Friday, August 17, 2012

The Expendables 2 ...

Opting to watch movies instead of Raya house visiting?

If you're looking for intelligent storyline, this isn't it. If you're looking for some ass-kicking scenes, this could be it. If you're looking for tough good looking guys, this also could be it only if you're into men past their primes. But if you're looking to watch your favorite action heroes from the preceding generation congregating for an hour plus working towards a common goal without killing each other, then oh yeah, this is it!

Google the plot yourself. What I can tell you is that watching THE EXPENDABLES 2 is like watching bits and pieces of Rambo, Die Hard, Delta Force, The Terminator, Universal Soldier, Masters of the Universe, The Transporter, and a little bit of Fist of Legend in there. The Expendable 1 had its moment of violence, gore, and dry jokes, but it was the first time some of these big time names got together and it was entertaining. But watching the sequel, I cannot help but feel as if it's the finale season of the heroes from that generation.

Like the character of Sylvester Stallone said "That plane belong in the museum"... to which Schwarzenegger replied "We all do..." Somehow that got me laughing like crazy. Oh the truth and the irony.  

Barney Ross, Lee Christmas and Hale Caesar...

Watch out for the famous one-liners -- I get a lot of points for spotting these! ha ha ha -- and some dry sarcasm that you wish you could use on your bosses or immediate supervisors on a daily basis.

A lot of blood, violence, and pretty hard to believe actions -- like running into the line of fire that came from all directions and not gotten hit even once, but wait, this is a movie la, no one dies but the bad guys--, and hard to decipher moments -- like if you're so tough and unpredictable, why didn't anyone do something brave and stupid to save one of their own but they could risk everyone's lives without even thinking? --- Hmm. 

All in all, it was very entertaining... for me at least. I bet there won't be anymore alumni movies like these -- we're not counting The Avengers or any of the comic book stuffs -- anymore because everyone's getting so old and wrinkly and slow. Although I can't say the same about Bruce Willis, and Statham is from a different era. I would've wanted to see more of Jet Li's part in this but oh well... Did I tell you Chuck Norris was there too, complete with that unmistakably hard to ignore music theme every time he appears? Too classic it was almost funny!

Imagine if they had Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Michael Dudikoff that dude from American Ninja, it would've been really challenging to direct without one hero overshadowing the other. In fact, I would've preferred to watch Datuk Michelle playing the role of Maggie in here but again.. oh well...

To tell you the truth, I'm biased. I only watch it because of ehem Jason Statham and his sexy bald head and short legs. And for the pure ecstasy of watching Van Damme getting his ass kicked real hard and sorry ... never did like that guy.

Statham ... aww...

Nothing grand here people, you would probably rather wait for the DVD version if you don't want to waste your money going to the cinema. But if you're looking for some cheap and straight entertainment, why not. THE EXPENDABLES 2 is more about heroes having fun for the last time.

Happy holidays!!


  1. Semua dah tua..except The Transporter ya, agik kacak fight nya. Si Maggie mcm spoiler jak dlm tok, sik sesuai langsung, nyuruh nya act dalam cerita hantu jak bagus..haha

  2. No, thanks. Not my kind of movie. Enjoy yourself...

  3. Sylvester Stallone said "That plane belong in the museum"... to which Schwarzenegger replied "We all do..."

    well, not yet for Statham though hahaha

  4. I discovered that you can write very good and detailed reviews of movies you watched using good English, kudos! Thumbs up!

  5. I agree on you with that,Libby...plzzz make more movie reviews haha

  6. NOw you made me curious Immah put this on my movie list :)

  7. That show was rather stereotype but made me sad to see them getting old and rusty. I realized I am not any younger either! Kakakakakakaka

    Happy holidays to you!!!!

  8. Ez Vina: Statham nang gik kacak, gik muda. :p Maggie dlm cerita hantu? ooh sik tauk ku sapa ya. tapi betulla memang spoiler..

    cyrildason: but i like u with all your hair too... :p

    suituapui: hahaha ok thanks!

    Adi Herman: haha epic line, sum might not notice it. Except for statham, he is still kicking ass! and bruce willis also still looks young ba...

    Libby & Adi Herman: really? awww thanks! however not enough good movies to watch in the cinema lately. we do try...

    Genskie: hehe go watch it. might be entertaining enuff

    Twilight Man: it's not much of a storyline, but then again, i only watch it to watch them to see how far behind/ahead they are hahaha. Happy holidays to you too! mine's just over...


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