Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Salesgirls from hell...

Shopping is every girl's dream job but even that could turn into a nightmare. Not quite an opening, but hey, I just came back from a quick browsing at a newly opened small ladies store in town and almost lost my temper at this young unsmiling shopgirl who wouldn't let me be for even 5 seconds. Seemed like there was one creepy salesgirl for every customer.

I declare.

Salesgirls are the second most annoying creatures. They hover like vultures, stalk like a shadow, move like a derby, unsmiling like a statue, and smooth-over everything i've touched while i'm still seconds away. You couldn't wait to do it after I'm gone? Why do they insist on hiring these inexperienced youngsters and don't even bother training them to be a little more professional, if at all, or at least, less invasive? You could be a little helpful by asking if I need help, to which I would say I do not, if I do not, or yes if I do. Not harass me the minute I walk into your store like I'm some kind of a sales commission that you must have by any way possible. I feel violated everytime that happens, and most often than not, I would smile at the girl, walk a little faster and head to the exit. Once in 10 rare occasions when I'm truly annoyed, I would tell the salesgirl in a really diplomatic way to ''either move a bit further away so I can inspect this dress without rush, or you can crowd me all day and none of us will get anything out of it." Only if the girl looks intelligent enough to understand that, that is.

I mean, I understand they're cheap labors. Some work after finishing school, some work in between school, some as a stepping stone, some for the extra money, some are foreign hired helps assigned to help at home, some merely to help out the family business; and therefore you might not feel the need to train them or inject some basic DOs and DONTs when dealing with a potential customer. But if I were you, I would insist upon it because a good customer service goes a long way. 

If theft is part of the reason you feel the need to let your girls hover and stalk, then install a surveillance system, or train the girls to watch out for suspicious looking characters. Although sometimes I don't understand why even with cameras obviously installed in corners of your shops do you let the girls follow in my wake.

There are many shops I stop patronizing altogether because of these painful and embarassing experiences. The many discount stores, the small-time boutiques, shops newly opened... these are the worst. And if you truly want to be pushed and ploughed and ran rough-shod, try the Shampoo/Lotion/Cosmetics section at the supermarkets (Everrise and H&L, to name a few). The ladies stationed there are usually nothing much to look at but I tell you they have the nerve to tell you you are a work in progress and therefore should change your brand to the one they're currently getting commissions from. They will not back down unless you just run away and hide. 

In one separate case, I pusposely touch everything on the shelf of a mini clothes boutique just to see if the girl 5 steps behind me would touch it too as if I had made a mess. It was both funny and ridiculous like I had destroyed everything in my path and she was put there to right them again 5 seconds later. I merely laid a finger. Bodoh.

Ironically, when u need them, they're never around.

At least in bigger shopping malls they don't have people like that. And I go to those hateful places only when I really really have to or have run out of ideas on why I shouldn't.

Sigh. The life of a middle-class shopper.

Note: Shopping tragedies total recall, and I'm not even being dramatic.


  1. Geez I also hate those annoying salesgirls especially those who keep following me around.And the one that keep watching me with a suspicious eyes.They are seriously annoying & I don't mind to walk away from that shop immediately.

  2. I too will usually avoid getting near to the 'ladies' area in H&L and Everise..... Yes, i want my sweet loving time to browse..hehehe

  3. haha..thought i was the only one..now i know im in the middle class shopper as well!XD

  4. setuju sgt2. mcm biasa, kalo jadi mcm tu, blah terus dari situ. x kuasa stay longer.

  5. membara ku baca post ko tok..sungguh emotional...sabar ya buk.

  6. been encountered such cases several times. sometimes i wonder if i look suspicious and moneyless to not even touch & see the product. sigh

  7. Din, I had this same experience with some small-time boutiques, the salesgirl often thought that I was only looking for something cheap hehe..thereafter of course I head for the exit.

  8. Agreed with you that good manners and good customer services go a long way

  9. Hi Coffee Girl, I have never liked anyone tailing me in a store. I will walk out.
    But I guess there will always be stores like the one you experienced.
    Anyway, most probably they under orders by the boss.

    But I do pity them sometimes too, on their feet whole day playing hide and seek with customers.
    Anyway, you just stay easy, have an iced coffee, ha ha.
    Keep a song in your heart and have a nice day.

  10. I feel the 'hate' in this post. Pure genious. Ever thought of filling that form I sent you and submitting this article?

  11. Annoying kan ? tapi dulu saya pergi tanya diorang kenapa ikut belakang. Dan kalau yg lawa tu, saya ajak temankan saya beli brg. Hahaha!

  12. Arlen: ya lor, better go then give them the satisfaction.

    Tia: nobody likes to be rushed right? cuba jak kita polah kedak ya ngannya, boleh sik?

    Fiona: now you know. hahaha. if i had more money, id shop abroad!

    Fina Shophie: Tu lah, rasa nak geram tapi tak boleh nak buat apa, kedai dia bukan kedai kita kan.

    Ivynana: gedung aku sik terbeli aku ku maok tek. nya rugi, aku rugi kejap jak. :-)

    dadyana: that's just it too! apa aku ni muka pencuri kah? tedah jak.

  13. Hamidah: if only they knew how rich you are! rugi sidak juak. haha

    Wan Sharif: a good customer service keeps me coming back. that's all that matters, isnt it?

    Uncle Lee: yeah i know they cud also be under orders to do so, which is why i think the bosses are the one also to blame for this. :-) Its also like invasion of space and privacy.

    Cyrildason: I will! Am on it now! :-) Also thinking of printing a tshirt that says "leave me to browse in peace". Hows dat?

    Nimi: you too? ;-) uncorking.

    Willie: sempat flirt lagi? haha. baguslah. but im a girl, so it wont work with me. and there r no salesboy/shopboy, is there? Lol

  14. Come to Sibu! They're all as you describe...and they can speak only Mandarin! Tsk! Tsk!

  15. Suituapui: i went to Wisma Sanyan as i tot it wud be free from the calamity, apparently not. they're everywhere! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!

  16. Hahaa I've experienced some sales girls before... my trick is, just tell them I'm only looking whenever they open their mouth for the first time. Wakakaa.

    Hello there. Blogwalking here. Nice to meet you. And a happy weekend!

  17. Armstrong: i tried that trick, didnt work. in fact i suspected theyd be even more pissed with u. hahaha. Anyway thanks for visiting. Followed u sudah. Happy Monday!

  18. Haha! I agree! You know which shop I would totally avoid? It's a shop called Ta'ta at Boulevard Shopping Mall. I've only entered once and never entered again because they are literally harassing me (and not to mention a few other customers)! I always buy contact lens at the shop next to it but I'd rather use the longer way to the shop just to avoid passing by that Ta'ta. That's how bad it is! And I can totally relate to your lament. These salesgirls are the reason why we'd rather go to Guardians and bigger shopping malls.

  19. Christine Dior: eh mana menghilang selama ni? ;) never been to Ta'ta, oh maybe i have, i forgot. is it the big one with many black/whites theme as well? i will check it out. Yeah, Guardians, Watson, Parkson. at least no one shadows me. ;-))


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