Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out and about ... in Mukah...

Hey ya bunch of lovelies and laddies! Don't you just love the sound of big waves hitting forcefully against rock and concretes and feeling the breeze blowing humid air into your bare face? I love my life...

Yours truly had just rented a network cable for RM5 from the reception counter downstairs, and now I'm blogging via a ridiculously fast and free broadband connection from the comfort of my huge kingsized super-deluxe seaview room with open balcony at Kingwood Resort Mukah. I figured a lot of people here at this moment (and they're not many at a time and mostly here for functions) do not want to fork out a meager RM5 to get connected (they normally argue they should instead get complimentary internet facility for being paying guests, which I do sometimes too) and so the traffic is very very clear, and they're MINE! ALL MINE!

Shhh... don't tell anyone, but I just downloaded a whole movie in less than 45 minutes! I'm such a douche bag. Ha ha ha.

Nearer to the foyer ...

Anyway, hey! My room is just splendid. Well actually, there are better looking or lovelier rooms than this and I've been in one, but I supposed it's probably because I love the seaside and the really strong breeze so much that it just kind of made up for the things they don't put in my room, like a missing mini-fridge or a hot tub or a loofah or a bathing robe. But... what's not to love? We're here to work, not holidaying. While you're at it, embrace what you can along the way. Wheeeee.

The overall view of the room ... it's actually bigger than it looks...

Oh by the way, don't believe everything you hear about this place. And  me and my two guys are staying here because the one in town is fully booked and this is the closest to luxury we can get as of now, even though it's 15 minutes from town. Wohoo!

The awesome view from my room...

Last I was in Mukah was August last year during the Kembara Merdeka. It's a medium-size Division in the State and probably one of our exotic places to visit in Sarawak. The majority of the population is Melanau and the rest are Malays, Ibans, Chinese, and some other minor groups. The people are really friendly too, and the food is awesome. I haven't had any opportunity to try the umai yet this time around.

Second last I was there was in 2009 when the road to Mukah via Sibu was simply awful where what takes 1 hour 45 minutes now then took 3 hours minimum with the muddy and gravelly and hole-filled tracks. Thanks to err... elections and the currently developing Tanjung Manis and the Halal Hub nearby, this place is now kira dekat la wei.

I'm not really doing a good job promoting this place am I? Haha... Never mind. Some tourist guide I am. But I will return with pictures of food! Wohooo!!

To be continued....


  1. kebetulan.. next week pi Mukah :) tgh belajar bahasa Melanau..

  2. stayed at the same hotel and fell in love with mukah!!

    Try calling customer service..hehehe, its like they appointed one man to run the show..

    and is the lady at the counter still the cure one? forgot her name (wait, i have a receipt stashed somewhere)..hehehe..

    Mukah ftw.Sunset...ahhhh.. umai... wow!

  3. oh ya..i paid RM 5 wiout question after learning it gives me connection as long as im a time hoever, im bringing my super long cable coz theirs is too short, and i ended up at the end of the bed to surf,which was no fun whn ur tired.

  4. Never been to Mukah but heard so much about its keropok. hehehe! Look forward to your next post.

  5. Khairunnisa: mesti you datang utk Pesta Kaul kan? :-)

    Cyril: the cute lady at the counter? when i came, there were 3 of them, so im not sure which one u referred to, semua pun cute. LOL. and the RM5 is nothing considered i got really fast connection, bayar je lah kan. i pun, selalunya ada bawa cable sendiri, tengok2 lupa simpan sebab tukar bag. haiya. the sea breeze man... best aie

    Rose: u mean the keropok sago? yeah got lots here, and also umai and sago worm (yuck!). but really nice place to relax here

  6. its like going for honeymoon place ;p...

  7. A movie in less than 45 mins? Punya buyuk! :D

    When a bed looks like that, it hurts my eyes. To fix that, I'd jump on the bed and make it a mess then I'm satisfied. Wakakaa.

    Happy weekend, Coffee Girl!

  8. stan: yes exactly! :-) except im alone. :-( and at work. :{

    Armstrong: ahaaha so like me. actually i cepat2 ambik gambar sebab sudah tidak sabar mau mess up sama itu bed, too neat ba kan. hahaha tidak normal. Hahaha. Happy weekend to you too!

  9. Ivynana: sikda pulak aku carik kuih sepit oo... but thanks!


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