Thursday, January 19, 2012

A perfect coffee... I mean, wedding moment

You know, I have resigned myself to the fact that I shall never win any national blogger's award in whatever category because I am such an inconsistent writer, and my best writing ensemble comes when I least expected it. Reading all my other blogger friends and acquaintances, I feel like I'm out of their league. Way out. I'm so randomly laid out that sometimes I wonder how other people can be so passionate about just one subject -- like, fashion or food or photography -- while I have to squeeze my overly-populated brains so hard trying to find something worth even writing about.

See, even calling myself by that nickname doesn't quite justify it because I hardly even talk about coffee. But I love it, that does give it something of value, then? From one coffee junkie to another.


There's something to be said about starting the year right! I had the best times of my life during my sister's wedding 2 weeks ago on 2 January 2012. We never thought she would ever get married, you see, and  frankly, the news of her engagement quite took me by stormy delightful surprise. It has been ages since we had a wedding in the family, so of course it was something to look forward to. Let me tell you, a week after the engagement announcement, the single siblings started scouting for dresses. :-)

Flowers ... Get the picture?

I was so excited for my beloved sister that I initially planned to do a solo number during the special presentation, but after being given enough tasks to put me constantly on stage, I decided to stop with the vanity and pull in my two eligible sisters (one older, one younger) to make a trio.We were one of 5 special performances that wedding morning. Funny how not nervous I was to be on stage dedicating a medley of songs to my sister, thank God for my two other siblings. Oh saya punya suara nothing to shout about, at least we sang in perfect harmony. *For family only bebeh*

Turned out that day that I wasn't the planner at all -- the job being taken over by my eldest married sister because she had more time to deal with it than me -- but some other things all in one: the emergency make-up artist, the amateur photographer, one part of a two-person MC, the substitute guitarist for the praise and worship, one of the usherette, the wedding cake mistress, and well, one third of the wedding singers. All in a day's work. Ironically, if I had been the Bridesmaid, I won't be having as much fun fellow-shipping with the guests and the casts and crews and some other good looking fellers.

You know, weddings do leave a sense of utter vulnerability and eagerness in a person, especially a woman. I was so happy throughout the whole event that I forgot about my single state and the whole drama about avoiding a few certain matchmaking aunties. I made enough jokes about myself on stage that I left no more room for anybody else to be more creative than me! And I may have a little story of my own to tell soon, preceding from that awesome event. No, not what you think.

All in all, a perfect coffee wedding moment.

So with that, I leave you to pick the story at your own pace from these personal but exclusive limited photo collections. Might I add, you wont see my face in here everyday moi.

The lovely flowergirls...

The Praise and Worship team ...
 The Wedding Cake ...
Father of the bride all set to give his princess away ...
Sealed it with a kiss...
 The trio wedding singers... =)
The newlyweds...
With this ring I thee wed...


P/s: If you ever need a wedding singer, or someone to add variety to the entertainment... ehem... You know what to do. I mainly play Country.



  1. A great time for family gathering. And I believe the sister band sang well that night. :p

    I plan and done most of the things for my wedding. I even consider being a wedding planner that time. hahaha!

  2. I am worse than anyone else in blogging, always expired on shelves. You are doing better than me.
    The father of the bride looks so young! I thought he was the groom. He pakai Botox, to look young. Lol....

  3. Ktk jak madah cemya.. KMk lebih kurang jak mun blogging time tok.. Kelam kelus jak entry.. Kedak chipsmore.. haha.. Nway, tahniah untuk kakak ktk.. Untuk ktk, happy blogging.. Entry ktk best bagi kmk sebab ada xda lagu K-pop.. haha..

  4. ur blog is special in it's own it that way,mcm2 citer ade!n!!!!

  5. wah..semangat na rupa wedding singers ya eh ;)

  6. ur blog is great....hmm congrats to your sister. now am waiting to say congrats to you too. hehehe

  7. congratulation to your sister & your family & to you :)

  8. Aha! never feel bad about your blog. My blog pun takda kategori yg tertentu. i just write what i feel like writing. Janji sendiri suka. Tak perlu nak mengampu pembaca. hahah!

    so....kakak already kahwin and you are still finding excuses from your aunties huh? interesting. Are u attending SIB church?

    Your voice must be good...

    p/s: baru kali ni i see byk photos in ur blog

  9. pasangan ideal....kenak flowergirls ya muram..kontrol ayu ka

  10. Rose: ultimately the bride will want everything to go according to her taste so naturally she must do a lot of prior planning. :-) thanks for the heads up!

    Twilight Man: hahaha thanks on behalf of my dad. :-) He just age gracefully and the hair never touch dyes. :-)

    AmirFx: Lagu kpop indah.. hahah. Ma'seh. And rasanya kitak lagi deras berblog dr kamek ko. Anyway thanks for keep coming back. =)

    SayaTakTipu: :-)) thank you. tu la pasal, takde identiti sebab macam2 ada. tapi teruskan je lah kan

    Ivynana: hahaha tengah kusyuk kedak Carrie Underwoods. ikut gaya artist bah hehe

  11. Timothy: Thanks. eh how come i cannot leave comments on yours? anyway, mine is ... when i pun tak tau. =)

    Tia: Nang jak ok. *pakai nyedap hati dikpun*. thanks Mama

    Boan: Thanks for the wishes! =)) Datangla lagi. :-)

    Willie: Yes attending SIB Church. :-) ur familiar with it? And thanks for the wishes. Yalah agik mok lari dr aunties yg suka interrogate sik abis2, kalah CSI. Eh, ada sigek entry ya pun banyak pics, you tak perasan kot.

    Yumida: Flowergirls tengah kepak. hahaha aku ambik pose yg diorang tengah relax. hehe

  12. Willie: ya la Willie. Eh, how much do you charge let's say, as my wedding photographer some day? hehe


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