Sunday, February 5, 2012

Writing does pay ...

Oh hey!

And so, yours truly was debuted in today's New Sarawak Tribune under the column "Blogger Says", a weekly publication of articles written by members of the Sarawak Bloggers.

Thank you Sarawak Bloggers for being so encouraging, supportive, and supercool about this project. And for a little promo: If you're a Sarawakian, and you happened to blog, join the Sarawak Bloggers group, it's a non-profit club. They have a lot of great activities for members, and if you haven't noticed, Sarawak Bloggers is everywhere now and getting famous by the minute! Thanks to Cyril and the gang who co-founded it! Proud to be one of them! If you want to know more about how you can be a part of the project between the New Sarawak Tribune and Sarawak Bloggers, go check out the site.

So it seems like I don't need caffeine today because being picked to start the ball rolling for all other talented bloggers out there is apparently enough to get me superexcited. Hahaha.


YEAY! GOOD JOB COFFEE GIRL! What a way to start the year!

P/s: I think people I know including my siblings, and some others, will be heading this way, so self-censorship is going to be implemented, and it will hurt me more than you. Sigh.


  1. Wow,congrats Coffee Girl & the blog.((:

  2. Keep it up and proud of you ,,,,well done

  3. Congrats my dear fren.....!!!!!!
    kan i dah cakap....... U have the talent lah!!!!
    So, bila ngopi tek to celebrate... Dah femes beb...

  4. Praise The Lord. God's wisdom and strength will always be with you to write. And use the talent He gives you to glorified His name and His Kingdom. Proud of you and keep it up. God bless.

  5. Hi CoffeeGirl, outstanding! I am very impressed what with your lively, infectious humour and your stylish eloquence.
    You have style, young lady!
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  6. i read the article but i did not know it was from you. I did not even know this was the project that Cyril talk about.

    Your article is really really great. i wish i could write like that. :D Keep it up

  7. mr_abs: hi! thanks for following! makseh!

    Eugene: thanks man. :-))

    dadyana: hehe. tq.

    Tia: neylah femes, kedak ya jak. :-) Thanks mama!

    ChanChan: hi! :-) Thank you. Amen! will keep reminding myself that, for a greater good.

  8. hanie: Thank you! =))

    Uncle Lee: Thanks! im nothing like you, you narrate way better. :-) can be story teller already uncle Lee! have a superfun day!

    Ms Tikot: makseh ngek! hehe

    Timothy: Thank you. thats me alright. u dont have to write like me, just write better than me. ;))

  9. Congrats my good frend...ehem ehem..mintak blanja kopi aku tok.

  10. congrats...on the news and the new high!

  11. Willie: boleh je. ko belanja aku kolok mi. :-)

    Dmarie: Hi! thanks for visiting! and thank you. new high is a really good high =)

  12. yey, good job sis!

    ktk nang da talent, ehem2.mek suka english kitak.superbbb! teruskan menaip entry :)

  13. oh my. haha. udah famous udah. haih, how i wish my english is as good as yours :s

  14. hi there..:).. kmk dr sarawak bloggers too..:)

  15. hani apandi: makseh budak kecik. :-) kitak sik update kitak mpun tek?

    mr_abs: eh neyda famous eh. sikda org kenal. ahaha. ur english is good what. =)

    Dea Ameratt: hi! welcome! selamat berkenalan. :-))

  16. yeay!! happy for you. jeles, sabahan xda mcm ni ka. ahaha. kalau ada pun, maybe saya prefer walking all by myself. :)

    btw suda baca. something good to read in early morning haha. i bet msti byk yang berfikir lepas baca artikel tu. VERY well written!

  17. Fina: :-) its nice to know some people like reading my craps, as i call it. Thanks Fina. Kaula start di sabah ba

    Sherrie: Hii! :-) Thanks! do come again.

  18. CoffeeGirl,

    Blom dapat belanja. mereka blom pay us. Muahaha!

  19. new here, hope dun mind...hurmmm i didn't pay to read here :p....well as in return u get a free comment from me...Nice

  20. How much are they paying you? BP pays RM150 an article.

  21. Willie: nunggu jak. :-)

    Stan: hi! :-) of course i dont mind, in fact do come again. free comments is what makes the world go round. lol. thanks!

    suituapui: i have no idea, i havent seen the check. ;-) its strictly swak blogger's mou with new sarawak tribune


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