Friday, March 23, 2012

Hart of Dixie ...


I've been quite free since January, to be honest. Actually I've been quite free since months before that, but was only really free in the real sense of the word since the year began. I've been so free I don't quite know what to do with myself in my free time. Mostly in the evenings, that is, when the day concludes and me being the elusive loner, well... solitude is always welcome, although not always needed. Not an anti-social, just not that social. My spiritual life is improving a lot these days. I found myself talking to God every moment I feel I need someone to talk to.


I've been so free I have downloaded a whole Season 1 of a new drama series called the Hart of Dixie. Set in a Southern background with all its Southern charms and various country soundtracks (wohooo!), it's a lovely little story about a young lady doctor aka surgeon who moved all the way from New York City to a small town named Bluebell. You can read about the little synopsis here.

What I love about the series is the heroin, Dr Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson. She's a feisty and stubborn little thing, strong headed, a little modern for the southern folks who seemed stuck in their little cowboyish era.When the whole town is set on hating her (hey I thought small town folks are usually so hospitable and friendly, but maybe not to Zoe), she up and faced them all in her quirky, assertive and I-hate-you-back little self. The belle of the ball, Ms Lemon Breeland, her antagonist, is her biggest enemy. I dont know why she hates the doctor so much when she would benefit so much more if they were friends. That's ok Zoe, I don't trust anybody named after a fruit either.

And there are the eye candies in the story... a good looking bad boy next door, a handsome attorney aka golden boy aka Lemon's fiance, the gorgeous soft spoken vet, and the young mayor of the town.

Stitching up Wade Kinsella
Legal advice from George Tucker
Street-smart 101 from the mayor Lavon Hayes

They're all a colourful bunch, not at all your typical teen aka gossip girl drama. I just love Rachel Bilson in this setup, she's such a small thing and how she walked in that 6inch heels in the clinic and while doing house calls, is beyond me. Remember her in 'Jumper'?

But sigh... Season 1 is up to 22 Episodes in all. I'm only down to 16 and I've watched them all! 17 will only premiered on 9th April in the US, which means I can start downloading them after the 10th. Which means... I need to download other new movies ... which means, I STILL HAVE A LOT OF FREE TIME!

Geography sucks.


  1. Interesting drama from the way you describe it. Yes, I remember her in the "Jumper"

  2. No wonder she looks so familiar. The Jumper pula... the series sounds interesting, specially when the main character is as lovely Rachel... maybe I'll give it a look when the complete season 1 is out :D

  3. Rose: it is! drama, romance, comedy and a little familiar feelings too. ur welcome to borrow. :-)

    Daniel: yeah, u dont see many faces of Rachel Bilson around and i only remember her from Jumper. only up to 16 so far, and 17 next month baru keluar. potong steam la pulak. ;)

  4. Ku pun minat juak si Rachel tok, cute. But I haven't even finish watching how i meet ur mother yet... I need more than 24h a day!
    Haha, mcm larat pun mun diberik masa byk2.

  5. Ivynana: kan? u shd see the tiny shorts she wear to office yang menjadi buah mulut masyarakat kecik ya, cute ada jak. hahaha. she's such a steel magnolia, dianok pun muka masih tebal. tedah jak. mun mok pinjam madah jak. hehe

  6. Wow!!! 22 episodes... I can't even get to watch one. LOL!!! Old man, concentration not so good!

  7. suituapui: hahaha but each episode without commercial breaks. haha shd be very fast.

  8. hahaha.kmk sik penah nanga drama tok.ketinggalan koh :P

    tp mek suka penulisan in english ktk! inspire kmk! woot woot!

  9. copy... wats tat thing you should always honour again when it comes to downloading stuff over the internet? hehehhe.. Definately gonna check this out.

    SherryBel asked me to download Two Broke Girls, and its not bad considering I have to wait for my GG, OTH and HIMYM =)

  10. Hani: hehehe sikda nya main kat tv msia, astro pun sikda setakat tok. kat US jak, thats why download via sharing. :-) Makseh cik. senang ati dpt nulong org utk belajar engrish. hehe

    Cyril: oh... that thing? not sure, but u shd leave a thank you comment on the person who shared it, or the site that uploaded it. u nak copy ka u nanya aku pasal copy? haha. lost u there. eh when ur done with Two Broke Girls, mintak juak!

  11. copyright la... hahah ..wat series do u have?

    we exchange =P

  12. Cyril: oo copyright. i only have that one so far, the new one. yg lama ada ugly betty, the nanny, and friends. hehe. u?


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