Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday post-holiday ...

Yo welcome back all you workaholics! Crash any house parties? Got drunk on sodas and Raya cookies over the weekend? Gathered enough ang pows to cover your next roadtrip adventure? As for me... only managed to visit 3 houses this year for Raya so far, and that's only because I take serious invitations seriously.

And this my friends, is what food, fun, fellowship is all about! The redefinition of my Raya holiday and extended weekend...

 2nd Day Raya Breakfast with Laksa Sarawak ...
@Fat Cat Cafe, Stutong, Kuching

And iced coffee...

So what else is new, other than this extra curves? The more to hold me with baby... :p


  1. Nang peminat Laksa kawan ku tok eh.

  2. It's good to know that you enjoyed your holiday babe... cheers...
    P.S I love iced coffee :)

  3. Ez vina: memang... nanga gambar rasa maok makan laksa gik. adeh...

    Genskie: thanks. me too. Happy weekend ahead babe. :p

  4. Perghh lejuk juak bah makan kek lapis...maok juak pekena laksa sarawak girl,more food review plzzz hahaha

  5. Great to know you enjoyed your holiday, keep the posts coming in, cheers!

  6. 3 houses? That's good. I didn't go anywhere... Just stayed home. The older I get, the lazier I become. :(

  7. Adi Herman: kek lapis 1st day raya boleh, tapi time tok dah start bercari ngan sambal, tom yam, dan apa2 yg masam...kan? food review? ala... tunggu lok, mun ada org invite ;p

    Libby: yeah! problem with the holiday is... too short! lol

    suituapui: 3 houses enough la, 1 house a day is my limit. =) if u get an honest persistent invitations, at some point, you gotta go and support those friends, right? (by eating!)

  8. ah yummy laksa! :) i think i need a longer holiday too

    FiSh @ ohfishiee

  9. Just by looking at the laksa pic makes me drool and crave for it so badly...

  10. Hi CoffeeGirl, Holy Smoke! I love this!
    The last time I had it was wayyyyy back in the early 80s in Kuching, with iced coffee too.
    One of the best laksa too....has a unique taste.
    Have fun, and keep a song in your heart.

  11. Fish: :p enjoy the upcoming national day!

    Dayung Rais: hehe that's the intention dear.

    Hey Uncle Lee! Long time no see you. come to kuching again and have some more laksa on me. :p Have a good week ahead!

  12. Welcome back to you and to me too hahaa. But I'm not a workaholic. More like a always-lookin-forward-to-5.45pm-holic. Wakaka.

    You know, I didn't manage to go any of the open houses. Tda kawan baik sia sini lagi ba hahaa.

    Happy Tuesday, Coffee Girl!

  13. My raya holidays was rather quiet and relax..

  14. Mmm the laksa Sarawak looks yummy!

  15. Simple Person: Mine too, most of it. =)

    Hayley: it is! oh it is!

    dadyana: hehe lai lai


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