Monday, March 19, 2012

Wake up and smell the urine!


When your pee starts to smell like coffee, it's time to stop for awhile and alternate with some other drinks. Well it doesn't really smell like coffee, but it does smell of something suspiciously like coffee. I don't drink coffee as much as I used to these days, but lately I began to notice the smell is back! Yes that somewhat strong coffee aroma is present there somewhere, especially when I consumed 3-in-1s as opposed to black ground coffee. Always leave me baffled. It's like my whole system runs on caffeine and my blood is contaminated. Strangely if I drink tea or coke or Milo, they don't alter my urine smell quite as obvious. Is there perhaps a medical explanation to this?

No, I will not quit coffee just cause my urine smells like one. Don't be ridiculous.


  1. Jeng3... Biasanya mun aek kemeh berbau ya mungkin sebab toksin banyak gilak dalam badan.. Mbak minum aek kosong banyak2 sak jadi neutral balit..

  2. i dont drink coffee that often,but it does happened to me WHENEVER i took 3in1 as well!:O

  3. mun makan bijik petai lagikla perlu medical explanation haha

  4. kira ok la kan..urine bau coffee..

  5. Wangi bah bau kopi ya...heheheh

  6. dun consume to much, or u shud try other brand..

  7. =P one reason why i dont like coffee ..

  8. Hi CoffeeGirl, Holy Smoke! Are you serious?
    I drink 5 coke glasses of iced coffee a day, as well 5 to 6 cups of Chinese green tea in between, but, ha ha ha, never heard what you mentioned here before.

    Maybe its not you? Incidentally did you eat petai?
    Now, that sure can drive passengers in a plane go nuts!
    Anyway, maybe you should have a friendly chat with your doctor? He might have some thoughts on that.
    You stay easy, keep well.

  9. Haha. I usually go to the toilet often whenever I drink some coffee. Sik perasan ada bau or not. haha.

  10. is it? ntahla.. sy kurang minum manis2/serbuk.. :P

    take good care coffee girl ;)

  11. saya tak tipu: sedap bau kopi kan? haha

    AmirFX: aih benar kah? apa tek org mkn petai bau juak, maksudnya terover toksin juak la? tapi ya bau kopi nyaman ko... hehe *ceridak*

    korawk: hahaha u tau ka apa medical explanation ya kencing bau petai? apa org makan durian sikda kemeh bau durian oo... hmm

    Ivynana: aok sangat ok... cuma heran jak

    Ms Tikot: ya la ku madah tek LOL

  12. stan: not nescafe, nescafe even worst. but all 3in1 give out the same coffee smell, whereas ground coffee none at all... weird right?

    Cyril: aww... but u got Starbucks mug what. ;P

    Uncle Lee: yep real life experience, but only if its 3in1 coffee (of all brand) and no i dont eat petai. haha. cant stand the stuff. yeah i think i shd go and visit my doctor already. thanks for the advice uncle lee!

    dadyana: hahahaha try to notice it next time, got or not

    Fina sophie: thanks, i pun cuba tak minum yg manis2


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