Monday, April 9, 2012

Out and about ... in Mukah ... Part 2

It's Easter Monday! Most schools in Sarawak are closed today to observe the Easter celebration. No wonder the traffic was slightly smooth today. Anyway, I am back in the office at last, and back to reality.


I had myself a little adventure last 8 days ago to Mukah via Sibu and then stopped over in Sibu for a few days for extended work before flying back home. After been cooped up in the office for a long while, a change of scenery is much much welcomed.

Read the first Mukah adventure? If you have not, just follow the link. Anyway to recap, I was staying at Kingwood Resort Mukah, about 13 minutes from Mukah town itself. The place is barely alive during the weekdays since people prefer to stay in town itself. But the seaside and the sea breeze, wow... is there a better explanation? Although there wasn't any beach to flaunt my round bikini bod, ehem, there were enough waves and salty sea air to bring back fond memories of why I love seaside in the first place.

Oh I was told that the hotel is kind of haunted -- oh well, I have Angels all around me -- and I usually sleep with half the lights on if I travel alone, or total blackout if I'm with company... and so one night I accidentally left the lights on in the balcony. At 1am... I heard someone/something knocked on the glass door leading to the balcony. I woke up with a start. And pretended it was the wind. And then I heard a few more hard knocks, each time louder than the other, like something hitting forcefully against the glass. Dang... I sat in bed and told myself "It's the birds... It's the birds..." Because I heard my boss said keep the door closed at night to avoid birds or bats flying into the room. But the sound kept coming, like tiny little nails knocking playing around. Not scared really, just curious and doing my best not to get up and investigate. After a while it stopped... or maybe I slept with the pillows covering my head and my ears plugged on with loud music till morning....

You know what those creatures were that came visiting me at night begging to be let in? I found their lifeless corpses carcasses by morning on my lit balcony ... like 5 or 6 of them... 2 or 3 flew away barely alive from exhaustion after hitting the glass a few knocks. Sheesh ... I told my boss the next day and he said "Nasib kau sik bukak pintu..." As if I would.

 i dont even know what they're called, but notice the green neckline..

Enough about horror stories. The Dana Scully in me almost manifested last night, but I was too exhausted to give in to her.

The second best part about being outstation is the fooooooooood! Wohoo! Any kinds of food lah, asalkan makan. Mukah is well-known for its umai (like raw and sourish seafood salad) and fat sago worm (deep fried usually), and some other delicacies which I didn't get to try.

There's this little well-known restaurant by the wide riverside called Riverside Restaurant serving all kinds of seafood. So feast your eyes on these!

Tiger prawn in tomato sauce ...
Umai campur (mixed umai) consisted of fish and prawn
steamed red fish thai style ... can la....
Seafood soup in asam pedas (hot and sour?)

And mixed vege Mukah style ... paku midin campur ...
And the pretty looking nasi pataya... what I had for lunch somewhere else...

And for wrapping up ....
But back in Sibu ... Rafie Cafe serves the best ice lemon tea I could find.

and it's even prettily served too... (only one of that is mine)

And that's it! Enjoy the rest of the week people! xoxo!


  1. Happy Easter! yeap, some schools not open too so it was rather smooth on the road this morning.

  2. Food looks really nice! Used to go to a restaurant next to Dewan Suarah, great food, great ambiance...dunno if it is still in business or not.

  3. umai campur ftw!!

    btw, I didn't notice those insects at all when I was there.. Looks scary.. woooo!!!

  4. whoaaaaaa.. sedap! kmk akan ke mukah juak kak.. tapi 5 mei kelak la.. nak polah program kat resort ya.. tp susah sikit urg nak agak.. so polah kat kingwood hotel kat pekan ya.. hehe.. cant wait! Mok carik umaiii!

  5. Rose: Happy Easter to you too! :-) Wish it was school holiday everyday...

    Suituapui: what is the restaurant called? Mukah is quite developed now, and very peacefully settled. :-) Food is awesome, as usual, esp the umai!!

    Cyril: Umai salad... ya jak dimakan pun cukup. The insects are harmless, they're just attracted to lights, and they make loud buzzing noise. i just havent seen that species around here in kuching

    Cik Amni: Wah... yalah, polah di pekan senang nak jalan, tapi di resort dapat relax nanga laut jak. Jgn lupak cerik umai... rugi sik. :-)

  6. Hi Coffeegirl, ha ha, love your insect adventures....and the food? Holy Smoke! They're really sinfully delicious!
    These the kind that will cause loud burps and two, three times, excuse me, ha ha.
    Have fun, keep well.

  7. Sya rindu umai... ku mok balit kampong nangga tok eh...

  8. Uncle Lee: haha cud make into a movie titled Insect 3... food was inspirational! and you have a nice weekend too Uncle!

    Rose Ragai: umai ya haruslah jgn di-missed. ;)

    stan: yep seafood soup asam... very appetising

    Ivynana: ahahaha... betul!

  9. I remember now. The name of the restaurant - Nibong!!! Very nice place and very nice food...and got karaoke in the pub section at night.

  10. suituapui: Nibong Restaurant? still there, been there too the first night. Good place to have corporate dining, spacey and private. Mkn pun sedap!


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