Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Silk stalking ...

Chance meeting at a coffee break, about a few weeks ago.

* * * *
"Sit ma'am, sit here," the bespectacled stranger in the black jacket motioned with his hand for me to take a chair next to him at the refreshment table. "I noticed you since this morning. Yes, that look in your eyes, it drew me," he explained. Who is this stranger? I thought. The whole conference hall housed at least 300 other patrons right then, so explain how a mere slip of a girl like me could just draw a person with her eyes. Come to think of it, I had felt a strong sensation of being watched because my shoulder blade was constantly itching.

Nevertheless, not to be rude, I sat down and looked at him expectantly. What other bizarre things would he say now?

"I'm Simon, you never heard of me, but I have heard of your father. And I didn't expect to see his daughter here, although I do apologize I might sound like a stalker. But with your surname and the area you registered you were from, I supposed there is only one person by that name there, and you must be closely related to him," he smiled, showing perfect teeth and looking at me with that eyes that quite rightly looked like they must have seen everything. "Are you?" He asked. I blinked. "His daughter?" He rephrased.

I blinked some more. "Yes, yes. Like you said, there is only one person by that name there, so yes I am," I reaffirmed his words, and sat straight to at least give the impression that I wasn't as startled as I must have sounded. He smiled that knowing smile. Perceptiveness, hmm.

"Forgive me, but I am very concerned," he started. OK. "I see trouble in your eyes," he said slowly as if looking for the right words to express himself without confusing me more. And merely gazed into my eyes. Some men have been known to use that trick, but there was something about him that was strangely familiar. He looked intelligent -- but let's not get ahead of ourselves -- for someone that looked to be in his late twenties. And  I must be doing more blinking in the space of 5 minutes than I did my entire life because all I did was stare at him and motioned with my eyes for him to go on and tell me more.

"I don't really know who you are but you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve like that," he spoke as if to a child. Wait a minute. What? "Tell me what's bothering you."

"Excuse me Sir, but why do you presume there's something bothering me?" I asked, slowly and warily, at the same time maintaining the eye contact. "You don't really know me, and as for knowing you... well, even if I am whatever you say just now, why would I tell you?" There. Putting on a smile that didn't quite feel convincing, but defiance was the only armor I have then. But damn it, he piqued my curiosity already..

He slowly raised his head, gave me a one-over and just when I thought he was going to give me another one of his all-knowing smiles, he slapped his hands on his knees and leaned back. 

"You're single?"


"Are you seeing anybody?"

"What? What has that got to do with anything? What's my father got to do with this?"

"Oh. you are single and not seeing anybody! Just my blessed luck. So that's where the troubled looks come from." Leaned back and smiled and gazed.

"Mr. Simon..." With a warning tone.

"Are you always so defensive?"

"Are you always so invasive?"

"Ditto. My apology miss. I was merely curious. Do you want to have coffee sometimes?"

"We're having coffee now."

"I mean as in away from this scene, like in a coffee date. I know you like coffee."

"How do you know that? Maybe I like tea."

"Nah, you look like a coffee person. Besides I read your blog."

"Oh.... you do? How?"

"You're listed, right? Don't worry, I'm not usually like this. I could continue to watch from a distance and I could be wrong." Laughed softly. "It's all a big coincidence and I saw you there and I just kind of know it's you."

"Oook. Where did you say you come from again?"

"I didn't." Smiled. "I must insist we carry on this conversation outside of this boring conference here. Another 5 minutes break. What do you say, Miss Coffee Girl?"

"Give me one good reason why I must accept a coffee invitation from someone who could be a potential stalker, who might I add, is practically a random stranger who knows my dad! How strange and yet irrelevant is that?"

"You are an intriguing woman with a wonderful sense of humor, sarcastic at just the right tone, and something about that brain of yours that calls to me like a song. Like you're speaking some of my thoughts and while I failed at putting them in words, you succeeded quite unexpectedly. Come on, don't let me tell you all now. I need some ammunition for confronting a possible mirror of myself." Smiled widely. "Do it for the coffee."

"Mirror huh? For a complete stranger, you do know how to choose your words. Flattered. Very. Ok, I accept then."

"Great. Shall we go right after the final sessions?"

"Afraid I'll change my mind?"

"I know you wont. Coffee lovers take their words seriously."

"Hmm... you're right." That's the most subtle form of blackmail ever used on me.

"Wait... and that little info about my dad?"

"Coincidentally, I do know him. Sorry, but he really makes a good pickup line, isnt he?" Laughed at himself.

"I'll let him know."

* * * *
Scored 6 for derailing on random topics.
Scored 7 for originality.
Scored 8 for stealth stalking method.
Scored 9 for brilliant show of chivalry.
Scored 10 for using dad. Almost didn't see that coming.

And he reads my blog! Extra points.

Oh let's just leave the episode at that, shall we? So hey, you, if you're reading this, thanks for the coffee. And the permission to recount it. Use my dad's name in vain again and I will personally bring you to see him. Haha.

On another note, anybody else stalking me out there? Come out in the open, buy me coffee and who knows I could make an entry about you too.

Note: Name has been changed to protect identity.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Salesgirls from hell...

Shopping is every girl's dream job but even that could turn into a nightmare. Not quite an opening, but hey, I just came back from a quick browsing at a newly opened small ladies store in town and almost lost my temper at this young unsmiling shopgirl who wouldn't let me be for even 5 seconds. Seemed like there was one creepy salesgirl for every customer.

I declare.

Salesgirls are the second most annoying creatures. They hover like vultures, stalk like a shadow, move like a derby, unsmiling like a statue, and smooth-over everything i've touched while i'm still seconds away. You couldn't wait to do it after I'm gone? Why do they insist on hiring these inexperienced youngsters and don't even bother training them to be a little more professional, if at all, or at least, less invasive? You could be a little helpful by asking if I need help, to which I would say I do not, if I do not, or yes if I do. Not harass me the minute I walk into your store like I'm some kind of a sales commission that you must have by any way possible. I feel violated everytime that happens, and most often than not, I would smile at the girl, walk a little faster and head to the exit. Once in 10 rare occasions when I'm truly annoyed, I would tell the salesgirl in a really diplomatic way to ''either move a bit further away so I can inspect this dress without rush, or you can crowd me all day and none of us will get anything out of it." Only if the girl looks intelligent enough to understand that, that is.

I mean, I understand they're cheap labors. Some work after finishing school, some work in between school, some as a stepping stone, some for the extra money, some are foreign hired helps assigned to help at home, some merely to help out the family business; and therefore you might not feel the need to train them or inject some basic DOs and DONTs when dealing with a potential customer. But if I were you, I would insist upon it because a good customer service goes a long way. 

If theft is part of the reason you feel the need to let your girls hover and stalk, then install a surveillance system, or train the girls to watch out for suspicious looking characters. Although sometimes I don't understand why even with cameras obviously installed in corners of your shops do you let the girls follow in my wake.

There are many shops I stop patronizing altogether because of these painful and embarassing experiences. The many discount stores, the small-time boutiques, shops newly opened... these are the worst. And if you truly want to be pushed and ploughed and ran rough-shod, try the Shampoo/Lotion/Cosmetics section at the supermarkets (Everrise and H&L, to name a few). The ladies stationed there are usually nothing much to look at but I tell you they have the nerve to tell you you are a work in progress and therefore should change your brand to the one they're currently getting commissions from. They will not back down unless you just run away and hide. 

In one separate case, I pusposely touch everything on the shelf of a mini clothes boutique just to see if the girl 5 steps behind me would touch it too as if I had made a mess. It was both funny and ridiculous like I had destroyed everything in my path and she was put there to right them again 5 seconds later. I merely laid a finger. Bodoh.

Ironically, when u need them, they're never around.

At least in bigger shopping malls they don't have people like that. And I go to those hateful places only when I really really have to or have run out of ideas on why I shouldn't.

Sigh. The life of a middle-class shopper.

Note: Shopping tragedies total recall, and I'm not even being dramatic.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A perfect coffee... I mean, wedding moment

You know, I have resigned myself to the fact that I shall never win any national blogger's award in whatever category because I am such an inconsistent writer, and my best writing ensemble comes when I least expected it. Reading all my other blogger friends and acquaintances, I feel like I'm out of their league. Way out. I'm so randomly laid out that sometimes I wonder how other people can be so passionate about just one subject -- like, fashion or food or photography -- while I have to squeeze my overly-populated brains so hard trying to find something worth even writing about.

See, even calling myself by that nickname doesn't quite justify it because I hardly even talk about coffee. But I love it, that does give it something of value, then? From one coffee junkie to another.


There's something to be said about starting the year right! I had the best times of my life during my sister's wedding 2 weeks ago on 2 January 2012. We never thought she would ever get married, you see, and  frankly, the news of her engagement quite took me by stormy delightful surprise. It has been ages since we had a wedding in the family, so of course it was something to look forward to. Let me tell you, a week after the engagement announcement, the single siblings started scouting for dresses. :-)

Flowers ... Get the picture?

I was so excited for my beloved sister that I initially planned to do a solo number during the special presentation, but after being given enough tasks to put me constantly on stage, I decided to stop with the vanity and pull in my two eligible sisters (one older, one younger) to make a trio.We were one of 5 special performances that wedding morning. Funny how not nervous I was to be on stage dedicating a medley of songs to my sister, thank God for my two other siblings. Oh saya punya suara nothing to shout about, at least we sang in perfect harmony. *For family only bebeh*

Turned out that day that I wasn't the planner at all -- the job being taken over by my eldest married sister because she had more time to deal with it than me -- but some other things all in one: the emergency make-up artist, the amateur photographer, one part of a two-person MC, the substitute guitarist for the praise and worship, one of the usherette, the wedding cake mistress, and well, one third of the wedding singers. All in a day's work. Ironically, if I had been the Bridesmaid, I won't be having as much fun fellow-shipping with the guests and the casts and crews and some other good looking fellers.

You know, weddings do leave a sense of utter vulnerability and eagerness in a person, especially a woman. I was so happy throughout the whole event that I forgot about my single state and the whole drama about avoiding a few certain matchmaking aunties. I made enough jokes about myself on stage that I left no more room for anybody else to be more creative than me! And I may have a little story of my own to tell soon, preceding from that awesome event. No, not what you think.

All in all, a perfect coffee wedding moment.

So with that, I leave you to pick the story at your own pace from these personal but exclusive limited photo collections. Might I add, you wont see my face in here everyday moi.

The lovely flowergirls...

The Praise and Worship team ...
 The Wedding Cake ...
Father of the bride all set to give his princess away ...
Sealed it with a kiss...
 The trio wedding singers... =)
The newlyweds...
With this ring I thee wed...


P/s: If you ever need a wedding singer, or someone to add variety to the entertainment... ehem... You know what to do. I mainly play Country.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coffee Girl is 1 year today...

See? I purposely waited until today to update because it so happened that it is me blog 1st Year Anniversary today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COFFEE GIRL!

Technically, I moved to this blog after the one I opened was shut down by Google for what reason until today they didn't tell me, except that I couldn't access all my previous (and some of the best) posts and it was gone. Contrary to the prior blogs in which I initiated the termination, the last one was actually terminated without my permission. But... let's not dwell on that.

So one year ago today, I started another blog and renamed it thus, and my first entry was one year ago today. Eh, I'm beginning to sound repititious.

Anyway, before I make another entry about the things I promised to write about, just let me take a moment to wish myself


(to be continued)...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hold it right there ...

Yes yes, I know it's the New Year and I'm supposed to jump-start myself with a new goal to be an active blogger...

But well, you know what holiday does to you... makes you LAZIER!

And so I will update once I'm back to work this coming Monday... I have so much to write about! My sister's New Year wedding, my newfound trust in myself, the you-can-break-my-heart-but-you-cant-break-my-spirit touchy feely episode, wardrobe makeover, and some other nice stuffs...

Be right back! Don't go away!