Monday, April 23, 2012

No desperado here baby ...

Hey what do you know? It's Monday! I've been having a really good time staying awake these past few days contemplating my future and keeping busy doing random mental checklists. Nope, not even cranky.

Anyway, wanna hear something ridiculous, totally unnecessary, and ones that only managed to make the ones who utter them look S.T.U.P.I.D many times over?

"If only you had said yes before, you won't be in this situation today."

"If only you had accepted me before, we would have plenty of kids today."

"Last time I wanted you, you rejected me. Now look at you."

"You could've had me before. But no... you prefer someone else."

"You lost your chances, I could've been yours."

"This property and all this stuff could've been yours now if only you had responded to me back then."

"You wanted a different future more than you wanted me. Now look where it's gotten you."

And another epic from an ex-future-mother-in-law of 20 years past, totally random, unrelated, and out of the blue at a friend's funeral last week. She pulled me aside just to say: "You could've been my daughter-in-law today you know, but you didn't want. Now my son's got 4 kids and you're still chasing after your dreams and some elusive guy."

Are you like, serious?

If I counted how many times I have received these statements over and over again for the past years or so, my log book on the exes and possible exes would've overflowed by now. That is, if I keep a tab. That is, if I had that many. And that is, assuming there were a few I didn't know about until few years down the road (the past does have a way of catching up with you). Considering in the past i may have blown off quite a few people who have tried to get me to raise the white flag ... this is pretty amazing. I can be quite oblivious sometimes especially since I am not your regular girl who wants regular stuffs or who just settles for regular future. No challenge, no vision, not even a life of their own!

Can you imagine being the recipient of one or a combination of these statements at other people's wedding receptions, social festivities, kids' birthday parties, random house calls, church gatherings, work appointments, bump-ins at official events, or out-of-the-blue text messages?

You know, almost always, I detect that hint of regrets in their voices, and some other emotions I'm not quite familiar with. I mean, why do you have to say such things? They're completely unnecessary and out of boundaries. Do you realize how it must've looked on your part, already being with someone else and wishing you were with another person, in this case, me? Do you realise the hurt it could cause your respective partners if they hear that? If I had wanted to feature in it in the first place, I would already have been. Except I didn't. And why is that, do you wonder? I have no regrets, why should you?

If it were meant to be, it will be. I made my bed, I'll lie in it. You made yours, so go sleep in it. On your own!

Moving on...

P/s: Just when I thought I succeeded in pulling off my poker face ...


  1. he he he...
    good morning darling!!!

    U are what you want to be... kan?
    the rest apa kes nak kesah...

  2. Ask them 'Do I look unhappy?'

    You are not, are you?

  3. Jodoh... We are all part of a pre-destined plan. God knows best.

  4. Leave it to the Lord,,losers can be winners someday,right? hey have a great week ahead ya

  5. Hehehe, tetak lok ..I've been in similar situation but I don't care, I do as I please and I'm happy about it ada ku kesah..

  6. Soklan biasa bila umur dah meningkat.. Nway, sidak patut sedar nektok bukan lah sesenang ya jak nak nikah.. Semua perlu fulus baa..

  7. Nothing to worry there.. I believe those weirdos are expressing their own frustation if not their ignorance;)

  8. Hi there... Greetings from the Philippines...just stumbled on your page.. and yeah i am getting those stupid stuff from my exes as well...
    You have a great day

  9. Moving on with our own life. Biarkan sidak ya dgn labu2nya..
    On the wedding day, the guy said, "this is all not i want, i don't like the colour of our room, i don't like most of the stuff on this wed day because she is not the one that i want to married...." tp kawen juak... sometimes, life is just complicated as it is when people ya kedirik molah ya komplikated.. *sigh*

  10. Tia: yes betul, aku tak kesah. aku fedup je. sidak ya, mcm mikir aku pulak yg nyesal. piiiraaaahhhh!

    Ivynana: yalah. i cud be rude, but i prefer not to. buang masa jak.

    suituapui: you are right. im not complaining. somehow they are.

    Eugene: yes, leave it to God. He said it isnt time. :-) have a great week ahead too!

    Nur68: hahaha tu lah. i do what i want what i please go wherever i want. maybe they see it as their freedom lost that now theyre with someone they cant do that. memang tak kesah, just annoyed. :-)

  11. willie: another past issue that some ppl cannot drop off

    AmirFX: benar ya ko. tapi... apakah maksud fulus? tang lain macam jak bunyinya. hahaa

    Wan Sharif: thats what i thought too, if only i dont hear it too often. esp in public.

    Genskie: Hi! thanks for visiting. Do come back. :-) Yeah some exes are real pain in the ass. have a lovely week!

    Rose Ragai: lamak sik dengar perkataan ya oo... ' dengan labu-labunya'. Hahaha. Biarlah...

  12. Hi CoffeGirl, ha ha, love your humour.
    I guess life's like that, sometimes with regrets, sometimes it's hilarious moments.
    And glad to see you being positive about things.
    Wayyyyy to go, young lady!
    Have fun.

  13. There's a lot of 'if only' in this case. But if we keep thinking of the past and never move on then life would be too predictable.

  14. you are so Morrisey, girl..and that's a good thing...

  15. Hi Uncle Lee, thanks. Just have to be positive when dealing with people who get on your nerves, right? yes we all have regrets, but then we all move on. and whats the point of dwelling in the past when the future is right ahead, right? Have a splendid week!

    Sherrie: yep, exactly. im not the one with the 'if only'... they are. :-)

    Small Kucing: thanks.. i know, i love it myself.

    Adi Herman: i actually had to google wat u mean by Morrisey... hahaa. and thanks!

  16. I think u are a hot good bride out there on the list ;p...thats why ur exes really thing ur exes don't get it, ending the dot is not like a fairy tale ending, these is a real life. Choosing a different path will end up with a different story, they should learn to live with it and be thanks to have their current wife...

  17. stan: nah... im just a regular future bride, except i dont grab anyone just for the purpose of marriage. and ur right, there is real LIFE. besides, i always believe that things happen for a reason, and if ur not together, then ur not supposed to be together. kinda twisted, but thats reality. and i dont like hearing those statements because if my husband were to say that to his ex, i imagine id be hurt too becoz it implied i wasnt a first choice. right?


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