Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Mount Kinabalu and back!

Pssst... On my way back to Kuching and blogging from Kinabalu airport, after being purposely deprived of Internet for days.

This is just a very short note to duly inform that on the 27th of June, 2012, at 7am, 5 minutes to sunrise, yours truly has reached the summit of Mount Kinabalu in one piece! Wohoooo!! Don't believe me? Well mister, I've got proof! I said I will DO IT... and I DID!

 Tada! Peace from -4 degree celcius!

And 4 days later, I still walk like an 80-year old woman with cracked facial skin, but it was ALL worth it baby!

I promise I will blog about it later when I get home to faster Internet and the comfort of home and extra tender loving care. In the meantime, if you're ever here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah next time, don't forget to try their Mihun Tom Yam! It's allegedly the best in Borneo, although I would say that it's distinctively Sabahan's.

Mihun Tom Yam KK style... RM8 perbowl at Seng Hin Coffee Shop

Summit below temperature Adventure, cute porter, handsome guide, steep survival tips, tenom coffee, post climbing blues, i-hate-stairs, blissful seafood... DON'T GO AWAY!



  1. awww congratulations! you did it!... you seem enjoying a lot. Take care and im looking forward in reading more about your exciting trip babe!

  2. Congratulating you on your success!!! Both my toe nails chipped and dropped off after 6 months!!

  3. Whoa! Congratulation! I'm truly amazed! :D

  4. wooohooo!! Is the summit any different? hehehe

  5. congrats sis! you have proven yourself the real survivor...haha may i ask, did you had a vertigo up there?

  6. Waaa.. Dah smp juak ktk ahernya.. Tahniah... Mee ya nang nyaman jak upanya.. *gurp*

  7. huhuhu one off the kinabalu conqueror ...congrats sis...u look slimmer a bit ngihihi ;p....

  8. How's your skin today? smoother?

  9. Steadey ...congrate2....nekik gunung di Nepal nun gik

  10. Wow! Enjoy! And the tom yum looks so yummy and delicious.

  11. Genskie: yes i did enjoy myself on the way up, half-crying all the way. hahaha. push baby push! it was worth it!

    Twilight Man: Thanks! my feet wobbled and i walked like an 80yrold woman for days! i hate stairs...

    dadyana: thanks!! ;p

    cyrildason: wohooooo! now everytime i look at a picture of the summit, i cud proudly say "been there done that!" :p

    Adi Herman: thanks bro. No i didnt experience vertigo, except out of breath, running nose, parched throat, numbed fingers, but all in all, was doing great! except for climbing down...

    AmirFx: Aok dah sampai... sik sangka oo. hahaha. Mee ya nang nyaman!

  12. stan: i do? hahaha. thanks. burnt thousands of calories climbing up and down, but! sampai KK, makan lagi! ahaha. how to be slim? Food were so yummy!

    Ivynana: hahahah no... nose skin cracked and whole facial skin exfoliating. am getting a new face? lol

    Uncle Seven: makseh... Nepal ya ah... biarlah, sik sampei ku ke sinun.

    Willie: yeay!

    Wan Sharif: it is right? wheeeee!!

    Libby: yes! wohooooooo!!

  13. Looks like you've conquered the peaks of Kinabalu, congrats!

  14. Ramblin' Dude: yep i did!! thanks!

  15. Wayyyyy to go, Coffee Girl. Outstanding! You did it!
    One of my regrets was I never tried it back then when I used to be in the vicinity.
    So.....whats next? Mt. Kilimanjaro? Ha ha.
    Have a great week,

  16. looks like you had a great day :D i like the music you have playing on your blog, is really sweet ^-^

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  17. Congrats!!! I just went to the foothills...and when I came back, I read in the papers that they say Kinabalu had gone shorter. True story!!! LOL!!!

    I've fried tom yam mihun in my blog today. Go check it out, nice and easy to cook!

  18. Uncle Lee: thank you! yes i did it! wohooo! u cud still try it while ur strong and healthy. :-) Next is... hmm... that's it for now. You have a great week ahead too uncle lee.

    Skinny Love: Hi, thanks for visiting. i did and i am. Music is by Olly Murs. :-)

    suituapui: Yes its true! theyve gone shorter, previous climbers can check their certs for comparison to see if the height is is now lower. lol. Will check the mihun soon!

  19. Congrats!!! Nothing beats the adrenaline rush when one achieves a lifelong dream...and make memories to be cherished and to last a lifetime! That's the spirit!!! As the song goes, don't stop believing...and keep achieving!

  20. suituapui: Thank you!! Will do that. Next wishlist coming up!


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