Thursday, March 22, 2012

Somebody lied ...


Yeah, this is me. Lord, it's been a long, long time. I know this ain't no social call, so go ahead get it off your mind. You heard what? Well it ain't true. I was here most all last night. I got over you the day you left. Could it be somebody lied?

They said what? That I was crying? I haven't shed a tear in years. That I spoke your name, well, that's insane. I hardly noticed you're not here. That I showed your picture to some stranger? Don't you think I've got no pride? They've been here at home face down on the shelf. Lord, I bet somebody lied.

But if they were true, what would it matter to you? Would it change the way you feel? If the rumors were right, would you be here tonight to help this old heart heal?

Well don't worry, it wasn't me. Just someone whose world was torn in two. Someone who looks a lot like me, and loves someone like you. So forget the tears, I never cried. Lord, I'll bet somebody lied.

p/s: Ask Ricky Van Shelton, they're his words. But don't think too much into this.


  1. MMmmmm.. I'm not thinking of it right now.. :D

  2. Can't think of anything also :P

  3. AmirFX: hehehe saja jak nak :D

    Ivynana: hahaha ya gik sorang ;P

  4. white lie equal dengan tipu sunat sik? :p hihi..

  5. Khairunnisa: i dont know, but i do know that a lie is a lie. ;) hahah


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