Monday, April 16, 2012

That little sign ...

When it shows Yellow ... you brace.

When it becomes Red... you stop.

When it turns Green... you hit the accelerator.

Imagine one day the system goes down and all the traffic lights turn Green at the same time, what would happen when everyone hit the gas pedal at the same exact moment?

So yeah, picture that and tell me if you got your info correct.

Don't worry when your life is put on hold, or you halt for a breather. You're safe. But the minute you move on along, you're putting yourself at risk.

Ironically, if you don't move on, you'll never reach anywhere. God man, who wants to be safe anyway? Safe is boring. Danger is sane. What doesn't kill you will only make you move on a little further and tougher.

They got it all wrong, didn't they? If we live by the universal colour codes, Red does not mean Danger. Green does.

This isn't a rhetorical question ... but what would you rather be doing, stay put and be safe or get going and live?

Watch the road kid...


  1. I wanna hit the pedal. vroom vroomm!! we live only once.

  2. Green is my favourite colour so I will definitely move on, life is short and I don't want to live in regrets....

  3. If we don't move, ppl will hit us from behind also, just follow the flow la..

  4. Yes.. Red means beautiful to me.. haha..

  5. they are parts of the colours that form the rainbow, kan?

    luv u babe.... bila ngopi tek?

  6. Well, there have been instances when the traffic lights are down...and it becomes a case of the survival of the fittest! Siapa cepat/berani, siapa dapat... Malaysia boleh! LOL!!!

    But seriously, where are the police officers when you need them most? Tsk! Tsk! Lagi one more time, Malaysia memang boleh!!!

  7. a) Stay back - going no where.
    b) Go - Dangerous yet adventurous, but reach new point (maybe).
    c)I take these 1.

  8. owh..for me.. when its yellow.. i hit the accelerator and pray no traffic cop will chase me from behind.

    hahahahah ;p

  9. Considering that I have just been involved in an accident so my answer is obvious hahaa.

    I'd rather wait for a few minutes or even hours just to be on the safe side. Life is priceless, even if we loose some precious time compared to our life which has only one number :P

    But even if I am saying all this, I am a Yes Man. Hehee.

    Happy Wednesday, Coffee Girl :D

  10. Why do i feel that this post has a deeper meaning?

  11. Reeyau: oh yes ur right! it better be the decision that defines your fate.

    Nur68: it is, right? Green is full of life, yeah?

    Ivynana: exactly! dilemma dilemma... follow the flow and get congested. also cannot, how?

    AmirFx: yakah? u mean red is alluring? menggoda? ;P

    Tia: yes... basic rainbow colours, without it very bland. luv u too mama! tunggu balik ngopi gik

    ddkajan: yep. to me la, imagine semua jalan sikda kereta berik laluan, kan boleh accident?

  12. Fina Sophie: perspective, indeed. :)

    suituapui: yes esp at crossroads, main agak-agak nak drive across. which is really exciting and very dangerous. what if some stupid block speed and cudnt brake on time? tskkk... Trafic police in Kuching usually very alert on this. im soooo proud of them. haha :P

    stan: so are you moving or standing still? looks like an objective question, cannot just tick which one. =)

    Hanie: hahahahaha brilliant answer too! i imagine about more than half of malaysians abuse the yellow light. me included, sometimes. lol

    Armstrong: Jim Carrie! hahaha well Yes Man. take a risk and see your life get from point A to Z and back again before you know it. altho with Yes Man, its mostly coincidental, yeah? Hope u recover well from the accident. Happy Thurs~

    Cyril Dason: oh it has, definitely ... make no mistake. :p

  13. Hi CoffeeGirl, very interesting post.
    Apart from the 3 colours here, I will add more I believe in living a life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

    When my time comes to depart for the happy hunting grounds, my wife will say, 'I will not tell you how he died. I will tell you how he lived'.
    Pedal to the metal, always!
    Have a nice weekend.

  14. ohh okeh...c is a combination a and b. Wait, tgok kiri, kanan, depan, dan belakang. Bila selamat then you go,late a bit but still moving kan? :)....

  15. Uncle Lee: colours of the rainbows indeed. And that is a great quote by the way, living like you're dying and dying like you're living. Have a great MOnday!

    stan: hahaha biar lambat asal selamat, betul!


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