Saturday, May 19, 2012

Windows wide open ...

Is it just me or is the weather getting crazy lately? Hot and humid. Crazy dehydration playing havoc on my senses, making me a little slow on the update lately. Ah. Excuses.

Been busy with a few official stuffs that got me flying off here and there getting things settled before the pressing deadlines comes a calling. Coupled with that, also been busy updating myself on some personal stuff lately that got me sleeping nights on end with the windows wide open. Weather is hot anyway, and the chill night air helps clear the bad mojo away.

Yep. Crazy weather alright. If only I could install a jacuzzi in my tiny loft. For now, getting that aircond installed in the bedroom begins to sound like a really lovely idea. A reallllllly reallllllly lovely idea.

Meanwhile, Coffee Girl needs to refill the bucket with ice while awaiting the aircond to materialise anytime soon. Happy Sunday my lovelies!


  1. Best decision I made for my rented apartment: Get an air-condition! ehhehehe..

  2. haha thank God my house is nearby some hills so it's very much in a very reasonable temperature at most of the time...

  3. Yup! Crazy weather - so very hot...and when it rains, it pours. Why not? An aircon is quite cheap these days - a lot less than an ipad or a smartphone. Around RM1K only.

  4. Arghh the weather... Just enough rain here in KL to cool down the city temperature resulting from the vehicles exhaust materials.... Good idea to put in the aircond but hopefully the electricity tariff at your place is not too prohibitive..
    Hape gooddays ahead..

  5. Kmk mok juak! haha.. Juh2 pasang aircond....

  6. yes having an A/C is so lovely..specially in a tropical country like mine... how ever i am also worried about the sky rocketing electricity bill hahaha... so ill just settle myself with my oh so big industrial fan for the mean time... and wish for the rainy season to come soon. Have a great Sunday babe!

  7. really hot now days, wish we have winter...ayooo why la the pic look so sad sis? :)...

  8. Uuuu.. Payah oo mun sikda aircon ;)

  9. cyrildason: i procrastinated, as usual. now paying the price. panassssssss! must install soon...

    Adi herman: my house near the forest, but then they bulldozed the whole forest, and now i have the heat plus no view of trees. :-(

    suituapui: hahahaha so true! invest in an aircond is worth it than in an ipad. cheap these days, and so i wait for Gawai offer.

    wan shariff: hope not either, so far my bill cukup-cukup saja. But then aircond only use at night, daytime working and all.

    AmirFX: juh juh sama2! sine berbeli tek? :p

  10. Genskie: here also tropical country, sweetie. hey neughbour! =) at some point, the big fan wont work even in full blast. it's just too much heat! Have a nice week ahead babe!

    izdiher: u mean where you;re at? how lovely. it's really heaty here where i am.

    stan: but we're not industrially and socially equipped for winter are we? maybe for a day? that cud work. haha. sad? no... that's wishing it wud rain soon!

    ivynana: yalah tek, tunggu ujung bulan lok. :)

  11. ada habit..nak lepas kan stress..tunggu masa hujan lebat.. sebab boleh nangis puas2 dalam hujan. takde yg perasan. hahahaha

  12. hanie: ni macam cerita Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... kan? awww...


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