Friday, May 11, 2012

And if the music is good...

... You dance.

If you can both sway to the same rhythm, and move to the same tune, and mouth the same words, and even get wacky to the same crazy beat together, then baby, that's it, you've found your match.

It's the little things that count.

Keep them. 

Happy in-love weekend my friends!


  1. similar to me and my wifey...touching words...

  2. ...and in the words of William Shakespeare, "If music be the food of love, play on...!"

  3. happy weekend! kmk sikda inlove weekend sebab ada program modul mggu tok.sik best! huuuu

    #lari dari tajuk hehehe

  4. ehem... al maklumlah.... ;)

  5. It feels so good when you are in love but crazy at the same time... well i think the craziness brings out the fun :)

  6. Someone is obviously in love... wakakaa. Congrats then if it's true. LOL.

    Happy Friday, Coffee gal!

  7. Look like it is going to be beautiful weekend for you dear! :) Enjoy yourself.

  8. I'm waiting for that day to happened to me... haha

    Enjoy your weekend... looks like its going to be a great one for you ;)

  9. Happy weekends kopi girl.. :D

  10. Adi Herman: awww so sweet. sigh...

    suituapui: i did read that somewhere just an hour ago. :-) Shakespeare the hopeless romantic

    hani apandi: oh tedah paksa keja ujung minggu. sikhal, ada gik minggu2 berikutnya bah

    Tia: :p apanya mama?

    Genskie: ur right! the craziness balances it back to normal

  11. Armstrong: hahahah :p wind of change? have a nice weekend jugak sama kau.

    Rose: thank you dear, and same to you! get well!

    Daniel Chiam: thank you! u never know when it will come along ur way, just be ready! :))

    AmirFx: thanks pok. and same to you! :-)


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