Friday, August 10, 2012

That stuff about blogging ...

So there I was half-way to the buffet table holding my huge empty heavy dinner plate, and got waylaid by a familiar face who's more interested in what I was doing there than who I was with. Sometimes familiarity and history tend to make people think that they have every right to shoot all kinds of questions at you and you're obligated to answer. And sometimes you answer anyway because you tend to think that you owe them some sort of explanations and all that we-go-way-back crap.

Actually, I was a little irked and annoyed that someone with that level of work experience, field expertise, education, and so-called openmindedness could be both sarcastic and cynical when it comes to technology and social media. I mean, the world is revolving, and if we don't catch up, or at least follow the progress from a safe distance, we'll forever be backward and stuck in the dark ages of our own mind.

Oh I was talking about blogging actually. Getting there now. Everytime I think about that few minutes of bothering to explain myself to the man, I just get riled up all over again. He knew I had been blogging for a few years already, and admittedly when I first started, the content were a little immature, personal, sometimes too dark and depressing, and without any focus. But now the content is more guided and focused and has grown up with me.

Still... I think that's the beauty of a blog. You can be random, you can be focused, and you can be you the best (or the worst) that you can be, or even grow up with it, like I did.

So, his questions? Bits and pieces of them sounded like this...

"I remember some of you were in the group with the media when we were doing this development coverage. I mean, bloggers? Come on. Have you seen any of the stuffs they write?"

To myself: Oh yes I have, they're good stuffs too. Good job. Nice. Knowing you even read them makes me proud of them bloggers yo...

"Why are you  telling the world what your room looks like, what toothpaste you use, what you eat, how you hold your chopstick, bla bla bla ... as if anyone would be interested? And then mixing with the press as if you're a reporter, I'm sorry to say, but your reports are not even newspaper stuff. Some of them are not even qualified to be called a writer... If you can call yourself that. A blogger.. come on. I don't  know why you guys even get invited. Free stuff?"

Ok I have to stop myself right here before I make myself upset again. Oh yeah, it was that hostile, stemming from, I suspected, the threat of a mere blogger standing right in front of him who gets invited to the same event as he was, treated with the same respect, and probably gets more hits and readership than he does. But then again, he wasn't talking about me, he was merely generally expressing his opinions (although I don't remember asking for them) about blogging and those closely or directly associated with it.

I let him finish before I politely answered. Was even getting a little defensive already because oh that did touch a nerve. At best, blogging is something I do in my free time, I write about stuffs that caught my fancy, I defended issues that are close to my heart, I expressed myself freely but always within the bounds of proprietary and the law, I tried not to offend any parties or groups or race or culture, I vent about life in general, and I read all other blogs that are worth reading. But then, anything worth writing is always worth reading.

That's the best part about blogging. It's not the same as writing for the press, sir, as if you don't already know. It's not even pure journalism stuff. In fact we didn't learn this in MassComm classes in my days. True, we're reporting on something sometimes, but you can't compare lil known us with you reporters from the press. We never even claim to be one. Those that do, they probably earned it. I'm humbled that I could even be invited to the same events as you are, to do a little coverage on the same stuff we attended, to write my piece in my own words, and to construct a complete entry that will never get through the editor's desk before I hit the 'post' button.

So what if we write day to day accounts of our journeys? So what if we take pictures and share them? So what if we have grammar mistakes sometimes, or that we repeat ourselves, or that we write not according to your set of rules? So what if we state our views and even be vain sometimes? We don't have an editor that checks our drafts nor do we need one, because we are each responsible for whatever we put up in the Internet. Don't you think we know that? Those who don't or ignore that bit, well, that's up to them.

You see, when writers are not being edited or corrected or rewritten, that's when the real opinion comes out, as honest as it gets. You don't have to like it all the time, you only need to evaluate it and decide whether to believe it, accept it, challenge it, or push it aside and discard it. Or if you want to drag some of them to jail, that's up to you too, since we have all been warned and so do you.

If you worry about why I'm here, ask the organisers, they're the ones doing the invitations. Don't be threaten by me or my peers, Sir, we're merely journal writers. Half of what we write will never even make it to the press. We are all aware that the medium is evolving very fast ... But that's another enty.

What I don't get is he is being paid for his job. I'm doing it for free. So, what is the problem again? I won't stop blogging just because you call my writing worthless. You should try it sometimes too, it's really therapeutic.

P/s: If any of my reporter/journalist friends is reading this, please don't be offended. Merely having a moment. And I claim the above as my own sole opinion on blogging/bloggers and not influenced or have anything to do with anyone/anything. And yes despite this difference in opinions, I am still friends with the man.


  1. Somehow ..I love you first para ;)

  2. nicely written and happily read...

  3. Blogging has never been and never will be about journalism,i mean i agree with you 100% about this matter,its more to making entries which is based on ur opinions and feelings about certain issues.back in the days,i was an underground music zines editor,we really have to work hard to express ourselves,to deliver infos to the underground music enthusiats,we have to make 100 or more copies of A4 size magazine and deliver them via snail mail.oh man thats a true DIY thing for sure!thanx for blogging,we can deliver certain infos directly to our targeted readers effectively and furthermore Free!!!hahaha

  4. Fantastic entry. Epic to say the least. Non-bloggers can't understand bloggers.. *sigh*

    Bloggers for free stuff, right...some, yes, but not all.

  5. a new song for a new heart eh :p.....well i expect a special story from ur blog these dec..ngehehehe...congrat sis ;p....

  6. I know I hv said it couple of times, & i'm gonna say it again - ALWAYS love reading your blog, especially when you get feisty with certain ppl or issues or whatever caught your fancy. keep it up!!

  7. Manusia... Dengki katik kanih.

  8. :) priceless!... and a he is a classic epic of whatever dude!

  9. I won't stop blogging just because you call my writing worthless. You should try it sometimes too, it's really therapeutic. Coffeegirl I love this opinion of yours, I totally agree and kudos to all bloggers,we love blogging!

  10. I love your blog coffeegirl, you write well, keep blogging and kudos to all bloggers :)

  11. Kudos for the entry... Been asking the same question as if blogger are freeloader...
    Everybody love freebies but of course once invited...

  12. To each his own - we do what we want, they do what they want...and if they're not happy, nobody's asking them to log in - they can go and twit or Facebook or whatever. It's a free country, isn't it?

    Probably a failed blogger - one of those who thought they could do it better than the rest, started a blog and nobody seemed traffic, so they just gave up and go around bitching about bloggers. @#$%^&*!!!!

    1. couldn't agree more with the second paragraph hhahah..

  13. Agree with you Dnah. There's no set rule for blogging as long as you can express your feeling freely. But surely you know better what to write and what not. So don't be discouraged by nasty comments. You stand fast to what you believed and professed as long its not offensive or vulgar. Keep on blogging,Dnah.

  14. Wan Sharif: thank you. =)

    Tia: and thank you. :p

    Adi Herman: That's right, blogging has never been and never will be about journalism. It's faster too, and furthermore nowadays a lot more people are connected. thanks for the opinion bro.

    Cyrildason: yes, maybe the concern is not enough free stuffs for everyone? :p thanks babe.

    stan: hahaha how do i say it... by the will of God? yep that's it

    Dayung Rais: feisty huh. haha just saying what needs to be said dayung, because people tend to misjudge bloggers. Thanks for the support!

    Ez Vina: yoh leh... sigh...

  15. Genskie: i guess some people just dont understand bloggers therefore keep undermining them... sigh

    Libby: thanks Libby. :p keep visiting, and same to you. the world needs more bloggers too.

    Nt Gravity: thanks. i know right? who doesnt love free stuffs. giving free coverage or publicity pun we dont complain

    suituapui: ahahhaa that was what i tot at first too LOL... and u said it aptly! nah... shdnt let it bother us right? we're different breed of writers, if we can call ourselves that. still get readership either way. thanks for the support! i can bet ur food blog gets more followers than the average news report =)

    Rb Salleh: thank you sir. It's an eye opener that nasty comments, but as usual, if we dont take it positively, we'll never get anywhere. Btw, delighted to know u read this errr humble blog too. :p

  16. Well said and I love this particular entry.


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