Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Come June, hell or high water, I am going to climb ...

But I'm not quite sure I'm well prepped up for it. The only thing I'm sure about is... I AM SUPER EXCITED! Wohoo!

Because I have been talking about it for ages! Even went out of my way in 2008 to actually buy a pair of hiking boots, a pair of weatherproof cargo pants, snow cap and waterproof hiking bag ... just to make it to the foot of the mountain only because weather was bad previous nights and so hikers were discouraged to climb up. I actually reached the foot twice within the span of 2 years, and never quite got to the top for reasons unspecified. Yeah yeah, I was an amateur then. And still is right now.

Which is why when the opportunity arrived this year in January, I grabbed it without second thoughts. First because the climbing package was waaaay cheaper than I had expected. Secondly because I will make my virgin maiden climb (me only lah) together with my boss, and my Sabahan colleagues, so I will be surrounded by bodyguards and hopefully gorgeous-looking porters. Thirdly because it has been awhile since I go on a holiday on a pure whim. And fourth because well... I can finally cross that Lifetime-Wishlist off the checklist.

Training has commenced slooooooowly due to my outstation works and some other related personal matters. Even bought a pair of new hiking boots (wohooo!) cause the old ones had cracked heels due to underutilisation. Still got a few other stuffs I need to get, but hopefully I can just borrow them from an old buddy who's an expert (by now) in mountain climbing.

And hopefully, I won't forget the energy bars. Ha ha. Because I don't want to ...

Pic courtesy of nps.gov

...  halfway throughout the ordeal and be famous overnight by calling in air rescue... Does anybody out there has any mount-climbing tips to share with this amateur? Appreciate it.

I do so want to watch the sunrise from the top of the world while holding someone's hand. That would be the most glorious experience ever. Sigh ...

Pic courtesy of www.solotravel.org

May is a good month. A very very good  month. But June will be sooo much better in more ways than one! Yeay! 


  1. yay!... this is making me feel excited for you.. I wish I could do that as well.. but due to my hectic sched..(really???) and never ending demands of everything/everyone surrounding me.. I couldnt find a time for myself... right now let me climb and surpass this invisible mountain ahead of me... when this thing is already over then i might give the real mountain a try...
    Enjoy sweety!

  2. Wow! I am super excited for you too. Never climb it before, although did plan for one once. hahaha! Dream never realised and probably not so sure it will be realised now that I have kids. Lol!

  3. wow. my classmates and I had just talked bout this earlier. haha. hope you'll make it to the top. then, i'll agree to join them. hehe. :D

  4. Use rubber sole shoes.. Bring along minyak gamat.. Sedikit garam untuk buang pacat.. Thats all.. Happy climbing!

  5. tetibe ai yg over eksaiteddd.. hahahaha

  6. wahhhhh seronoknya .. apapun umi tumnpang gembira..sebab aktiviti ini memang best ..kalau bagi kat umi ..memang mengigil kaki ni hahaha

  7. Good luck! I only managed to go to the foothills...twice or more.

    P.S. Your player gets stuck today. Poor Olly! LOL!!!

  8. Wow...Cool! all the best. I have always wanted to do this and get around doing it...emmm...and this gets me thinking that I better do this before my legs give up on me ....Looking forward to reading your post on this climb soon ....:)

  9. happy climbing =0)
    make sure cukup energy utk sampei ke puncak. jgn lupak chocolate bar bekal dalam poket. pakei nambah energy bila kepak gilak =0)

  10. hahahaha all the best! my turn will be in July next! woohooo!!! just like you... I am SUPER EXCITED!

  11. after reading, i got excited too! i wish to have some experience like this too

    Latest: Worst Shabu Ever

  12. ohhh gud luck...n dun forget to say hai for my org kg :)

  13. Hi coffee girl, I am a new reader of your blog, I find that your English is really really good, do visit my blog when you are free at www.libbyfu.blogspot.com, cheers!

  14. and and and and.

    looking at the sunrise, breakfast with nice black coffee on the top of kinabalu. haishh, gorgeousss! hehe

  15. Hi Coffee Girl, Wayyyyy to go, Girl! Follow your dreams!
    I wish I had tried climbing this mountain wayyy back when I used to go on my business trips, but was always in and out quickies.
    But many times flew close by admiring it.

    Don't forget charge up your camera batteries, whatever...and yes, make sure you well prepared in health and clothing.
    Have fun, can't wait see your pics....at the top.
    Best wishes.

  16. All the best Dayung, dunno what happen to me, lost my interest in climbing any hills or mountain. Cukup la setakat Gunung Ledang.

  17. Genskie: thanks dearest. hope u get past ur mountains. as for me, if i dont push myself, i wont even budge! haha

    Rose: maybe take the whole family then u naik sorang, the kids stay at the foot? hehe

    dadyana: i sure will reach the top, by hook or by crook! :p

    AmirFx: thanks for the tips! i bawa vick boleh juak ka?

    hanie: ahahaha. thanks babe!

    My Life's Journey: hahaha umi tak try lagi, camana u tau?

    suituapui: just like i did, now it's time to go uphill! yes! ... poor olly. lol

    Daddy: thanks! i sure will! that is, if i can get enough shots between taking my breath. haha

  18. ViviLim@Mrs.Nurulazmi: okeh mem. thanks! mba roti tiger jak lah. =)

    Daniel Chiam: nanti aku tinggal treasure hunt trail untuk kau cari bah! hahaha. good luck to us!

    FiSh. ohFISHiee: u should! oh u should! :-)

    stan: sure will! oh so u sabahan. sure do sound familiar.

    Libby: hi! thanks for visiting! ;p sure will visit u back.

    mr_abs: and and and... apooh... the coffee will freeze! but yes pegang dgn glove. best eh... lalu imagine ala salem high country tek. =)

    Uncle Lee: thanks for the heads up Uncle Lee! oh i will not forget the camera i hope. =) will pose like crazy. by God's grace I will reach the top. wohoo!!

    Ivynana: kau pernah naik gunung ledang? best eh. =)

  19. Hi coffee girl, regarding my blog giveaway, yes the drama do have subtitles, do email me at lilian_fu2002@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of the title and I will send them to you FREE.

  20. now u know where im from..:)..sounds familiar..0_o..i just know u..:)

  21. Libby: hi. Noted, i was asking on behalf of my friends. ;))

    stan: =) u might be a new friend i havent discovered. no? :p

  22. I want to climb it too maybe next year..since I'm moving over to KK

  23. Sherrie Pui: youre moving to KK? but i tot u love Kuching? Good luck then!

  24. My wife and I hiked up 2 years ago. Guess what? She finished in mighty fast 4 hours while I took 9 hourssss!!!!!!! So damn malu. When I reached, the dinner was over! I even missed their lunch! Blergh!

    I had breathing difficulties along the way and blamed the thin air but I think my lungs are tiny small... LOL
    Coming down was fast like 5 hours. I fell down twice after slipped on wet muds!

  25. I loved the hiking experience but I will never wanna go again cos the steps are very steep and I might need ambulance to carry me down!

    I enjoyed seeing the rare birds, huge wild squirrels and weirdest plants. I don't see them all in West Malaysia and stopped many times to admire & snap photos! Good luck to you & ENJOY!!

  26. Twilight Man: Hahaha to be outdone by a woman! that's soooo awesome! but sorry for you though bro. :-) Try better luck next time, maybe go for smaller hills? :p and thanks! I will hopefully enjoy myself.

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