Friday, March 16, 2012

Scar spangled banner ...


When you have the tendency to scratch yourself bloody, it is better to keep the fingernails trimmed and short. Otherwise you'd have scars on your legs, your arms, your skull, your back, your tummy, your bum. But if you already had them through partly your fault in the course of time, then embrace them. They're like tattoos, except the tool is your own hand and the ink is your own blood. And they're too priceless they're free.

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Like parts of mine in the hidden places.


  1. Eeeeee! I have this habit too, waking up in the mornings to see bloody hands and bedsheet. I thought vampires came to visit.

  2. Yes, over-protective parents are actually doing more harm than good for they are depriving their kids of invaluable experiences that help them grow as individuals and to face life in the future.

  3. scars on ur skin bring memory..scars inside ur heart bring pain.....well no pain no gain rite? :)...

  4. as for me, kuku jari selalu juga pndek. but sometimes wonder where did the scratches or lebam2 datang. haha.. bila mandi rasa pedih2 bila cek, dari situla mula heran. little did i know that actually smtimes bila langgar smthing, mcm 'ouch! eh which way to go now..' lepas tu padam terus dr kotak memori. always like that! XD

  5. Scary.. Sik mok ada scar ehhss..

  6. Twilight Man: ohh thank God im not the only one. phew... although blood on bedsheet due to rigorous scrathing is a little unlikely. :-))

    suituapui: yep ur right. but im a little confused if this comment is meant for this post. hmmm...

    stan: wherever the scar is, seen on hidden, they bring memory somewhat. yep no pain no gain. ;P

    Fina sophie: i pun kuku pendek, tapi bila start tumbuh balik, time tu la rasa tangan gatal tak nak stay still. then bila dah potong, kan hujungnya tajam... ish bestla scratch kan? hahaha dasyat ba saya ni

    AmirFX: neyla gaya mun sik sedar bergaruk tek...

  7. tp kuku panjang..makin sedap garu.. kan... hahahaha...

  8. Hanie: betul tu... hahahaha. that is my problem sometimes


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