Thursday, March 8, 2012

The quiet strength ...

Frailty, thy name is woman.

When I'm angry, I'm quiet.
When I'm sad, I'm quiet.
When I'm hurt, I'm quiet.
When I'm confused, I'm quiet.
When I'm depressed, I'm quiet.
When I'm indifferent, I'm quiet.
When I'm helpless, I'm quiet.
When I'm afraid, I'm quiet.
When I'm lonely, I'm quiet.

No, it isn't always healthy to be quiet. All the same, it doesn't always mean I'm keeping it bottled up inside. I get things done a lot more and a lot faster when I keep my mouth shut and my brain brewing. After all, what's the point in yelling your heart out when it will only make things worst? Uncorking at the wrong time at the wrong place to the wrong party is not going to help matters. Crying helps a little, but is not the final answer.

We are always known as the weaker sex, and truly I supposed we are. But I, woman, know how best to deal with me. Not all the time, not immediately, but in time. Things aren't always written in stone. The quiet desperation and quiet despair can always be countered by a quiet understanding and quiet wisdom. Through sheer patience and a lot of faith, there lies the Quiet Strength.

It is the one thing that a woman have, the one thing that a man can never understand. If at all.

Remember and cherish what you are and what you have, my lovelies. Here's to us.



  1. Happy Women's Day! Cheers to you and all your female followers...

  2. Hepi International Women's Day ;-)

  3. Don't always keep quiet or get shut down by the superior sex. Women often were belittled when kept quiet.

  4. Mine would freak out in FB when she is mad.

    I would scream and swear when I am angry... LOL...!

  5. Happy Womens Day! Sekda cuti ka? haha..

  6. Nice post... On topic that is rather elusive to me

  7. Happy International Women's Day to you!!!

  8. Hi CoffeeGirl, whatever it is, no man has ever understood women.
    I have learned not to....easier to live with, ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. saya tak tipu: hahaha =)

    suituapui: Thanks!

    Ms Tikot: same to you!

    sherrie pui: thats how some people fight, =) different strategy for a different foe.

    Twilight Man: oh no, not good to be emotional in FB, coz the whole world is watching. haha

  10. AmirFX: thanks. sekda ko, mun jak. ;P

    Wan sharif: hahaha you and everybody other man. but that's the beauty of it isnt it?

    Ivynana: same to you goh dayung!

    Mireya: and tou you! =) thanks for visiting.

    Uncle lee: thanks! women are from venus, men are from mars, alien nation in the making. hahaha

  11. :) quiet.....reading these post make me remember my fren. One day while he was driving on the way to work, the radio caugt his attention. Prof easy giving an advice about women, a healthy women is a women that always nagging (hahahaha). My fren laugh out, tot it was another joke of the day.....
    One day he find his wife acting un-usual. She was so quiet, there is no nag for my fren that day, then curios my fren ask his wife. Then his wife told him that she was left my fren smiling, the advice is actually are true.....A healthy women, is a women that always nagging...ngehehehe...happy women day girl and ladies.:p

  12. Stan: hahahhaa... that shows how much ur fren, u and the professor know about women. i guess u cant always take one woman and make her an example isolatedly. maybe the professior was talking from his experience with his wife... who knew. But then, as long as a woman has a husband, she will tend to nag at him. it's not her then, its the husband that cause it. LOL

  13. Hi CoffeeGirl, I forgot to ask with regards to your 'all quiet'.....what about when seeing 2 moons in the sky? Ha ha ha.

  14. Uncle Lee: hahahahaha oh that's different... thats not anything NEAR miserable feelings, so hahahahaha as loud as u dare. hehe

  15. Keeping quiet is better than saying things you might regret.

    Men always claim that they dont understand women. Women how ever think they know men very well. It's all confusing but people still have babies every single day! funny creatures!

    Happy Womens day!

  16. Reeyau: thats right, if u speak when ur not in total control of ur emotion, u might regret them later. :-) Hahaha fraternizing with the enemy is fun, thats why babies r born everyday.


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