NOTE: All the published dishes were described exactly as how they were served to the author at the time, with lots of yummy-factor. However, the taste may differ or change from then onwards. Since whether it's good or not is a matter of opinion, you are welcome to come up with your own verdict. Enjoy!


  1. Looks good! OK...will check it out. One time, Greenland or something?

  2. Hmmm.. Tpt baru ya? Boleh la try tok.

  3. u guys from sarawak blogger always do some gathering ka?rasa maok join jak but how?

  4. I WANT YOUR S3 :P. I will follow you haha...

  5. suituapui: you should totally drop by. :p Greenland? im not sure. the previous place there was the Junction or something

    Ez Vina: yep. i know u like western food kan?

    cyrildason: lets go again later! :p hope they have black pepper sauce now

    Adi Herman: Well not exactly gathering but more like invitation to do food/place review. sure you could join next time if ur in town

    preciousmadphoto: hahahaha kedai banyak, i accompany u buy. come come...

    Korawk: kan? =)

    Rodz Nocturne: Lets! when?

  6. ohmy..i'm salivating.. lulz!!
    so bad laaaaaa yu! made me hungrehhh.. ;p

  7. Now i wanna have a bite of those....
    i love pizza with chicken wangzzzz lol

  8. This is surely a good place ya?
    I love the pizza!

  9. The juices look so refreshing, oh no, I am soooooo thirsty, I want some.

  10. Hi Coffee Girl... i drank 2 cups of coffee on ur behalf that night... hahahaha...

    Nice SGS3!!

  11. Hanie: hahaha sooowie. thats the intention. :p

    Genskie: pizza with chicken wangz? haha u mean wings? :p

    Hayley: Yes it's a good place. Do drop by.

    Libby: it is refreshing Libby, healthy too, in a way. =)

  12. Nt Gravity: Hi Aliey! hahaha i saw! thanks kerana mewakilkan. i was tempted but better not, too early for coffee. :p

  13. Sprite peppermint sounds great! Oh my, the lamb. *drooling*

  14. stan: yeeeeep! :p

    dadyana: can try DIY the sprite peppermint at home. but must use fresh peppermint leaves =)

  15. The food looks tempting and delicious. Yum...makes me crave for a sirloin steak right now. :D


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