Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Coffee Place Dream ...

Someday I want to own My Own Coffee Place. A little like this lovely coffee house in Cambridge...

Pic from Lavieboston

It will be called something thick and not necessarily original, like Coffee Girl Hut or Coffee Girl's Loft ... I haven't figured this part yet, but moving on ...

Living up to the blog name (assuming by then I'm quite the IT blogger, ehem) the theme will be coffee and blogging... and mostly cocoa-ish when it comes to colour. I haven't quite figured this part yet either, but moving on ...

I will personally man it with one or two other paid workers, preferably family members or business partners ...

We will wear this cute ensembles ...

Google pic...

with cute buttons. (got the ideas from the movie 'Caffeine')...

The layout designs will give off a feeling of comfort, freedom, leisure, privacy, and a place where you will want to spill out secrets. Or create new memories.

Pic courtesy of www.cosycafes.com

The main attraction will of course be Coffee, of any blend, any brew, any way you want it. Black, creamed, hot, cold, ice blended, thawed, layered, flavored, smooth, rocky. You name it, I will serve it. But give me some credit... I won't serve weak coffee. It will even have a free DIY coffee-brew counter and refill, for members only.

Pic courtesy of arkarthick.com

No other drinks will be available.

Aside from that, we will be serving your favorite scones, cupcakes, sinful cakes, and sugary biscuits to accompany your cuppa... and the occasional biscoti for the twist-lick-and-dunk fans.

Pic courtesy of www.bakingbites.com

I would bake my own pies and fix my own sandwiches... assuming by then I have already mastered the art of baking and less of freaking out.

Pic courtesy of www.smittenkitchen.com

While the rest of the goodies will be supplied on a daily basis by the Boy-Next-Door Confectionery Shop. (Must have babes in this dreams ok ... preferably with bad-boy looks and charms to match)...

Meet the Fabulous Baker Brothers... (Google pix)

Every other day of the week, we will serve a special lunch for the loyals and the fans. Most likely a fusion frenzy of spaghetti or local like laksa sarawak or nasi lemak special or mi jawa.

Pic courtesy of www.autobizz.com.my

While you meet with friends, or enjoy your quiet coffee moments, or just here to escape, we will entertain you with Country musics from the legends and the new breeds, and sometimes an occasional slow acoustic rock.

On weekends, Miss Yours Truly will take to the tiny corner stage and pick up her guitar and do her rendition of Country latest for the good of the people.

We will open for business from 7am - 11pm Mondays to Saturdays.

This dream is accurate as of publishing date. As for it coming true, well, if wishes were horses, then beggars would fly. Oh we will... we will...

How's the dream so far, baby? Zzzzzz.........


  1. Kmk mok jadi customer jak. haha..

  2. tercium aroma kopi smpe ke sitok..mun jd tauke lak..berik mek org diskaun k..hehe
    abg baker...ehem2...kenak x sarong roti ya laling..masok aek peloh ktk....x mok mek beli eh...

  3. Nice! Nice! Dreams do come true... Hope yours will.

  4. You have the same dream as my hubby and mine. We dreamed of having our own hostel or inn where we have our own cafeteria etc. hehehe! Everything starts with dream right??

  5. Best nyer daydream. Seriously, we need a place like this in Kuching, sedih ku nangga coffee bean makin byk yang tutup, our fav place last time was the one in Sarawak Plaza, then dah ada anak, jarang dah lepak malam lalu tutup dah.

    Best baca your 'lite n easy' post like this, have you watch the korean drama 'Coffee Prince?' Aku pun nangga sikit2 jak, nak the coffee house is soo prettyy..

  6. semoga tercapai hendaknya hehehehe..kelak i jadi member dapat discount , alu lah

  7. fabulous... i would be willing to be one of the first customers :)... and might jam and sing with ur shop singers :)... i wish u could have this!!!

  8. You must have not only waitress but WAITER too.....with good butt ones...hahahaha

  9. if this dream of yours come true in the future, don't forget to call me up! i'd like to perform some acoustics songs at your tiny stage in that coffee shop! Serious tok hahaha

  10. I am a coffee addict. If you open this cafe here in KL, you can expect to see me there everyday!

  11. AmirFX: sila sila kalau sudi bertandang... :) pintu sentiasa terbuka kecuali ari minggu.

    Yumida: ada diskaun.. jadi member. boleh free refill gikya. Abang Baker ya tunjuk terror ba, roti baru keluar dr oven. hahaha. ada peluh la sedap dimakan wei

    suituapui: thank you! thank you! hope so! hope so!

    Rose: yes everything starts with a dream. now the only thing left is to make it happen. u havent got ur inn yet, have you? :)

    Ivynana: aok eh, coffee bean depan SP ya pun dah tutup. starbux di Spring pulak selalu penuh dan terlalu exposed, yg di airport ya terlalu jauh pulak. Ipohtown bukan pure coffee house pulak. Sikda mek nanga Coffee Prince, is it good? i google gambarnya, nang serious kacak! boleh la dptkan idea kelak. thanks dayung!

    Willie: sik juak... tapi ya minuman ruji bah. =)

  12. mr_abs: really? thanks man!

    Uncle Seven: makseh! kelak jd member dpt macam2 benefit. hehe

    Genskie: thanks babe! oh u cud even be one of the guest performer doing ur own gig. :-))

    Tia: hahah! that is a definite must! affirmative! part of the eye candy, for the customers la, not for me. :p

    Adi Herman: oh i will call u up! serious! yes! my first stage gig performer confirmed!

    Twilight: but even if u come down to Kuching (where i plan to open it some day) u can still hang out in the place every hour. :-)) thanks for the support!

  13. i would ask for 77% discount for all the menu. Discount contracted for 10 years, if agree, then u gonna get a loyal customer here ;p......but really nice idea...


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