Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

One word: HAIYA ...

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I'm not going to tell you what happened in the movie because you can very well Google it up yourself, besides, the directors were being sorely lazy, so why should I give them the satisfaction? Let me tell you how I really feel about this movie.

I waited TWO YEARS for this sequel to come out, and there I was sitting in the cinema hall  watching and waiting for another hour plus for the real action to unfold... and like a bad foreplay that went on unguided, unfeeling, without finesse and completely tasteless, I was left unsated and hanging in the balance.

Not to imply that that ever happened, but you get the drift...

I mean, COME ON! It's RESIDENT EVIL for goodness sake! It's what the first, second, third, and fourth sequel should be building up into, not broken down into. It's supposed to be zombified, grossly and more intelligently mutated, more cleverly designed without loopholes facility, and more brutal or violent superior human that runs it all. Instead, there wasn't many zombies at all, if there were, it was like watching a rerun of the previous shows, simply copy the zombie scenes from either Sequel 1 or 2 or 3 and paste it in Sequel 5 and rename it 'New York Simulation something or Moscow Simulation something. Dude... How stupid do you think I am to be forgetting something like that? Not enough zombies. Not enough scare factor. Not enough!

And the human characters, well, wasn't that spider necklace/tag on Jill Valentine's also seen in Sequel 2 (or was it 3) and Alice should know what it was capable of doing to the wearer, so why didn't she attempt to take it off Valentine in the first place? And why do you revive the previous characters but didn't give them any significance, like Carlos, and what's-her-name Michelle Rodriguez... AND where did Ada Wong come from? Simply sprung a new character on me hah, when you didn't give enough  credits to the ones you already have?

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Oh let me tell you about the fight scenes ... it's like kids playing video shooting games. Shoot shoot shoot aim straight at nothing stand tall exposed and not a bullet through. I think the video games sound more exciting and lively than the fight scenes in here. You hand me a gun I can also shoot like that. Duh.

Wait... did you watch the trailer of Resident Evil: Retribution before they released the movie? I think the trailer is misleading. It was more interesting than what actually happened. In fact I think Alice deserves more highlights in this movie, and she's not even getting a good storyline. Her fight outfit was horrible, I like the one in Apocalypse better. Even when she was wearing just a lingerie, she looked deadly.

Oh, the scene where she woke up half naked wearing only two pieces of clothes tied covering the front and back... I think the directors secretly loved making Milla Jovovich do that, in fact she does that quite a lot in other movies too. It was like watching Fifth Element all over again. Seriously, no creativity.

Just when you thought the real plot was about to begin when you saw hell with all the gates and walls and the spotlight and mutant bats flying ... It Ended. Making room for Sequel 6.

Have I been crapping enough? Oh go watch it yourself. But I warn you, if you're a fan of Resident Evil the movies, better brace for it man. You might enjoy sitting there with your date and eating popcorn and cuddles, but in the name of all that's good and creative... DONT BET ON IT!

Good luck watching!


  1. I was disappointed with the sequel..

  2. Luckily I am not a big fan although my hubby is. I guess we will get DVD to watch instead of going to cinema

  3. i think i'll just watch this on DVD... :)

  4. Hmmm...not my kind of movie. Didn't see the first one either.

  5. hahaha. lamak sik dengar u ngerepak! :D

  6. Do you know that Paul Anderson is actually Milla's husband? haha that's why he like her on certain scene, if you know what I'm sayin xD

    anyway, its the worst RE installment ever and hopefully they will give us a better ending in the last and final installment =)

  7. Haha ngerepak time sis! One thing for sure that you really anticipated this movie at first but ended up frustrated.i like Milla Jovovich as an actress but the more she' into this kind of crappy movie series,the worse reputation she will get...hahah sad but true.anyway its good to see u back in blogging sis haha

  8. Seems like it's a really bad movie. Hahaa. I was actually dissapointed with the previous ones. I mean, I liked it. But I would prefer Leon and Claire throughout the end.

    Have you seen the animation of RE. I think that was way much better. I think la.

  9. cyrildason: me too. very. :(

    Rose: maybe i'll just buy the DVD to add to my RE collection only. haha

    Genskie: good idea!

    suituapui: this is the fifth installment... :p

    Simple Person: let's just say it's not what i had expected. but you might have a different opinion. Good luck! :)

  10. Boan: hahaha benar bah. u nanga gik, then u tell me how you feel about it.

    room8five: yes i know, the 2nd husband right? :p u cud be right. Wait... 6th is the last? i hope they rock that one!

    Adi herman: thank u for noticing my kepontengan from ze blog. LOL. yes the anticipation is like... doomed. sigh... I still like Milla Jovovich though.

    Uncle Seven: aduh siler siler...

    Armstrong: i like the prev ones, at least it has a head and tail that i cud follow and understand and anticipate, but this is a total dumpster. I havent seen the animation, i like the movie better, more real, kononnya la.

  11. I have heard many negative reviews on this one so I'm not going to watch it, haih, so disappointed!

  12. my friend watched it, and was disappointed with it too. so I'm just going to download the movie, watch it on my laptop, instead of buying ticket to go to the cineplex.

  13. Hayley: aww sorry, but if you still want to watch it, go ahead. you might feel differently. :p

    Wilson Chin: thats a good idea! save money and time and can watch at home eating more than popcorn

  14. the walking dead zombie much better..:)..

  15. the walking dead zombie much better..:)..


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