Saturday, August 4, 2012

7 facts about me...

I missed the beautiful adventures of July, it was in my record, the best month I've ever gone through, for some personal reasons that I shall not mention because you probably won't care all that much anyway. Curtains down on July and ...

Hello AUGUST! The good times should just keep on coming, shouldn't they?

And what better way to start the month rolling than to be tagged and flagged up by a Blogger Friend I've never met but who gives me all the reason in the world to keep on writing? Yep... Ms Rose from Rose' World has just awarded me with tada ...

I know a lot more of you out there are more versatile than me, more unique, more special, more talented, more grammartically and politically correct ... but like all of you, I take all my readers seriously and I appreciate all of them. So, Thank you Ms Rose for the award. You do warm my heart.

She did mention that I need to state 7 facts about myself, as part of the condition of accepting this virtual recognition, little, as it may be. Here I go -- painstakingly keeping a lot of things private while showing you a glimpse of the real person behind the name -- spelling out randoms facts about myself:

1. I am just recently taken off the market, so you can forget about me writing depressing stuffs in here ever again. I know some people (sometimes me included) who feeds on other people's depression and misery that they bother to put online (yeah, the dark side of us all), but hoooo yeah! Enough about that. It's finally time to write about happy stuffs. Told you it'll be a good year.

Sorry, I tend to babble and be wordy when I'm excited, but next!

2. I drink coffee everyday, not all the time, but at least once a day. It runs in the family, that caffeinated bloodline and all... Wait, you already know this useless fact.

3. I am more of a jeans and tshirt person. But I occasionally wear a casual dress for outing when I feel like it.

4. I'm not crazy about durians, but I love tempoyak (fermented durian).

5. I have changed jobs for the 5th time, including this current one, throughout my whole life. But if you count the part time ones, that'll be 11th jobs in all. Thank God for the wage that pays my bills.

6. I am a phone-with-keypad person. I loath touch screens. But somehow, I gotta start learning it because hey I gotta move right along with the IT revolution right? sigh...

7. I kiss my parents everytime I go back to my own place. If I leave without doing that, I would feel miserable the whole week, like something's missing. Someone from my past once told me I should never stop kissing my mom or dad just because I'm all grown up and they're old. They're the only ones I have, while I still have them.

So that's the 7 facts about me. Useless, all of them, right? :p

And with that, here's wishing you a lovely August, and a nice weekend!


  1. 4. I'm not crazy about durians, but I love tempoyak (fermented durian).

    me too! :D dah musim buah ka kinek? hehe

  2. how sweet you kissed you parents....

  3. Love these facts about you and love this post of yours, nice and easy reading, and helps me to understand you more.

  4. I also like reason no. 7,i'd do the same everyday before i go to work,i'll salam my parents hands becoz if i dont do so, my life will be incomplete.there is one thing for sure that i know about ur blog,sis....there is never a dull momeny,always cheer me up with some exciting blog entries....haha

  5. this list is kinda short... i wanna read 100 more things about you :P

  6. dadyana: belum musim, tapi tempoyak neyda pakai musim nak? the longer u keep it the better it gets! =)

    Nt Gravity: yes... :p sigh... forever a lil kid in their eyes

    Libby: :p thanks. nothing much to understand about me tho

    Adi Herman: thank you bro, u warm my heart. hehe

    Genskie: hehehe cannot know too many things about me ... that will have to wait for the next tag. hehe

  7. You are right, no need to mention what happened to you in July, we ain't going to take note of it anyway. Hahaha! Just kidding la Sis! Good to hear from you, no matter how little significant it is.

    Congrats for the tag. I love the statement "I'm taken off the market". Hehehe...and you changed jobs frequently? Wow! that's a ground breaking record. I think I need to learn to kiss my parents too huh.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Willie: hahaha... *whack!* well i shd also mention i met u finally last July kan?

  9. you deserved the award dear...always love reading your blog..and yes I totally agree with you on no. 7 because I still do that to my parents too..:-D

  10. hurmm okeh:)...ermm how about the july month story, want to know :p....

  11. 7 only?

    i need 2912813814857575 more. thanks. hahaha

  12. Same as me, that the reason my name is Uncle Seven ...heheheheh

  13. Dayung Rais: Thanks babe. :p Love to read of your adventures Down Under too, if only u update more often

    stan: hahaha i'll reserve that for some other entries, if ur lucky :p

    mr_abs: wah where did u get a combination of that number? main tekan keyboard kah? hahaha cukupla 7...

    Uncle Seven: yes Uncle... haha

  14. I'm like you - No. 2 and No. 4. Taken off the market, eh? Congrats! Engaged or already married? Good luck, all the best. Time to change the Olly Murs' song?

  15. suituapui: errr... hahaha just 'taken'. if im either, ud be reading parts of it here somewhere. :p Yeah but that song has sentimental value. haha


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