Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Step Up Revolution ...

I suggest that before you watch this movie, you should first (if you have not done so) watch Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and Step Up 3D. Why? Because then you'd be able to compare the dance theme, the hot bodies, the brilliant choreographs, and new dance moves.

Not going to spoil the movie for you, so google the plot yourself. Lame storyline and weak chemistry aside, my overall verdict: WOW!  

The whole time I was watching this movie, I kept thinking about signing up for dance classes or getting that gym membership, or go see a personal trainer cum nutritionist about a weight loss program. Looking at all those flat tummies, lean bodies, toned muscles and healthy dispositions made me want to weep... or skip the next meal. Ha ha.

The finale moves ...

The Step Up Revolution theme is Flash Mob dancing, but it's unlike the usual flash mobs you see on TV where the steps are more or less the same like that of any line/group dancing. It's more complicated and very well rehearsed. Unlike the previous Step Up movies where the dancing were usually for competitions or bragging rights, this one is more about sending a message to the mass ... well at least towards the end, ie. after they messed up their chance at a contest initially.

New faces, new characters ... I was disappointed not to see any crew members from the previous movies except for Moose and Kido and that unnamed 'Cop' (from Step Up 2).You should see Moose... he has the Michael Jackson moves! Like I said, you should watch 2 and 3 before you watch this.

Moose, Kiddo and Cop...

What I probably don't get is, they are mob-dancing illegally and their faces are not exactly masked or hidden, so why can't the authority pinpoint them easily? Oh well, it is called a story... so I'll let that pass, and a lot more.

When it comes to watching a movie I enjoyed quite intensely in the end, I'm quite forgiving.  So not going to overanalyse anything. Just one: I still like Step Up 2: The Street way way better.

Baby, let's hit the gym!


  1. I call step up revolution a motivation to shape up the body... and hence why i am eating less now =P

  2. semenjak 2 menjak tok slalu orang nangga wayang eh.

    Eh, ajak aku skali mun ko join dance class auk, teringin juak eh. Mcm best jak especially nok dekat brighton square, song sia.

    ez vina.

  3. kmk pande baca p sik paham bahasa omputeh(sambil ngaruk palak yang sik gatal).hehehe.

  4. Perghhh nice review sis...kinda like a profesional movie critic too,haha i also a wannabe what?anyway i still prefer step up part 1...that goes a long way back haha....

  5. oh my, oh my. i feel like everyone around has watched this while i'm busy making myself a good typist. =,=

  6. i am a fan of dance moves, so i really enjoy the movie :)

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  7. Aku baruk mok gi nangga this coming weekend. I was waiting for this movie one month ago dah kali. I watch Step Up 2, sik tauk dah berapa kali nda ka and sik penah bosan compare to Step Up 3D. Not sure plak this one and thats why mok gi nangga di cinema. As long as ada banyak menari, i don't really care giney jalan citanya... ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  8. Can't wait to watch this movie. Gonna be a bomb :)

  9. I didn't really watched the previous ones... only the first one I think.

    But I really enjoy dancing... sorry, let me rephrase that. I really enjoy watching dances. Wakakaa. A lot of genre but what I like the most is dance while dubstep is playing. That's my fav! No matter what style you're dancing it to... most probably freestyle of course.

    Happy Wednesday, Coffee Girl! Do post a clip of you dancing when you get to dance. Wakakaa.

  10. You are right... Step Revolution is sexier... with Latin fusion can't ask for more... briliant!

  11. cyrildason: some motivation that is! eyes glued to all the hot bodies, dreaming we cud achieve those in only hours. kan? sigh..

    Swak Travel, ez Vina: dolok ada juak nanga wayang sekali sekala tapi malas molah review. hehe. kelak check berapa dance class sebulan utk Flash mob jak. ;p

    labulabi: hahaha apakah maksuh. *garuk palak juak*

    Adi Herman: keluar dr panggung wayang, semua dancer wannabe. hahaha. Step Up 1 ok la, byk gilak romance, kurang nari.

    dadyana: take a break, take a kit kat! =)

  12. FiSh. ohFISHiee: yeah i go watch merely for the dance excitement. lol

    Rose Ragai: ur so right! dah nama dance movie, dancing harul 70% cerita 30% jak baru best kan? i pun dah berkali2 nanga Step Up 2, dpt hafal line gik ya. haha

    Tristhan: Have fun watching! and thanks for dropping by. :)

    Armstrong: dubstep? cant really get that moves but freestyle is the best because there are no rules. me dancing? ahahaha saya papan la... keras gitu. haha no thanks. Happy Wednesday to you too!

    Genskie: uh-huh, definitely sexier moves. ;p

  13. Ohhhhhhhh you changed your page music... This is one of my fave song :)

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Genskie: yes i did! hihi... mine too! <3

  15. Agree with you on Step Up 2, but then again I fell in love with Step Up 1 because of Channing Tatum, eversince then, I've been watching almost all his movies, latest one is Magic Mike, the sexy stripper...yummilicious hot bod!! Lolz.

  16. Dayung Rais: hehehe Channing Tatum fan right here too! wohoo! he was ok in the first Step Up tho. Magic Mike not out yet right? looking forward to watch it. :p


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