Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hold it right there ...

Yes yes, I know it's the New Year and I'm supposed to jump-start myself with a new goal to be an active blogger...

But well, you know what holiday does to you... makes you LAZIER!

And so I will update once I'm back to work this coming Monday... I have so much to write about! My sister's New Year wedding, my newfound trust in myself, the you-can-break-my-heart-but-you-cant-break-my-spirit touchy feely episode, wardrobe makeover, and some other nice stuffs...

Be right back! Don't go away!



  1. Ivynana: Sabar... gik kemalasan tahap Hercules tok. haha

  2. Why is it I can not open your posting at my workplace?

  3. hari selasa sudah kak.. heheheh...

  4. Willie: coming right up... *yawn*

    Wan Shariff: hmm i donno, does it say '18SX'? no? :-))

    Amni: hehehe ya kan? tunggu Rabu pulak

  5. Happy belated New Years may the rest of the year be great !! :D I know I am extremely late haha sorry for that :) And congrats on your first year! I am actually going to head on over to my blog and shut it down :S But it's a good thing I don't think I was ready to be the active blogger I wanted to be ;)
    Well have a great 2012 and I will definitely keep reading your blog.

  6. Mimi: Same to you! ur not late, it's still January. :-) too bad ur shutting down the blog, why not just linger around? u might change ur mind.


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