Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013 coffee and love best wishes...

Going to see booms and bangs and pretty fireworks light up the sky in few hours. Hopefully while sipping a cup of hot coffee holding a warm hand in a not-crowded coffee place. It's tradition -- the fireworks part.

I shall get straight to business of writing this post, before I lose all ideas and time, which is to recount every significant (and significant enough) events of my life milestone in 2012.

One word: AMAZING.

Here's a RECAP of my journey -- all the awesome, the troublesome, the strange and the expected of all things happening.

1. Sang at my sister's wedding early in the year. The most calm I've ever been on stage with my guitar singing to anyone.
2. Been featured a few times under Sarawak Blog joint-project with New Sarawak Tribune. Flattered as hell to be read by some people out there cause I know there are many better writers out there.
3. Always wondered how it would feel like to meet in real life all the fellow bloggers that you've followed or who've followed you. Amazing feeling, that. Crossing that thin line between virtual and the real world, and know they still follow you after knowing who you are.
4. Fell in love with a fellow blogger. Unexpected, that. Miracles do happen, yes?
5. Been traveling a lot. A new place, a new experience everyday. And that constant feeling of always wanting to go home sooner vs those times when I actually looked forward to going away.
6. A year has passed since I've moved to my new home. My first property!
7. Paid my credit card debts, paid my car in full, and settled my personal loans. Now I live with only one fully-paid active credit card, and I can finally tell all those creditors to get off my back for a while.
8. Bought a smartphone with touchscreen just for the camera, against my better judgement. Absolutely best decision i've made so far.
9. Climbed Mount Kinabalu for the first time! Caught the most awesome sunrise from the peak.
10. Started a tweetup account, and although it isn's much of an achievement, it opened a few doors for me, and got me a few new and good friends too. Even attended and helped out (with minimal and backstage participation) in TwtUpKch2012, for the first time.
11. My wardrobe has never seen too many dresses! It's a year when Coffee Girl turns into more of a lady and less of a tomboy. 
12. It has been an awesome year financially too, I must say, careerwise. 

I had a few more good ones, but I cant seem to recall them right now. But that's alright now, didn't we almost have it all?

So before the year ends in another 2 hours, Coffee Girl would like to apologize for being less and less around in the blogging world. And for sometimes writing inarticulately and crapping a lot when she ran out of ideas. Thank you for reading me, following me, and didn't think less of me everytime anyway even after meeting me.

Meantime, here's me wishing you all a grand, blessed, prosperous, happening and awesome NEW YEAR 2013 ahead! Have yourself a cuppa for good luck.

I see you next year.

Coffee Girl

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The birthday cum Christmas post ...

Ignore the lame title. 

But hey, since the world didn't end when it was so called supposedly so, and since it's my blog, and forgetting the fact that this is only the second post for December, allow me to take a few minutes and a few lines to wish myself a happy birthday anniversary. 

Ok, lame again.

Here celebrating ze besday at Tony Roma's with the best ribeye steak this side of the universe. Coffee Girl (the person behind the name, not the blog) is a year older yesterday on 22.12.12. Apparently the world didn't end, so ...

 The birthday dinner...

The point is I'm right now struggling to post an entry using my SGS3 for the first time and I can't deny how annoyed I am with touchscreens. But that's my problem, not the phone's.

Anyway before i lose all patience and sweetness, to all those celebrating the Yultide, here's wishing you all:

A happy merry blessed Christmas! 

 Behind one of the biggest snow birdcage ...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Food Review: Candlelight Dinner at The Peak, Pullman

I know, I know, this is an overdue post. But I'm still on time, I hope. Been preoccupied with running both career (or job) and own life simultaneously.

But hey, Christmas is coming! And if you're looking for a venue to hold that once-a-year Christmas family dinner or business talk over Christmas food, this offer is still valid.

Anyway, I had the privilege to attend this small gathering of media for a food review at The Peak, Pullman Hotel. The whole idea of dining by candlelight does make a girl feel a little romantic, most especially if you're on the 22nd Floor, overlooking the whole of Kuching City, with someone you cherish. :-) Nice feeling huh? and we're not even talking about the food yet!
The view at night is mesmerizing from The Peak, Pullman. Kuching is all bright lights beautiful after 7pm. How anyone could leave a city this breathtaking, for some other place away from home, is beyond me.
Anyway, the Christmas dinner was brisk, straightforward, and sweet. And I'm not just talking about the memory. Appetizers, desserts, main courses were all enticingly sugary I could easily develop a sweet tooth if I didn't have one already. I mean, look at this lovely candy confectionarised house, it's like a scene from the North Pole!
And the lovely chocolaty eclairs Christmas tree! Oh they're real eclairs, not just for decorations, so careful picking each one or you might bring down the tree. Ho ho ho.
Somehow nobody warned me how sweet these colourful array of macaroons could be, that I put a bunch in my plate but didn't finish half of them. This could go well with sugarless tea, but then I'm more of a coffee person...
Marshmallow candies anyone? Get a bunch of these for giveaways during Christmas Day open house, not a bad idea, hey?
And, the traditional sugary butter muffins. Now this would be perfect with coffee.
And for the main course -- a beautifully roasted turkey! Now, if you don't already know, I don't exactly have a good experience with turkey meat. But this one were surprisingly pretty nice ... tender, moist, and not blanch at all, as I had initially thought. Served with black pepper sauce with sweet stuffings and garnish on the side, it was without a doubt, the one and only time I enjoyed eating a roast turkey. Talk about! The only problem with it was it was too small for the bunch of us! Ha ha ha.
I think I pretty much mixed the appetizers with the desserts, but no matter. They could serve as both. Like this sweet rolls er... logs. I stuffed a few pieces of these babies in one go. They were that irresitible.
And what's a night without coffee, right? For that after-effect moment. The perfect closure to a good dinner.
The Christmast Eve and New Year's Eve Candlelight Dinner is priced at RM200++ per person. The view and the dining experience is expected to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones, that is, if you're as romantic as me. :-) There will also be unlimited serving of wines, chilled juices, sodas and hot beverage... although we weren't so lucky that night. Sigh...

For reservations and enquiries, drop by at Pullman’s Kuching festive desk today, or call +6 (0) 82 222 888 or email to


P/s: I'll be back with more updates soon people! Sorry I've been remiss, yet again. I know, I miss you guys too. :p

Monday, November 19, 2012

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect ... Aca-awesomeness

Had waited with hyped up anticipation for this movie since IMDB released the trailer last year. Anticipation fully justified. Haven't had this much fun since Sisters Act and Hairspray. I supposed it won't be fair to compare it with Glee, but then with the amount of voice matching, synchronised singing, and harmonious movement going on, it's inevitable not to.

"Making music with your mouth" aka A Cappella  is what Pitch Perfect is all about. Heyyyy!

Google pic

I bet you didn't know Anna Kendrick could sing, did you? She was actually nominated for Broadway's 1998 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Musical) for "High Society." She was the second youngest nominee in Tony history. Ok I Googled that part up, but the most important point is, she wasn't just a cute face who featured as Bella's first friendly-face classmate in Twilight. She is now in her best lead role ever and what better way to feature that vocal gift than to flaunt it on stage with one of the most colorful cast ensemble?

Google pic: Anna Kendrick now, a far cry from Twilight...

Here's how the story goes: Beca (Anna Kendrick), a seemingly rebellious but quiet teen, is forced to go to college where her father is the resident academician, despite her dream of becoming a radio DJ. By choice, her initial journey into college-hood wasn't smooth sailing, she didn't make any friends, in fact her roommate practically ignored her.

She accidentally joined an all-girls a capella group called The Bellas, after her vocal talent was discovered in the shower by senior Chloe (Brittany Snow). Coincidentally the song they were harmoniously singing to was Titanium by David Guetta, my all time one-hit favourite. Fire away fire away...

Anyway, The Bellas were determined to dethrone reigning champion all-boys The Treble Makers in an international competition, but first they have to win (or get at least second placing) the regional and the national to get to the international. With the juniors joining in as part of their college curricular activities, senior Bellas led by the controlling Aubrey and the supportive Chloe, quickly gather a group of unconventional but gifted bunch of girls (of all shapes and sizes and sexual orientation).

 Google pic: Signing up with the Bellas

Then there were the series of chemistry pull between Beca and the leading actor Jesse (Skylar Astin) which was seriously sweet to watch, and the series of unspoken anger aimed at her dad, and also the unhidden hostility between Beca and her Korean roomate. But then, this is Hollywood, you don't get pegged down for pulling a racist remark now and then.
Aside from Anna Kendrick who shines in her first few leading role, the other person to watch is Australian Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy, a confident alto singer who loathes cardio workouts. I didnt know she could sing too until I checked out her bio! She is both comical and natural, and carries a total couldnt-care-less attitude. Watch out for her witty one-liners, sugar coated sarcasm, and cute dramatic approach to everything. Ooo I love her!
Google pic: Fat Amy and Aubrey rehearsing the pout...

Remember her in Ghost Rider -- the gothic punk girl who witnessed the first soul-drenching drama and lived to tell the media?

 Google Pic: Remember this awkward pose? Ha ha ha.

The Treble Makers were actually the perfect match for the girls. There were some really good songs and hair-raising male pitch with the bass landing. At some point, I kept asking myself, did the High School Musical boys grew up and went to Barden University?

Google pic: The Treble Makers ... 

Check out the girls' version for rehearsal number, by Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are. It was perfect. But then again, what isn't? Gave me goose bumps.

Pitch Perfect may not have the best storyline ever -- in fact, you could conclude it as another rebel teen vs college drama -- but they definitely score the highest where music arrangement and voice pitch are concerned. And even though the plot sometimes might be a little predictable if not non-existent, I totally enjoyed the whole ride. Aca-Totally.

Go catch Pitch Perfect in cinemas closest to you today. Bring a date, you won't regret it.

Fire away! Fire away!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November ...

Don't know how it happened, but November is here now and there's nothing to do about it but accept the brutal truth. Real soon it too will pass and then year end looms.

If anyone were to ask what were achieved so far, the answer would be pretty much a lot, and then some. Emotional level is currently on a high. Career level? Just had a lump of good news being dumped on the unsuspecting happy us. Social level? Not so bad. Spiritual? O Father in Heaven, search this humble stubborn heart.

Irregardless, still loves coffee but has been reducing the intake due to conflict of taste. Cant name one-self Coffee Girl if the namesake is slowly being converted to tea lover as well, now can she? One must always be true to one's heart, even if one drinks all sorts of coffee at all sorts of cafe without being partial while the partner only drinks a certain brand.

But it is rainy season. And I did get this short Venti coffee mug as consolation. So me no complain. For someone who claims he doesn't drink coffee, he sure does know his way around Starbucks waaaaaaay better than I do. And that's a good thing too.

Like I said, am not partial when it comes to coffee. Besides, the more run down the cafe, the better the coffee. How can anyone compete with experience right?


One more to go and I'd have to make another entry on the yearly appraisal. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chilling out at Bites, Batik Boutique Hotel

How do people just make something out of scratch? I've always wondered about the philosophy of creating something out of nothing... Especially when it comes to food. And especially when it turns out to be spectacularly gratifying.

But try this: Most of the dish served at Bites by the Batik is made from scratch, or so the manager cum spokesperson Jolene kept claiming.

I didn't believe her until I was served their mushroom soup, well, for starter anyway. It looked real pretty sitting there, but a dunk of garlic bread later, and the whole bowl completely disappeared. Honestly, it tasted different, yummy edible, but different all the same. So that's how a soup made from scratch tasted like.

Next came the main dish... beef burger served with grilled wedges. The patty was thick, scrumptous, and done to perfection. Topped that with cheese, pickle and lettuce, and you got something much much more elegant  than your average street burger.

And washed all those down with a glass of resfreshing Strength of Tarot - Mint and Lemon. I could almost still taste the minty flavor, not too overpowering, not too weak. Sublime.

My neighbour cum partner had this,  lamb burger. Oh gad seriously... all these patties are thick! Tempting evil! Topped with something that looks like goat cheese (I think lah, or not) and beetroot pickle and lettuce, and served with grilled wedges. Didn't have a chance to try it, maybe next time baby?

My other neighbour, a vegetarian, had this: grilled vege salad. It has in it, lemme see, lettuce, tomato, pickled olive, brinjal, capsicum, and some cheese (that again, looks like goat cheese). It looks sizeably healthy, but since I'm not much of a salad person, I'll pass.
And for dessert... here's a little adventure time! An unconventional mooncake-pudding naughtily called Oriental Mooncake Jelly 5. The reason for the '5' (i happily assumed) is probably due to this exotic little thing being infused with tuak (rice wine) and wolfberries. *hic*

And dinner practically concluded at a reasonable price, if I say so myself. So if you ever crave a mean burger in Kuching, drop by Bites at Batik Boutique Hotel. You can't miss the place, the exterior looks exotic, tasteful, and strikingly remarkable. Batik.

It's a lovely place to chill out after work, to grab a quiet dinner with your loved one, or simply to have some private meetups or discussion. And so thank you Sarawak Bloggers for the opportunity to discover another chic sexy place to eat out.

Operating hours: Opens daily, from breakfast through dinner.
Address: Lot 38 Jalan Padungan, Kuching. (Right across the road from Tun Jugah Mall)
Tel: 082-422845

Monday, October 22, 2012

Add to cart Monday ...

Hate Mondays? I know a quick remedy. Come, accompany me to the online malls.

I mean, how could you resist signs that say 'Free shipping', '50% off online sales', 'Weekend Deals Specials', 'Privileged Shopper Deals', 'Buy 2 get 1 on the house'... etc?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up spending nearly RM100 online on a Monday morning. Very therapeutic, even if the item on sales is probably one that you gamble your body-size on upon a successful transaction. No matter.

Now you try. I know you some of you are having your pay-day today... Ha ha ha. What are you waiting for?


Ok ... now continue work!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania

Ok now, for some easy digestion. No reading between the lines needed. I was going to write about this last week after I watched it but then stuffs get in the way. So anyway ... 

Note: Fans of animation shall not compare this with Ice Age or Madagascar because it is in a class of its own. And luckily it didn't premier at the same time either, so phew. 

My verdict: Ha ha ha! Good one there! Good one! Say what? Aha ha ha. Almost missed that. Damn, that was fast!

I haven't had a good laugh watching animated movie since well... Ice Age or Madagascar. The former two were amusing and fun in a straightforward way, but this is hilarious in a parody sort of way. The amount of sarcasm in this movie is just the right dose. You think you know your bloodsucking tall legends and myths? This movie effectively screwed Edward Cullen + Bella team double time over. No offense, but seriously, at some points, you do feel like you wanna slap the both of them, don't you?

Shall I give you a brief review? I shall spoil it for you! : Hotel Transylvania is about a kid she-vamp daughter of Dracula, being raised by a very protective single dad that he would go to any length to  keep her away from mankind. So he created this humongous mansion somewhere in the world called Hotel Transylvania -- well basically for a teenager, it's more of like a luxurious prison -- so he can keep an eye on her all the time. Her friends would be all kinds of monsters you read or watched in movies of the kind: Frankenstein, Big Foot, Werewolves, Critters, ... I even saw those cute ugly ones from Monsters Inc... ? You try watch see if you note any of them.

Get a load of this puppy-dog-eyed cuteness!

Over-protective you say? Well you know, sometimes I wonder if this vampire thing concept is similar to the Tarantula where the scientist will tell you that those deadly spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them and will only attack upon being threatened. I don't know for sure, I think perhaps my bat-instinct has been badly screwed up after watching Twilight, The Underworld, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire Assistant, True Blood, and Fright Night. I don't know who's more confused, everybody else or just me...

Anyway, one day an adventurous human-boy walked in on them in the middle of a party, lost and unsuspecting, and WHAM! Her whole life changed! And this is where you go to the nearest cinema and watch it yourself. Okay?

There's a whole lot of conspiracy in here, mainly to defunct the vampire theory. It's pretty much one good line after another and sometimes, if you don't listen hard enough, you'll miss it. Oh don't be  too hard on yourself, this movie is actually fun, if I say so myself. I was prepared to be bored sick and sleepy, but then, Dracula happened!

Moral of the story: Your zing will come, cherish it.

Oh, and my favourite line:

"A wooden stake to the heart? Who wouldn't die from that?" Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balancing life ...

[In deep thoughts...]

Hey there.

This calls for a coffee moment because office hours just about done and I am finally a little bit free now. Yay. It has been a crazy few weeks and I haven't been updating much, if you noticed. Not really experiencing some kind of mental block because I do have a lot to write, just that given a really accepted excuse, time and energy has been keeping me from actually doing that. Focus is a luxury these days.

No movie review today. No food indulgence. No crapping. No condemning. Just taking a measured look at own life.

On one hand, am trying to run my personal life as private as I can, while quietly and slowly erasing those memories from the past that has anything to do with me or other people that I'm circling around with. And making a lot of new ones to overrun the rest. It hasn't been all that tough since being in something voluntarily and willingly gives you enough motivation to keep going on, adapt, accept, nurture, and sustain. This might sound a little premature but since it's almost year end now, I have to say that 2012 has really been great to me so far. Sometimes all it takes is one small brave step forward to push you to the right direction, and taking those further steps with a lot of faith and confidence. You can't go wrong wherever you tread with honesty, sincerity, and purity of heart. That's what my Pastor says, and he happens to be my dad too.

While on the other hand, am doing my best to run my working life, career, job... whichever you wish to call it without sounding repetitive or prejudiced. Did I tell you that 1st October was the anniversary of my 3rd year working with this organization? Well, all I can say about it right now is that I never regretted leaving my job as a civil servant in a well-known department for this small not-quite well-known (yet) one. It has its ups and downs and rock and rolls and twist and turns, but then to compare, there are way worst places to work in. Here, you have a misunderstanding one day, you settle it, get over it, and forget about it, without holding grudges or fake affection. Results matter, and how you get them counts. You give respect, you get some in return. You do your task at the best of your abilities, exceeding them at some point, and go home happy and satisfied when each day concluded. You treat each other like family, but you always remember and appreciate more the real family that you go home to day after day. And lately it's getting to be more than what pays the bills, it's what gives you some self-worth and pride at the end of the day.

So if you asked me, am I happy today?

Happiness is probably subjective. Some can be seen and measured, and some can be read about all over media social channels, while some are kept solely private but for the people closely concerned.

But am I content? Now there's a question after reading the above that if you still had to ask, then you probably missed it and more.

Happy Wednesday Coffee everyone.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dabai in little big town Sibu ...

Guess what people?

This would be the best time of the year to go visit SIBU! No no no ... not for the night life or the clubbing scene as recently reported in one of the local dailies. Although for the life of me I couldn't understand nor accept why some people would be so ridiculously shallow to actually be judgmental of other people who were only out in town for some unwinding sessions with friends or acquaintances without bothering anybody nor spending other people's money but their own. I say... that article would potentially pissed a lot of people, if it didn't already. It's not about drinking or having a rowdy good time or showing bad examples to future gens that's the issue now, isn't it? The editor probably overlooked that report, otherwise it never would've made it to print, or at least rewritten, like what my ex-boss would've done in those days. Unless you're a blogger or a columnist with your own dedicated space or an established well-known journalist or writer, you don't get to write news piece like that and injecting your own opinions, worst when it's biased opinions, which is why you weren't supposed to do so in the first place. You think easy meh being a reporter? You have to be a responsible uneasily-swayed writer, otherwise you would downgrade the very paper that pays your bills. Become a blogger also people would condemn us for simply opine on something.

Tsk tsk tsk. BUT... My. How I could digress! See what you made me do? 

Anyway... I was going to say that this would be the best time to visit SIBU because dabai season is here again!

A little 411 on this fruit: Dabai can only be found in Sarawak. There, special exotic native fruit, Sarawakians, don't you just love yourself now? And it grows best along the Batang Rajang river, which explains why it is found abundantly in Sibu because its feeder areas are Kapit, Song, and Belaga, and sometimes in Kanowit. Which also explains its distinctive taste compared to dabai grown in other places in Sarawak, like Kuching. My friend who's a so-called dabai expert, said that it would be lucky indeed if dabai can grow elsewhere other than along that river, and even if you take the seeds from Song for example, when grown elsewhere, it wouldn't have the same taste. How would I know? I listen, take note, eat, make comparison, take note, eat, make comparison, eat... and by the time I'm done comparing, I'd be too full to be hey -- word of the day! -- JUDGMENTAL!

So last week I went to Sibu on official business, made my way to the wet market after work concluded, and bought myself a RM24 per kg worth of freshly picked dabai. Expensive? Ho yeah! But who cares. It would go down as cheap as RM8 per kg once the season is in full blown in another month or so, but hey, I'm in Sibu already. Why not right? It's not like I come to Sibu all the time to spend money having a good time and get harassed for it.

Price differ depending on grades, level of freshness, and size...

For the untutored, dabai is purplish black in colour when ripe, before that it was white. You need to soak them in hot water (or lukewarm water, for some) for a few minutes until tender. Drain the water, sprinkle with salt (if you prefer), then voila! Ready to be served! 

Best taken on its own while watching CSI, or with a proper meal. I like mine dunked in a dose of soy sauce with chilli and sugar. The hotter it is, the more action your morning after will get. :p

And you thought you could give Sibu a bad name? Shame on you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

U Bistro: Best pizza in town and stuffs...

[Note: went for this under Sarawak Bloggers, made new friends, met some old faces, good food, good company, me no complaint...]

Ok what you need to understand is that I don't really dig pizza on a normal day, but when I do, it's because I found one that I don't have to pretend to like or stuff in my mouth just to please my host. Yep, people, I discovered the best pizza in town and it's at U Bistro!

This Bistro serves it thin-crusted, generously cheesed and sprinkled with various types of toppings. My favourite so far is still the pepperoni, but the herbs is not bad either.

 Pepperoni pizza and herbs pizza and lookit Jaq enjoying the pull factor!

...and coupled that with a refreshing glass of Sprite peppermint.... voila! I had to push aside thoughts of coffee for a while to try out that mojito-lookalike drink and it was well, pretty good actually.

Sprite peppermint ... or fresh watermelon juice...

This place also serves a really awesome (for lack of a better word) grilled lamb. In fact, if they had black pepper sauce to drown it in with (like how I usually like my lamb) the night would've been perfect. You have to try it for yourself because some things just can't be described quite as well as experiencing it.

Fooh... grilled lamb baby!

What I did remember though, was enjoying this crispy grilled chicken with the best bruschetta I've ever tasted and the most generously cheese-sprinkled garden salad on the side.Why I keep saying generously ho... bah it's true! LOL.

Mix and match...

Too pretty to eat... coral salad, garden salad, and bruschetta

And some more grilled stuff! What's a hungry girl to do but take her carving knife and tread slowly... Notice the midin (wild fern)? Dare to be different I say. You won't see much of fried stuffs here. The baked potato kinda made a wonderful substitute for the typical french fries. Nice touch.

Grilled sirloin steak...

Here's where I tell you where to find this place because I can't risk being chubby alone: You know that old MAS (Malaysia airlines) Building at Jalan Song Thean Cheok? It's the corner shop right next to it. The sign is right there so you can't miss it. There are set lunches too and various other beverages, including liquor and beer. And they don't serve pork.

I tried their coffee, it was ok. But by then I was too full to be judgmental, and too lazy to take a boring coffee picture. But there's also free wifi here... so hey. =)

Business Time: 9am - 10pm
Tel: 082-233243
Also available for private functions.

Note: Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S3 quality. :p

Also NOTE: All the published dishes were described exactly as how they were served to the author at the time, with lots of yummy-factor. However, the taste may differ or change from then onwards. Since whether it's good or not is a matter of opinion, you are welcome to come up with your own verdict. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

One word: HAIYA ...

Google pix
I'm not going to tell you what happened in the movie because you can very well Google it up yourself, besides, the directors were being sorely lazy, so why should I give them the satisfaction? Let me tell you how I really feel about this movie.

I waited TWO YEARS for this sequel to come out, and there I was sitting in the cinema hall  watching and waiting for another hour plus for the real action to unfold... and like a bad foreplay that went on unguided, unfeeling, without finesse and completely tasteless, I was left unsated and hanging in the balance.

Not to imply that that ever happened, but you get the drift...

I mean, COME ON! It's RESIDENT EVIL for goodness sake! It's what the first, second, third, and fourth sequel should be building up into, not broken down into. It's supposed to be zombified, grossly and more intelligently mutated, more cleverly designed without loopholes facility, and more brutal or violent superior human that runs it all. Instead, there wasn't many zombies at all, if there were, it was like watching a rerun of the previous shows, simply copy the zombie scenes from either Sequel 1 or 2 or 3 and paste it in Sequel 5 and rename it 'New York Simulation something or Moscow Simulation something. Dude... How stupid do you think I am to be forgetting something like that? Not enough zombies. Not enough scare factor. Not enough!

And the human characters, well, wasn't that spider necklace/tag on Jill Valentine's also seen in Sequel 2 (or was it 3) and Alice should know what it was capable of doing to the wearer, so why didn't she attempt to take it off Valentine in the first place? And why do you revive the previous characters but didn't give them any significance, like Carlos, and what's-her-name Michelle Rodriguez... AND where did Ada Wong come from? Simply sprung a new character on me hah, when you didn't give enough  credits to the ones you already have?

Google pix

Oh let me tell you about the fight scenes ... it's like kids playing video shooting games. Shoot shoot shoot aim straight at nothing stand tall exposed and not a bullet through. I think the video games sound more exciting and lively than the fight scenes in here. You hand me a gun I can also shoot like that. Duh.

Wait... did you watch the trailer of Resident Evil: Retribution before they released the movie? I think the trailer is misleading. It was more interesting than what actually happened. In fact I think Alice deserves more highlights in this movie, and she's not even getting a good storyline. Her fight outfit was horrible, I like the one in Apocalypse better. Even when she was wearing just a lingerie, she looked deadly.

Oh, the scene where she woke up half naked wearing only two pieces of clothes tied covering the front and back... I think the directors secretly loved making Milla Jovovich do that, in fact she does that quite a lot in other movies too. It was like watching Fifth Element all over again. Seriously, no creativity.

Just when you thought the real plot was about to begin when you saw hell with all the gates and walls and the spotlight and mutant bats flying ... It Ended. Making room for Sequel 6.

Have I been crapping enough? Oh go watch it yourself. But I warn you, if you're a fan of Resident Evil the movies, better brace for it man. You might enjoy sitting there with your date and eating popcorn and cuddles, but in the name of all that's good and creative... DONT BET ON IT!

Good luck watching!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That crabby moment ...


Err... I ran out of ideas on what to update. Blogger's block. Excuses. Whatever.

So here's a random update on where you can get your next fix on the best crab dish in town. I swear by the gravy alone. :p. I promise you, once you've eaten this, you will want to come back for more. At least I did.

Crabs in creamy salted egg yolk, in your face!

iCafe Restaurant
Lot 295, Rubber Road, Lrg 9., Kuching, Sarawak 93400, Malaysia
(It is near CIMB Bank at Rubber Road)

Business Time:
Morning till night. I normally just crash by.

I think the taukey said the crabs are sold at RM39 per kg, depending on the season/weather.

My Verdict:
Best I've eaten so far in Kuching. A perfect solution to a restless soul. A soothing balm after a looong day at the office. And I'm still on the lookout  for some other place to top this.

p/s: I dont get any free meal for doing this free promo, you hear that iCafe? Maybe next time? :p

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday post-holiday ...

Yo welcome back all you workaholics! Crash any house parties? Got drunk on sodas and Raya cookies over the weekend? Gathered enough ang pows to cover your next roadtrip adventure? As for me... only managed to visit 3 houses this year for Raya so far, and that's only because I take serious invitations seriously.

And this my friends, is what food, fun, fellowship is all about! The redefinition of my Raya holiday and extended weekend...

 2nd Day Raya Breakfast with Laksa Sarawak ...
@Fat Cat Cafe, Stutong, Kuching

And iced coffee...

So what else is new, other than this extra curves? The more to hold me with baby... :p

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Expendables 2 ...

Opting to watch movies instead of Raya house visiting?

If you're looking for intelligent storyline, this isn't it. If you're looking for some ass-kicking scenes, this could be it. If you're looking for tough good looking guys, this also could be it only if you're into men past their primes. But if you're looking to watch your favorite action heroes from the preceding generation congregating for an hour plus working towards a common goal without killing each other, then oh yeah, this is it!

Google the plot yourself. What I can tell you is that watching THE EXPENDABLES 2 is like watching bits and pieces of Rambo, Die Hard, Delta Force, The Terminator, Universal Soldier, Masters of the Universe, The Transporter, and a little bit of Fist of Legend in there. The Expendable 1 had its moment of violence, gore, and dry jokes, but it was the first time some of these big time names got together and it was entertaining. But watching the sequel, I cannot help but feel as if it's the finale season of the heroes from that generation.

Like the character of Sylvester Stallone said "That plane belong in the museum"... to which Schwarzenegger replied "We all do..." Somehow that got me laughing like crazy. Oh the truth and the irony.  

Barney Ross, Lee Christmas and Hale Caesar...

Watch out for the famous one-liners -- I get a lot of points for spotting these! ha ha ha -- and some dry sarcasm that you wish you could use on your bosses or immediate supervisors on a daily basis.

A lot of blood, violence, and pretty hard to believe actions -- like running into the line of fire that came from all directions and not gotten hit even once, but wait, this is a movie la, no one dies but the bad guys--, and hard to decipher moments -- like if you're so tough and unpredictable, why didn't anyone do something brave and stupid to save one of their own but they could risk everyone's lives without even thinking? --- Hmm. 

All in all, it was very entertaining... for me at least. I bet there won't be anymore alumni movies like these -- we're not counting The Avengers or any of the comic book stuffs -- anymore because everyone's getting so old and wrinkly and slow. Although I can't say the same about Bruce Willis, and Statham is from a different era. I would've wanted to see more of Jet Li's part in this but oh well... Did I tell you Chuck Norris was there too, complete with that unmistakably hard to ignore music theme every time he appears? Too classic it was almost funny!

Imagine if they had Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Michael Dudikoff that dude from American Ninja, it would've been really challenging to direct without one hero overshadowing the other. In fact, I would've preferred to watch Datuk Michelle playing the role of Maggie in here but again.. oh well...

To tell you the truth, I'm biased. I only watch it because of ehem Jason Statham and his sexy bald head and short legs. And for the pure ecstasy of watching Van Damme getting his ass kicked real hard and sorry ... never did like that guy.

Statham ... aww...

Nothing grand here people, you would probably rather wait for the DVD version if you don't want to waste your money going to the cinema. But if you're looking for some cheap and straight entertainment, why not. THE EXPENDABLES 2 is more about heroes having fun for the last time.

Happy holidays!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raya holiday wishes ...

It's rush hour outside!

All those last minute Raya shopping, schools out of sessions, and those not exactly celebrating also crowding the malls and streets looking for best deals... and here I am wishing it's 5.30pm already so I could clock out and join the throng of those not celebrating but pretending we are.

So chill out my fellow bloggers, my silent readers and stalkers... take a breather and enjoy the holiday season. Go have fun! Visit those open houses! Eat, drink and be merry!

Here's wishing all my friends, relatives, colleagues, ex-colleagues, blogger acquaintances, yo stalkers...


And have a looooong restful weekend!