Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Girlfriend's Guide to Surviving the Euro 2012 season ...

Euro 2012 Season is on now! And by the time you're reading this, we're probably on the way to the quarters or maybe even half gone. 

Not a football fan? Boyfriend's an avid follower? Dreading the football season? Can't keep up with all the conversations? Then this is probably for you. Recounted from a first-hand experience of a girlfriend on how to basically survive the male-dominated sport. 

[Not necessarily in that order, but it could be.] 

1. Get him to buy you your favorite colour jersey of any team you dont have to support, in order to be a part of it from a close distance and to show your moral support to him, not the team. Wear it when that team is playing. And wear it when that team isn't playing. Free jersey, what?

2. Supporting the same team is sooo cliche. If you have to lend your support just for the sake of drama, go for the opposing team. Who cares if you know next to nothing about the team? Most important thing is, all is fair in love and war. We're talking Euro here, not the national team ok. (jangan mimpi la aku nak support team negeri lain kalau Sarawak turun padang, tu memang cari nahas...)

3. Cuddle in front of the TV, watch with enthusiasm for the first few minutes, inject some drama from point no.2, and fall asleep in his arms by the second half. Chances are you'll be excused faster, or if you're lucky, he'll fall asleep too for lack of company. Wait ... This sounds not quite right ... :p

4. If you want to bet, don't make it about money. Be more creative like... 'Loser picks the next dinner tab', or 'Winner gets to ask for anything from the loser', or 'Loser will be do a strip show' or 'Winner gets to have a kitten at home"... Kitten you say? Yes kitten, he has a thing about them fur-balling the spaces or leaving claw marks on furniture. Basically, it's one of those impossible requests that you probably could push your luck on. But always bet with a lot of rooms for improvement, and don't sulk if losers don't pay up. Betting is supposed to be fun.

5. Baby, the game would look soooo much better on a 42" LED HD TV with surround sound complete with that full Astro Beyond package, right? Right? Right, baby?

6. You're somewhat lucky that Euro 2012 games are played way after midnight. You have work tomorrow, don't you? A good rest is always a guarantee for a productive next day. But if it's the weekend, by all means, what are you doing sleeping early? You have point 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to keep you awake already woman. Wear the jersey, and be a good girl. That shows a lot about loving a person. What if it had been prime time? Count your blessings already.

7. It gets more stressed up when it reaches the quarters. Sometimes, you could have a feeling that you're being ignored, or left out of a conversation. It gets worst when it's the semis. Take no offence, it's just boys being boys. Sometimes they do tend to miss their playmates or buddies who have the same common interest in the game. Imagine it as if you miss your girlfriends with the same common interest in some things boys won't understand, like books, shopping, makeups, hairdoes, and jeans-clad bums.

8. When it gets to the semis, reward him with some breathing space, even if sometimes he won't ask you for it. Let him go watch it with his friends or buddies. They usually shout louder when you're not around either. Or make awful jokes that they'd never say in front of a girl. Always be understanding, because sometimes you need him to be in that role too. But most importantly, always be sure of each other's feelings. 

I hope I'm making sense a bit, because I'm running out of guides.

9. Faking your interest in football just because he is into it, is sooo wrong. I've known some girls who are so enthusiastic about a game or a team just because they are involved with guys who do. Sometimes they make a fool of themselves in trying so hard, and to the rest of the world, we go like "Eh, since when you started liking football so much when you dont even give a damn before?" I'm here to tell you, it's OK ladies, you don't have to like it. You don't have to pretend even because more fool you if you did. But let's get back to the earliest points above and see where you stand. He will respect you more for being yourself, but for God's sake, compromise. Being in a relationship is a push-and-pull thing, you cannot have it work any other way. (Unless you're Shakira and dating one of Barcelona's top player.) If you happen to fall in love with the game in the process, well then, it will show as well. Good for you. 


10. Don't nag. Don't moan. Don't whine. Don't sulk. Don't complain. Don't be a prissy queen control. Your relationship is the only thing that will get hurt if you do. You see, my secret lies in knowing the guy who loves me enough will understand the things I do for him and will know how to appreciate me enough not to take advantage of that. When two people love each other enough and is confident that nothing will break them apart, then they can withstand anything, even a whole Football Season!

Chin up ladies, Euro is only once in 4 years. Then you'll have World Cup again. But then there are the ongoing EPL, and FA Cup, and the Serie A, and the La Liga, and the Bundesliga, and our own deprecating local leagues. List goes on and on. It's not that bad. It's actually fun if you let it! 

p/s: Yours truly was once a Sports Subeditor with one of the local newspaper. Hey I know my football trivia and no, I'm not entirely clueless even though I don't follow the seasons anymore. But ask me what Beckham's jersey number was, and I would still google it to find out. Haha. I know, I'm full of contradiction crap and coffee. But so what? I just want to survive the season like every other girl.


  1. lolololol cracked me up... you are so creative... and i like the idea.. right now mr snuggle bear is not really a sport fanatic and very busy with his music... so im good... but im sure it'll come a time where i can definitely use these tips :P
    Have a great weekend babe!

  2. Find a guy who's not into me! I don't even subscribe to the sports channels...

  3. For ladies, some of the player are hencem u u might as well enjoy the game in other perspective ngee...;p....
    Still remember one incident happen few years back, we were doing osom. The winner will have the privileged to watch their team playing on specific channel at astro. Turns out i'm losing the bet, but then the tv owner came, he wanted to watch the af (af fan euwww)...kwangx3..all of us kena go

  4. I like number 4 and beyond, and because of that, number 1-3 sounds equally awesome! hahaha

  5. i like tip no. 3, for a married man like, this is so irresistable hehehe

  6. no. 5 tu.. me likey!! hahahaha

  7. Not a problem for me...yet :)

  8. Hi Coffeegirl, ha ha, good suggestions.
    Anyway, I don't go overboard for football, whatever, maybe might watch the finals....But to watch every way.
    Oh well, at least he is home, not on safari, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  9. Genskie: hi! haha i know. but it's nothing, just helping out those who are chronically in love and trying to adjust. have a great day ahead!

    suituapui: haha apa boleh buat, love is blind in the first place. :p

    stan: oh ya hooo i forgot to mention that part, yes yes the players are hormonally charged up, but can be a cause for despair for the men. Siapa Af fan tadi? euwww is right! haha

    cyrildason: hahaha it is, isnt it? so you like em all then? =) lucky lady.

    Adi Herman: the cuddling in front of the tv part? haha u bet it is!!

  10. hanie: hehe... time to change to a bigger screen!

    ivynana: hahaha just in case...

    Uncle Lee: yes at least he's home. :-) Stranger things have happened tho, so we do count our blessings.

    Joshua Thompson: thanks. :-) and also for visiting


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