Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reviewing Prometheus...

I was disappointed with ...

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But then, that's my one-sentence review anyway, and I'm being purely biased because science-fiction thriller or anything to do with the outerspace (with the exception of AVATAR) has never really been my thing.

Want a review?  Go watch it yourself. Be prepared to be counter-biased because you might like it. If you get it, that is. I tried hard to, but somehow I got derailed between the sleek ugly creatures of the unknown that kind of were in the wrong setting and the man-like god-like being with no apparent objective other than to destroy earth. But then again ... the whole motive of the movie was unclear.

I only liked the ship. And the fact that I didn't fall asleep throughout the movie.

Maybe I should just stick with my romcom and adventure movies.

P/s: Busy... busy... busy... SEMPAT BLOGGING OI...


  1. Mesti lebih kurang mcm cerita 'unknown', buang masa jak.

  2. Seen review on many blogs and also on Facebook - all thumbs down...

  3. At least you got the chance to sit back relax and watch the movie ... I am planning to watch the movie Snow white and the huntsman... idk the trailer kinda interesting but lets see... hope you are having a wonderful day babe!

  4. hahahaha i rate it differently cause I like it and it sort of like the prequel to Alien xD

  5. hai youuu!
    lama dah sik singgah kat sitok.sorry lama juak sik log in blog.huuu.banyak entry yang sudah terlepas.

    ohh satu lagi, kamek sik taok apa cerita tok sebab kmk dah banyak terlepas movie best.almaklumlah duduk di belantara yang noting.banyak perkara mek sesat dah huhu.

  6. Ivynana: didnt watch Unknown, but i supposed u cud say it's probably the same space-alien story.

    suituapui: me watch premier lagi, :-(. oh never mind, it was a good dating movie tho. :-)

    Genskie: oh i watched that too, awesome! esp cause Chris Hemsworth in it. :-) Enjoy the movie babe!

    Daniel: hahaha i know! i saw ur review, tot to watch it myself and see. too bad im not really into those kinda movie. but good that some of us appreciate it! lol.

    Hani apandi: hai u!!! aok eh lamak kitak sik ngabas. ok tek kah? sikhal, sik nangis panggung wayang mun kitak sik pegi. belajar2 la dulu yerrr... :-) Happy weekend!

    Ms Tikot: hehe. mesti ko madah ko bz kelak bah yalah tek

  7. Orite.. Sorang dah madah cita tok sik best.. :D

  8. Nice to know you have time for movie as well.. I went to a few to accompany my children.. Luckily I also like to watch movies on TV.. If not I might get scolded for falling asleep.. ;(

  9. AmirFX: ya mengikut pendirian aku lah... ney tauk org lain berbeza pulak nak. :)

    Wan Sharif: nowadays i just make time for it even when im sooo busy with work. just to destress, and it's a good bonding activity as well. :p movies on tv also ok just that theyre not that updated.

  10. In other blogs, seems like everyone cursed this show too. One fell alseep for first 20 mins! Blergh!

  11. Twilight Man: haha... actually the movie tries to be simple and straightforward but there were just too many things left unanswered that didnt make sense...

  12. riya dah maca review tok. nyesal sik nengar sebab malam tek, macam ahhh, try jak diatttt.

    sekali diat



  13. mr_abs: kan dah bagi warning awal-awal? degil juak... hahaha. sikhal, sik juak rugi nak, dapat kutuk2 jd bahan blog. kan? :))

  14. Saw the movie. utterly dissapointed. Star Trek was so much better.

  15. cyrildason: some outerspace futuristic alien movie memang hard to understand, except for Avatar. But i dont want Star Trek tho. sigh ...


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