Thursday, February 23, 2012

Basic Instinct: Drug mules ... casualty or conspirator?

[WARNING: Beware of length and falling asleep in-between reads...]

PRE-NOTE: This is one topic I've always been wanting to write about ... in fact drafted, deleted, re-drafted, but never had the chance to finish due to conflicting feelings on the subject and little or not much information at hand to expand it. So, as usual and without fail, I will just go by my own rationales and opinion to address it since no one can fault an opinion. Can they?

Anyway ...

Talking about survival 101: Is there any faster way to be street-smart without first having to go through hardship? As most of us have found out, there is no easy way to teach a person to be careful if they have not experienced risk in the first place. Right? All those lessons we taught our children are basic stuffs that require more common sense on their part. But if they have been sheltered all their lives, how would they discern danger when they come face to face with it? And sometimes things we tell them to do most certainly contradict one from another.

"Don't talk to strangers," we tell our kids. But in school, in public or when they socialize, they will realise that keeping all to themselves isn't going to get them any friends. Most likely they will be branded a snub. And then when you're an adult, you have to talk to strangers because you will need to network, get information, and how else will you break the ice if you don't? So where is the fine line between what to do and what not to do? Children follow by example and most often than not, they read your actions incorrectly. Ironically, when they grow up, sometimes their rationales do not grow up with them.

Every time I read news of young women being arrested here or abroad for being implicated in a drug smuggling scheme, I asked myself, are they really victims, or are they allies? To think of them as drug mules, the victims, are easier on the conscience especially if you see their faces being flashed in the media. In cases that happens overseas, patriotism usually wins and the public would side with the victims, regardless of whether they were proven guilty or innocent. Yes, if this happens to someone I know or God forbid, to someone I love, I too would be enraged.

But the truth of the situation is, do we really know what transpired? I mean, out of 10 cases that were reported, caught and tried, half is of accomplices, the other half is of truly duped and clueless victims. And these cases usually involved young women. Yes, this is the part that often raises my paranoia another notch. As if we don't already have enough in our plate, ladies.

If, let's say she is an accomplice, then what made her do it, do you think? Was it love? Was it money? Was it extortion? Blackmail? Promise of a better future? Adventure? Desperation? Naivete? Gullibility? Attention deficit? Don't know any better?

But if, let's say she was completely victimised and betrayed, then why was she easily deceived? Accidental? Again, naivete? Gullibility? Don't know any better? Or just plain stupid?

It's so easy to blame the girls who let themselves be used, and who are gullible or naive enough to believe the words of a total stranger, or ones they meet online, or even ones they meet while desperately seeking for attention at a social venue, a bar, a pub, a joint. It could easily have been any of our daughters, our sisters, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors, our relatives.

Last few months back, a few of us were talking to this Special Officer to the Deputy Foreign Minister at one of our function. The friendly and approachable man was telling us about the good and bad of Facebook and of kids being constantly online, and of young girls coming from the rural areas getting the shock of their lives being introduced to suburban lives the quickest way.

The latest report on the young nurse that was caught in Australia, with drugs in her missing boyfriend's luggage? I sort of know her, she was my junior in high school. See how close the circle seems to come around? This, right after one of the Federal Minister warned young ladies to beware of befriending foreigners from certain countries. A little awareness, and still it happens, see?

 Pic courtesy of Cartoonstock.

I don't blame any of them. I just wish they are less vulnerable. Probably too much to hope, but I wish they were born with a strong survival instinct. But then, how can you possibly compare the dangers of real jungle with the dangers of a concrete skyscraping jungle? The predators breed differently. I mean, I am from a sub-rural area. Whatever I know about surviving in the city I picked up as I go along, and usually by trial and error. That doesn't mean you befriend anyone who smiles at you or help you. I hate to say this, but the reality is no one will give you anything for free, and most everyone has ulterior motives.

Many times have I reminded my younger responsibilities that no one will simply give you, example, money without you having to do something in return. Unless he's your father! Even your boyfriend will want something back, and if he doesn't, well he's most of the time lying through his teeth.

So then how do you tell all these to the sheltered girls who look at life in the city with wide-eyed innocence? How do you tell them not to trust anyone, without making your other countrymen look bad? Do we just let the government take the beating for not spreading enough awareness and education, or do we actively take parts in continuing to teach and educate our own loved ones before we send them out to the world? Hey, we cannot forever hold them to ourselves or hide them, sooner or later they will face the world on their own.

Oh well, it is probably not as scary as it may sound, but it is a genuine fear that we must not simply discard.

I am a single white female -- slightly tanned, just to be politically correct -- and quite frankly, is often annoyed  that sometimes people would measure me by my sex, my looks, and my background. Sometimes they demerit my intelligence even before I had the chance to speak... More stupid you.

I learned survival guide the only way I know... by faith in God, by prayers of supplication, and by holding on to my gut instinct that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Walk by faith, not by sight. Hey this goes to all manners of belief, not just mine. True, right? And always listen to your parents even if they give foolish advice sometimes. It just might save you.

Not that I am teaching you not to trust anyone, I am telling you to learn to listen to what your inner feeling says. Unless of course you enter the vice freely and willingly knowing the consequences that will ensue, then go right ahead, you're on your own sister. I cannot stop you, hey, who can? But ... the long arms of the law will get to you someday. And so you have been warned.

Are you not aware of the legal implication? I have yet to read those in details (oh here comes Part 2) but it's either Life or Death, and ironically here they actually mean almost the same thing. In some other countries, it could be worst. Eh, what's worst than death? The way you will die?

Yo. Do I sound like I'm handing out lame advice? Oh well. *shrugs*
POST-NOTE: Ramblings. Dang. I finished it after all! I shall reward myself with a latte after this.


  1. From where I am standing, parents play a role.

    Plenty seen go astray because of poor parenthood, and that just saddens me.

  2. Bravo! Another excellence writing of yours.

    To me, naivety is the main culprit.

  3. some people learn the hard way.. :)

  4. deng!! an excellence "ramblings" hahahah

  5. Good post, girl! Two thumbs up!

    I don't know, but there must be reason those girls do it. All the reasons you stated. Sigh! such a pity.

    Everyone plays important role here, from parents, to teachers, government and society. When there is demand, there is supply. So got to curb those demand and educate people what is good and bad.

  6. Hi Coffee girl, outstanding post! I guess there's always the benefit of the doubt sometimes.
    And there are always people who are so gullible beyond belief.

    I have 2 sons, both boys, at age 14 I made them sit down, face me, and on the table was a big cucumber, and my very sharp Gurkha kukri knife.

    I then unsheathed the long knife and lectured them about drugs, whatever.
    And then my unveiled threat, "the day I hear, know, understand, sniff you touch, try or take drugs..."

    I never concluded that sentence, but raised my kukri and chopped that cucumber so hard, it flew in two directions.
    Both boys turned pale.

    I smoke, but both my son's don't.
    What I called 'reversed psychology'....and I was an absentee father too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Praise The Lord. Walk by faith, not by sight. Keep up the good work, Kopi Girl. God bless you.

  8. Let the court decide their fate. Ahaks!

  9. Cyrildason: yes sad. parenting and family closeness plays a lot of role in building a person's character. it's the basic foundation of everything we will need to learn/know in the world later.

    Tia: Thanks. :-) being naive AND susceptible. sigh...

    Ivynana: ya betul. tiada penghujung yg baik

    Fina: and still some people don't learn.

    Hanie: hehehe thanks! =)

  10. Rose: thanks! =) yep. but when we look back and analyse one by one, in the end its back to the person, because when you're a consenting adult and you're sane, you wont have anyone to blame but yourself. thats the jury's pov.

    AmirFX: dont ever ever do drugs.

    Uncle Lee: oh wow... i can imagine the boys' pale faces. Wow... and now im speechless! But it worked! Good job! You may not always be there for them but i bet when you did, you made the time mattered most of all. Good parenthood, although somewhat unique. but who says kids grow up the same? right? Lol. I hope i dont have to see that Gurkha knife. ahahaa! have a nice day Uncle Lee!

    Chanchan: thank you babe. God bless you too. ;P

    Willie: yep, let the law intervene where humans cannot

  11. They were desperate for money and I pity them all.


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