Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hesitation ...

There are usually two ways of knowing when I am going on the right track ...

1. I feel good about it ...
2. I don't hesitate ...

These are usually the indicators of things good to come, that no matter what I encounter along the way, I could still go on happy and strong.

When I get half - half, that's when I pause, look back, and analyse why I feel that way. The trick is to tread carefully and watch out for tell-tale signs. One barrier after another. Either come out the victor, or fall back and regroup.

However, if I get the opposite feelings for both, and if I insist on going ahead anyway, something not quite right will occur and then on I would have to bear the consequences. This is usually when I would slam on the emergency brake and brace for whatever comes next.

After been ignoring these signs for so long, so so long that like an unlubricated mechanism, I have become rusty and my indicators have gone haywired. I might have mixed up the signals a little and I have been guilty of not taking care of the immediate concerns. They keep reading errors when they should be reading something else.

When the voice of hesitation speaks, listen for it is trying to tell you something. What did your mother teach you about instinct and intuition? Always pay attention to them.

Note: dont ask me what it means. i write, to avoid speaking. just perhaps this -- my anchor, it fell away unnoticed. i am incoherent. i only have prayers. i am probably better off alone. for now.


  1. Don't hesitate la.. P kadang2 kmk ada juak hesitate bila nak order makanan.. haha..

  2. Hi CoffeeGirl....guess you have that intuition, huh?
    I too sometimes....
    Few times I will change my mind about doing something or going somewhere, because I don't feel good about it. "Half half", like you mentioned.
    You stay easy, have a pleasant Sunday.

  3. Praise The LOrd. White Kopi Girl... You're 1 such a special girl. ;))

  4. :)...if u lost, just follow the flow...

  5. Oni cerita? heheheh

    You know I just like to tease. hope it all goes well.

  6. AmirFX: how not to not hesitate? it's just weird if u ignore it, kan? like if u hesitate to cross the road, u might get hit. so cross quickly or dont cross yet. :-(

    Uncle Lee: thanks Uncle Lee. hard to ignore a feeling esp when it wont go away. half half is where we hit the crossroad and dont know where to turn or which road to take, and then on stand still. Have a pleasant week too Uncle Lee. :-)

    Ivynana: Thank you dayung, Happy Easter to you too.

    Chanchan: Thank you Chan. :-)) and so r u.

    stan: is doing that... flowing... and flowing... watch out for the rapid.

    cyril: ogi crita dang otin. :-) all is well that ends well. thanks.


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