Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eat this Wordless Wednesday...

Now how do you expect me to climb the mountain after a series of this three times in a month? Repent all ye sinners binge eaters ...

King Prawn Cheese at Sri Meranti Restaurant, Sibu, Sarawak. Price undetermined.


  1. Oooo...they have such nice food there. Hmmm...must go and try. Yummmmmmm!!!

  2. say your prayer before eating sis, and than u can have a snapshot on ur meal hahaha...have a nice holiday

  3. say your prayer before eating, and than u can have a snapshot on ur meal haha have a nice holiday sis

  4. eat dulu..later can build stamina during the mountain climbing trip :p..

  5. This reminds me of Manhattan Fish Market. Damn, okay now I'm hungry. Salah ko. Wakakaa jk.

    King Prawn? Iz the prawn really big? Or it's just the name? Hehee.

  6. Hi Coffeegirl, ha ha ha. love your humour.
    Anyway, this might help give you added strength....
    Sure looks delicious.
    Have fun.

  7. İzdihër: it is!

    suituapui: oh you should! you're so near and yet so far.

    Adi Herman: already said 'Grace'. Hehe. thank you! u have a nice holiday too!

    hanie: that's right... oh my...

    stan: hahaha a full stomach makes a sleepy body.

  8. Armstrong: it's bigger than it looks definitely! hence the name. and thats why it's cut in half. hahaha. and the cheeseeee omg...

    Ms Tikot: hahaha...

    Genskie: it is! it is! :p

    Uncle Lee: hopefully it'll help a lot. :-) U have a nice weekend ahead Uncle Lee!

  9. Sedap nyaa.. Di kuching sikda ka ho? Tp tomyam steam udang galah kuching pun sodap.

  10. Ivynana: sik sure kuching ada ka sik, kali di Rockroad seafood ada kali nak? daki tomyam steam udang galah noh?

  11. sorry for the double posting! My Bad! hahah

  12. Adi Herman: it's ok. :-) tambah comment. haha

  13. This is the most generously 'cheesed' King Prawns I have ever seen! Great!

  14. Twilight Man: ... and it practically melted in your mouth!


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