Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fasting Month is here again ...

Sometimes too much thoughts of food scares me... why do I begin to eat a lot lately? My appetite is really crazy, and yet I don't eat all that much. I just think about food a lot. Like, right now. Sometimes when I feel it's too much, I just skip dinner, and compensate it the morning after with a bit of heavy breakfast. And lately I've been skipping lunch and go full blast on dinner. Some diet plan huh. It's probably work related. But let's not dwell on that...

Do you know it's almost Fasting Month? Starting this Saturday, in fact, even as you're reading this. I'm not telling you, I'm actually telling myself that because I've lost all track of time since coming back from Sabah and my work schedule has been really crazy with lots of catching and following up to do ...

Which is why, like most food lovers with low metabolism rate, I actually look forward to the Fasting Month because believe it or not, it's the best time to exercise healthy eating. What? Are you laughing at my feeble attemptat dieting? 

Go ahead, laugh. But I promise you, I'll have the last laugh because you know what? I've been given the honour to attend a Food Tasting at BCCK, which offers one of the best -- and by my standard, I can count how many 'best' on one hand alone yo -- Ramadan Buffet in town. Tada!

A whole group of us from the office were there last year, courtesy of one of our licensee company, who saw fit to treat us to a feast after sealing a good deal. And I can tell you now, it was one heck of a feasting experience! All those rows of food ... the perfectly grilled lamb, the moist steamed chicken, the laksa Sarawak, the pastries, the salad, the choc fondue, and especially the SATAY!! Wait, there's more! Those little individual servings of cocktail dishes, and the ice cream! Sigh ...

What impressed me most was the systematic way BCCK deployed in getting guests properly registered and ushered. I mean, with all those hungry crowd flocking the entrance close to breaking-of-fast time, you've gotta be mentally and professionally prepared for all kinds of drama. You must remember, a good customer service goes a looooong way, which is why, a good first impression always count. Which is also why I can't wait to go indulge myself at their Ramadan Buffet this Saturday! (I heard tell they have extra menu this year... what, I'll have to find out myself soon).

So if you're looking for a Sungkei venue with your family, your colleague, your loved ones, your whoever lah... why not try out BCCK Ramadan Buffet? Affordable and yet more value for money, I say. You've got to taste it for yourself to believe it.

Don't forget to make your reservations! Here's wishing all my Muslim friends:



  1. Fav quote here: "with all those hungry crowd flocking the entrance close to breaking-of-fast time, you've gotta be mentally and professionally prepared for all kinds of drama."


  2. waiseh makan kat BCCK gik ya...nice way to start up the fasting month...anyway sis it's ok to eat alot, as long as you exercise at least 3 times a week, that would be ok...

  3. waaaaaaaaa. nicee! i dont think i could make it to sungkei @ bcck this year :(

  4. Jom join me sungkei bersama-sama ;-)

  5. Cyril don't scare her. This year we will be able to go in earlier....RLOL not like last year. :)

  6. cyrildason: thanks! haha but i cud be talking about you you know, as one of the hungry flock :p ...

    Adi Herman: come come to bcck! hehe. tumpang sungkei jak, lepas ya pusing padang 10x.

    mr_abs: awww but why not? then ur missing all the food!

    Ms Tikot: jom! padah jak bila :)

    Jacqueline: hahaha i dont scare easily la. see u there!

  7. ikat aku dalam bila kau makan itu roasted lamb....hahahaha

  8. di tanah melaya bah tok. lom balit kch gik mem, before raya baruk balit :s

  9. Tia: grilled lamb sayang... superb!! Wish i cud tapao...

    mr_abs: oooh duhal... then sempat la mun bfore raya. =)

  10. Remind me of my favorite buffet port during in Kuching...."CHICKEN HARTZ"...makan siap ada break time lol....

  11. stan: haha Chicken Hartz still exist, there dont have ka in Sabah?

  12. ermmm...haven't see one...kym slam with that place..:)


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