Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises ...

One word: INTENSE.
Two more words: MUST WATCH.

Always did like Christian Bale. And I'm a little biased when I say that He is THE Batman of the century. Try comparing him in that caped suit with the previous Batmans... and see who wears it better, both in stature and size, facial expression, and not forgetting the muscles. The rest of him and the whole storyline just fit like a glove.

The 3rd installment of the Dark Knight this time is hell-bent on being awesome compared to the previous two, but then again, it's expected because this is where the buildup is, the drawn conclusion of the first two in the trilogy. I swear I didn't even feel the 2 hours and 44 minutes runtime. Yes it was that long, and although I didnt watch it in 2D nor 3D, it didn't matter because the storyline and the twist was so brilliant. The part where the terrorist Bane began the revolution seemed so real I kept thinking what if the End of the World began in the same way, with ruthless lawlessness and unthinkable violence, would we even survive it? Where would we run for sanctuary? Who would protect us? That kind of mental images are hard to shake... Oo Tom Hardy makes a really mean terrorist... if you ignore the beautiful beguiling eyes behind the mask that is.

Google the storyline yourself, if you don't already know. But if you want to be able to follow the plot and some of the past characters that emerged, you better first watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to know how this became that and why he became thus or why they became that way.

I know that this is the epic so-called closure, but how it ended just gave some hope that there will be a spin-off or a 4th movie because there's the discovery of Robin. Which reminds me, hey, when did Joseph Gordon-Levitt got all deep-voiced and sexy? Last I saw him in 500th Day of Summer he was stuck between adolescent and adulthood! (sorry JGL fans...) Ohhhh there should be a Batman and Robin. And I hope Bale will still be the caped crusader. The two of them looked good teamed up together.

Officer Blake: Need a ride, Mr Wayne?

Playing NOW people! Catch it in the cinema closest to you! And no, I dont get get paid for this review... Hahaha. This is not even a review. 

P/s: Suddenly datang rajin update blog. Must be a lucky month this July... why aa?


  1. It was indeed a long movie but seriously didnt notice... this is really a good movie... love it.. tho The Dark Knight is still my fav among 3 :D

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  2. Bila la dapat pegi tengok, mcm sik sesuai mok mbak anak2, ganas and too long, takut sidak boring, hilang konsentrasi kelak.

  3. Adohhh Batman! me favourite! gonna watch it tomorrow yezzaa!!~ XD (lamak sik ngabas sitok eheh)

  4. Just watched this yesterday. It was great! And how hot is Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman?? rofl! Syill prefer Scarlett in The Avengers though. But you're right, since when did Joseph Gordon Levitt becomes so sexy right? :)

  5. I still need to watch it the second time. For Anne Hathway's sake at least! =p

  6. if you compare Bane and the previous Joker from Dark Knight, which one is more BAD ASS? hehehe jawab jangan x jawab hehee

  7. So good kah... But my girl's not at home, and no fun going alone. Sobssss!!!!

  8. i watched it yesterday. superbb!

  9. room8five: the Dark Knight was good too, but a bit grim for me. awesome kan? i wish they"d make a fourth one

    Ivynana: ganas sikit jak, not that gory either. but a bit serious la, susah juak mun mba anak2, bak kata u, cepat ilang konsentrasi kelak

    FnF: hahaa so how waz it? nice?? yalah sine kitak selamak tok eh? selamat kembali!

    Lindy: Anne Hathaway rocked the suit! why she getting skinnier hoo? Well Scarlett in Avengers is in a totally different class of its own. lol Joseph Gordon Levitt has grown up, that's what!

    cyrildason: hahaha yes you shd watch the first two, then u can understand and appreciate the 3rd. :p if not, let's watch again by all means!

    Ade Herman: the late Heath Ledger (may he RIP) you mean? oooh he was a total BAD ASS! but BANE is still the BADDER ASS (adakah perkataan ya? haha) because the Joker involved a small number of follower, but Bane caused a whole revolution!

    suituapui: awww... wait for the DVD version then

    mr_abs: i know right? ... awesome!

  10. Me and wife will watch this show in 30 mins time. I am a hard core fan of marvels!

  11. Twilight Man: oh enjoy the show! Get a large popcorn because ur gonna need em for the 2hrsplus show. Hope u love it as much as i did!

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  13. Sis if lucky kena 4d blanja ar? thing spoil batman is, ermmmmm...his wearing the underwear

  14. Zuwwy: sure... will do. thanks for visiting!

    Suzu Blog: Thanks. :p

    stan: hahaha no just a blessed month. lol... so is superman what...

  15. Daggett: What are you?
    Bane: I'm Gotham's reckoning.

    My favourite quote from Bane... but he did say a lot of awesome sentences. Wakakaa.


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