Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That crabby moment ...


Err... I ran out of ideas on what to update. Blogger's block. Excuses. Whatever.

So here's a random update on where you can get your next fix on the best crab dish in town. I swear by the gravy alone. :p. I promise you, once you've eaten this, you will want to come back for more. At least I did.

Crabs in creamy salted egg yolk, in your face!

iCafe Restaurant
Lot 295, Rubber Road, Lrg 9., Kuching, Sarawak 93400, Malaysia
(It is near CIMB Bank at Rubber Road)

Business Time:
Morning till night. I normally just crash by.

I think the taukey said the crabs are sold at RM39 per kg, depending on the season/weather.

My Verdict:
Best I've eaten so far in Kuching. A perfect solution to a restless soul. A soothing balm after a looong day at the office. And I'm still on the lookout  for some other place to top this.

p/s: I dont get any free meal for doing this free promo, you hear that iCafe? Maybe next time? :p


  1. Rubber Road, eh? Noted... Hope to drop by sometime.

  2. Crabby oh dear crabby....kamu sungguh sedap....ops suddenly my mouth became watery hehe

  3. I loe to eat crab..
    and salted egg yolk style is one of my fav..
    then add some fried man tou and dip with the sauce.. good...

  4. Nyaman gik banding ngan Pending seafood ka?

  5. I will drop by if I happened to travel to Kuching next time, by the way, do they serve chilli crabs, I love chilli crabs with Man Tou. Yummylicious.

  6. oooooo..missssterrrr krrrraabbbbb...


    deng! i just cant get spongebob out of my head - -'

  7. suituapui: yes do drop by. can also buzz me if u like to belanja me there... =)

    Adi Herman: haha effect serta merta. im looking at it and getting hungry myself

    Simple Person: Welcome to the crabby club. :p What's mantou again?

    Genskie: hehehehe

    Ez Vina: Pending Seafood pun ok juak, yg kedei kecik tengah ya, tapi saiz ketamnya ikut musim. iCafe pun besar dan kuah lebih creamy. but definitely so much better than top spot.

    Libby: Yes do buzz me as well. :p Yes they do serve chilli crabs too. i havent tried it there yet but now that u mention it... Eh whats man tou?

    hanie: hahahaha spongebob. not Sebastian the crab from Little Mermaid meh?

  8. Hi coffeegirl, mantou refers to buns.

  9. nampak sedap btul ketam dlm gambar tu.. adoi :P

  10. mr_abs: hehe lapaa makan

    Uncle Seven: =)

    Libby: owhh... bread also can i think. or just plain rice.

    Fina Sophie: memang sedap cik... :P

  11. Wow.. Sounds heavenly .. been a while since I had crabs... maybe it is time for crabby nite!

  12. Fish ohFishiee: creamiest ive ever tasted. =)

    Chris Cheng: yay! dont forget to invite me! haha

    stan: sangat. ;)

  13. I prefer to cook crabs on my own coz if buy from restaurant, surely tak kenyang sebab sikit dan mahal.

  14. I prefer to cook crabs on my own coz if buy from restaurant, surely tak kenyang sebab sikit dan mahal.

  15. Willie: good if you have the time for it, why not? :p

  16. OMGosh the cream... Why la I always come here at the wrong time. During when I am super hungry hahahaa.

    Happy Monday, Coffee girl!

  17. Armstrong: hahaha sorry. Well go eat, wat are you waiting for leh?

    Hayley: guaranteed!


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