Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coffee Girl is 1 year today...

See? I purposely waited until today to update because it so happened that it is me blog 1st Year Anniversary today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COFFEE GIRL!

Technically, I moved to this blog after the one I opened was shut down by Google for what reason until today they didn't tell me, except that I couldn't access all my previous (and some of the best) posts and it was gone. Contrary to the prior blogs in which I initiated the termination, the last one was actually terminated without my permission. But... let's not dwell on that.

So one year ago today, I started another blog and renamed it thus, and my first entry was one year ago today. Eh, I'm beginning to sound repititious.

Anyway, before I make another entry about the things I promised to write about, just let me take a moment to wish myself


(to be continued)...


  1. Happy Anniversary CG!!! Congrats for pass through your Year 1 blogging... Now enter the Year 2... more stories to share ..perhaps.. Keep it up girl!!

  2. Horeahhh!! Happy anniversary Coffee Girl's blog.. Keep it up.. Best2 juak entry polah ktk.. Dapat k kmk training English juak... hihi.. :D

  3. Happy Anniversary... Wow! Just a year! I would think you've been at it for years. Great blog, keep up the good work.

  4. Rose: thank you Rose! more stories, more pictures of me too! haha makin berani sudah

    AmirFX: makseh deng. :-) nang kei training ground dikpun juak. thanks for being around too!

    suituapui: This blog has turned a year, but me as a blogger has been for +/- like 5 years or more? none of the blogs ever actually reach 1 year before it was either deactivated, deleted, or moved to another host. so im glad this one made it!

  5. Hey,keep it up ya,don't ever free pressure to blog,it is about our passion for sharing and writing,may be the hone our writing skill.

    It has been great to have known you here and thank you for all the visits you've paid to my blog,really appreciate it.

    I really hope your blog and mine will stand the test of time,hahahah.

    you known it is my 4th year in blogging,used to get hate comments in my blog initially but thank god,I survived,may be those guys now know that I am sincere in sharing and there is no way to "kacau" me hahahaha..keep blogging ya, and I will keep coming/take care and god bless

  6. Happy Anniversary! ^^v Going to see more of me here :D

  7. Happy anniversary and well done!!!!

  8. Hepi besday to your blog... coffee girl ;-)

  9. Eugene: thanks, 1 year baby already can run right? it's been great knowing ur thru ur writings too. uve been actively writing sometimes i lose track of the entries! a good sign, that. thank you for being around. :-)

    Ivynana: Thank you. :-)

    Jobless Girl: thank you! :-)

    Daniel Chiam: Thank you! do come visit again. ;P

    Tia: thanks Mama! :))

    Ms Tikot: makseh ngek! :-)

  10. happy bday CG.1 year huh!!me baru 5 days.so gonna be a member n read ur blog after this..cam best jer!

  11. Jobless Girl & Saya Tak Tipu: thank you for visiting. :-) datang la lagi. And thanks for the wish!

  12. Happy blogging ah & keep blogging.;)

  13. Happppyyyyyyy Birthday CF! I'll keep updating with more of your interesting & hot stories! Rajin2 blog ya (me pemalas gilak, blogwalking jak la). ;p

  14. happy anniversary CG..

    thanks for visit me last time, and i'd already link u..follow me too.. tq

  15. Hi Coffee Girl, well done, and congratulations.....
    looking forward to many more years of you as usual very lively thoughts, and humour.
    Have fun, and keep a song in your heart.

  16. happy anniversary!! Love this blog a lot :] i'm a coffee junkie haha
    please follow back? :]
    if not, it's ok.

  17. Happy birthday! Happy anniversary baby!! Mmoooaahhhhszz! ;)

  18. hehee.. sorry lambat wish. Keep up with the coffee brewing ya? :D

  19. Arlen: Thanks! will definitely do.

    Dadyana: Makseh! :-) makin rajin lepas tok. hehe

    mrshim: thanks for the wishes, followed u too. :-) do come back!

    Uncle Lee: ur one of my inspiration, esp about romance. ;P of coz i'll stick around. thanks!

    HeyJude: Hey thanks for visiting! from one coffee junkie to another. and followed u back! ;-) do come back again!

    Ida: Makseh mem. oh will definitely, a bit slow, but will brew it as black as ever!

  20. Congrats, and what more when goin in this blog i hear one of my all time fav songs.

    "You and me" by Lifehouse...

    Somehow, I feel we have the same taste in music =)

  21. Cyril: Great minds think alike, and they definitely have the same taste in music. =)) and thanks!

  22. Happy Anniversary to your blog!!!! Cheers with coffee!

  23. Twilight Man: Thanks! Have some on me!


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