Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm not afraid to love...

Oh hello. Crashed and burned over the weekend? Come come.. do you really want to make me start on this again?

Oh ye fools. Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.

I'm not standing at a crossroad. Not this time. In fact, I've moved one foot off the grave, and another foot away from the door. Have I ever given up on love? No, never, unbelievably so. But for the past many years of my life, I had been roaming aimlessly like a lost soul in search of another heart who can halt all this subdued wanderlust feeling. Oh yes, the makings of a good storyline.

There were times I stood tongue-tied and stared blankly at people who asked questions I didn't have ready answers for. Blabbering like a fool in front of the horde will only open doors for more questioning and possible assault. The throng loves a field day, and it's always at the victim's expenses.

And there were also times I was too quick with my tongue that I ended up regretting my answers later, which was borne out of spite and annoyance. My mother always advised to quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. But then my mother forgot to warn me about the wolves who love to feast on little girls. There were numerous time I just up and leave, sometimes quietly, sometimes in a great commotion, depending on who's doing the asking and who's doing the running. I'm requoting Bible verses.

It wasn't always difficult to maneuver. But in the course of times, it just gets exhausting. I don't answer to anyone but sometimes some stuff needs to be reckoned with. Who doesn't want to sleep peacefully at night?

There wasn't a day in my life that I wished I could be like a normal girl who follows society rules and demands. Some girls prefer to just settle. Accept whatever life hands her, live with it and learn to be content. Take the next available guy and stop looking. Isn't that what most of the normal girls do? And then some ended up reciting the confessions of the "If only ..."

Would you want me to end up like that? Thick. I'm the only one who answers to me. I don't just settle, per se.

One unsuspecting soul even quoted that time and tide wait for no man... True. But that's the beauty of nature, they just go on doing what they do best without much influence from anyone. Man on the other hand, can be likened to a stalk of reed, easily swayed to go the way of the strongest element. If not a reed, then something else more solid like an oak tree. And now I'm requoting Bible verses again.

But then I believe that even the lost and forsaken can be found and forgiven, and the lonely and sad can be redeemed and made happy. Why not me? If I were meant to wait it out, for my redeemer to come and sweep me off my feet, who's to say that it could take forever, or maybe the next few years, or the next few days, or the next few hours? While I have every right to choose and be picky with my choice, I have not so far, regretted the few choices that I had or ever had the opportunity to try and work them out, and failed... Those were like balms, a secret stepping stone to always improve my game, or an indication to move away and reroute. Whoever gets hurt in the process have no idea that I hurt more, if that is even possible.

Strong willed and always a hopeless romantic at heart. This faith that I have in the God who sees all things and have prepared someone for everyone, will prevail. Faith always win, somehow, right? Faith in that one magical thing that none has ever succeeded in explaining thus far.

Oh ye woman of faith, worry not for the man who will steal thy heart, for I will bring him to thee when thou least expected it. And I will face it like a true martyr. Any day now. Shall we move the pressure point to the next level now? This love subject is a risky business, isn't it.

Here's a little confession, ye wolves of the highest order: I'm not afraid to love... I'm just afraid I won't be loved back. Equally or more.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Girlfriend's Guide to Surviving the Euro 2012 season ...

Euro 2012 Season is on now! And by the time you're reading this, we're probably on the way to the quarters or maybe even half gone. 

Not a football fan? Boyfriend's an avid follower? Dreading the football season? Can't keep up with all the conversations? Then this is probably for you. Recounted from a first-hand experience of a girlfriend on how to basically survive the male-dominated sport. 

[Not necessarily in that order, but it could be.] 

1. Get him to buy you your favorite colour jersey of any team you dont have to support, in order to be a part of it from a close distance and to show your moral support to him, not the team. Wear it when that team is playing. And wear it when that team isn't playing. Free jersey, what?

2. Supporting the same team is sooo cliche. If you have to lend your support just for the sake of drama, go for the opposing team. Who cares if you know next to nothing about the team? Most important thing is, all is fair in love and war. We're talking Euro here, not the national team ok. (jangan mimpi la aku nak support team negeri lain kalau Sarawak turun padang, tu memang cari nahas...)

3. Cuddle in front of the TV, watch with enthusiasm for the first few minutes, inject some drama from point no.2, and fall asleep in his arms by the second half. Chances are you'll be excused faster, or if you're lucky, he'll fall asleep too for lack of company. Wait ... This sounds not quite right ... :p

4. If you want to bet, don't make it about money. Be more creative like... 'Loser picks the next dinner tab', or 'Winner gets to ask for anything from the loser', or 'Loser will be do a strip show' or 'Winner gets to have a kitten at home"... Kitten you say? Yes kitten, he has a thing about them fur-balling the spaces or leaving claw marks on furniture. Basically, it's one of those impossible requests that you probably could push your luck on. But always bet with a lot of rooms for improvement, and don't sulk if losers don't pay up. Betting is supposed to be fun.

5. Baby, the game would look soooo much better on a 42" LED HD TV with surround sound complete with that full Astro Beyond package, right? Right? Right, baby?

6. You're somewhat lucky that Euro 2012 games are played way after midnight. You have work tomorrow, don't you? A good rest is always a guarantee for a productive next day. But if it's the weekend, by all means, what are you doing sleeping early? You have point 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to keep you awake already woman. Wear the jersey, and be a good girl. That shows a lot about loving a person. What if it had been prime time? Count your blessings already.

7. It gets more stressed up when it reaches the quarters. Sometimes, you could have a feeling that you're being ignored, or left out of a conversation. It gets worst when it's the semis. Take no offence, it's just boys being boys. Sometimes they do tend to miss their playmates or buddies who have the same common interest in the game. Imagine it as if you miss your girlfriends with the same common interest in some things boys won't understand, like books, shopping, makeups, hairdoes, and jeans-clad bums.

8. When it gets to the semis, reward him with some breathing space, even if sometimes he won't ask you for it. Let him go watch it with his friends or buddies. They usually shout louder when you're not around either. Or make awful jokes that they'd never say in front of a girl. Always be understanding, because sometimes you need him to be in that role too. But most importantly, always be sure of each other's feelings. 

I hope I'm making sense a bit, because I'm running out of guides.

9. Faking your interest in football just because he is into it, is sooo wrong. I've known some girls who are so enthusiastic about a game or a team just because they are involved with guys who do. Sometimes they make a fool of themselves in trying so hard, and to the rest of the world, we go like "Eh, since when you started liking football so much when you dont even give a damn before?" I'm here to tell you, it's OK ladies, you don't have to like it. You don't have to pretend even because more fool you if you did. But let's get back to the earliest points above and see where you stand. He will respect you more for being yourself, but for God's sake, compromise. Being in a relationship is a push-and-pull thing, you cannot have it work any other way. (Unless you're Shakira and dating one of Barcelona's top player.) If you happen to fall in love with the game in the process, well then, it will show as well. Good for you. 


10. Don't nag. Don't moan. Don't whine. Don't sulk. Don't complain. Don't be a prissy queen control. Your relationship is the only thing that will get hurt if you do. You see, my secret lies in knowing the guy who loves me enough will understand the things I do for him and will know how to appreciate me enough not to take advantage of that. When two people love each other enough and is confident that nothing will break them apart, then they can withstand anything, even a whole Football Season!

Chin up ladies, Euro is only once in 4 years. Then you'll have World Cup again. But then there are the ongoing EPL, and FA Cup, and the Serie A, and the La Liga, and the Bundesliga, and our own deprecating local leagues. List goes on and on. It's not that bad. It's actually fun if you let it! 

p/s: Yours truly was once a Sports Subeditor with one of the local newspaper. Hey I know my football trivia and no, I'm not entirely clueless even though I don't follow the seasons anymore. But ask me what Beckham's jersey number was, and I would still google it to find out. Haha. I know, I'm full of contradiction crap and coffee. But so what? I just want to survive the season like every other girl.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Coffee Place Dream ...

Someday I want to own My Own Coffee Place. A little like this lovely coffee house in Cambridge...

Pic from Lavieboston

It will be called something thick and not necessarily original, like Coffee Girl Hut or Coffee Girl's Loft ... I haven't figured this part yet, but moving on ...

Living up to the blog name (assuming by then I'm quite the IT blogger, ehem) the theme will be coffee and blogging... and mostly cocoa-ish when it comes to colour. I haven't quite figured this part yet either, but moving on ...

I will personally man it with one or two other paid workers, preferably family members or business partners ...

We will wear this cute ensembles ...

Google pic...

with cute buttons. (got the ideas from the movie 'Caffeine')...

The layout designs will give off a feeling of comfort, freedom, leisure, privacy, and a place where you will want to spill out secrets. Or create new memories.

Pic courtesy of

The main attraction will of course be Coffee, of any blend, any brew, any way you want it. Black, creamed, hot, cold, ice blended, thawed, layered, flavored, smooth, rocky. You name it, I will serve it. But give me some credit... I won't serve weak coffee. It will even have a free DIY coffee-brew counter and refill, for members only.

Pic courtesy of

No other drinks will be available.

Aside from that, we will be serving your favorite scones, cupcakes, sinful cakes, and sugary biscuits to accompany your cuppa... and the occasional biscoti for the twist-lick-and-dunk fans.

Pic courtesy of

I would bake my own pies and fix my own sandwiches... assuming by then I have already mastered the art of baking and less of freaking out.

Pic courtesy of

While the rest of the goodies will be supplied on a daily basis by the Boy-Next-Door Confectionery Shop. (Must have babes in this dreams ok ... preferably with bad-boy looks and charms to match)...

Meet the Fabulous Baker Brothers... (Google pix)

Every other day of the week, we will serve a special lunch for the loyals and the fans. Most likely a fusion frenzy of spaghetti or local like laksa sarawak or nasi lemak special or mi jawa.

Pic courtesy of

While you meet with friends, or enjoy your quiet coffee moments, or just here to escape, we will entertain you with Country musics from the legends and the new breeds, and sometimes an occasional slow acoustic rock.

On weekends, Miss Yours Truly will take to the tiny corner stage and pick up her guitar and do her rendition of Country latest for the good of the people.

We will open for business from 7am - 11pm Mondays to Saturdays.

This dream is accurate as of publishing date. As for it coming true, well, if wishes were horses, then beggars would fly. Oh we will... we will...

How's the dream so far, baby? Zzzzzz.........

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reviewing Prometheus...

I was disappointed with ...

Google pix


But then, that's my one-sentence review anyway, and I'm being purely biased because science-fiction thriller or anything to do with the outerspace (with the exception of AVATAR) has never really been my thing.

Want a review?  Go watch it yourself. Be prepared to be counter-biased because you might like it. If you get it, that is. I tried hard to, but somehow I got derailed between the sleek ugly creatures of the unknown that kind of were in the wrong setting and the man-like god-like being with no apparent objective other than to destroy earth. But then again ... the whole motive of the movie was unclear.

I only liked the ship. And the fact that I didn't fall asleep throughout the movie.

Maybe I should just stick with my romcom and adventure movies.

P/s: Busy... busy... busy... SEMPAT BLOGGING OI...