Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny how ...

... close our paths keep winding up but they never crossed
... varying opportunities to bump but it never occurred
... many excuses were given out that were all just coverups
... the possibilities were constantly shrugged off
... other people could get to the conclusion point faster
... often circumstances make way for self-ruin but it didn't
... skeptics like me were constantly proven wrong 
... so close and yet so far it has been
... a little timing can give a huge difference
... all this while I thought my life was falling apart ...

Until that one little message many midnights ago, that sparked everything to life. Since then the silver lining that peeked in the sky gradually shows itself in steady brightness. I feel a cliche coming, but it's the one bright spot I look forward to day after day.

Sometimes things may look like they are falling apart, but they may actually be falling into place. Who would've thought it?

Source: www.spiritualinspiration.tumblr.com

Somewhere in my soul, I felt this wondrous divine whisper, "Do you doubt me now, my child?"


  1. Always have some faith in everything you do...even though in turned out to be disasters.Im not that perfect either but in tough times,all good things will prevail if you still have faith in God

  2. Definitely!.. He will come and take us home... Cant wait!... I am excited.
    Have a great week babe!

  3. God has a plan, a wonderful plan, either you want to believe it or not. Tapi kita tok manusia biasa, mempunyai perasaan...baik..buruk..redha..

  4. Everything is fated...and God works in mysterious ways! Have faith and pray that only the best will come your way...eventually.

  5. God works in His mysterious ways.. O:-)

  6. Adi Herman: yes all good things will prevail in due time..

    Genskie: you have a great week too!

    Ivynana: ya saya redha. :p so far it has been awesome.

    sherrie pui: good for you! =)

    suituapui: thanks for the encouragement. :)

    Ms Tikot: ermm...

    Dayung Rais: yes He does indeed

  7. Don't foget to pray ok sis....:)..


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