Thursday, December 22, 2011

A year wiser ...

Coffee Girl is officially a year older today. Yeay.

Dear God,
grant me the wisdom, the courage, the strength, the wit, the charm, the compassion, the agility, the backbone, to be a better person. 

Help me make better decisions, to stand up for all I believe in, and to stand up for all those who need me.
Grant me peace of mind, and a quiet understanding of all Your ways.

Oh, and  thank you for blessing me with a great family, wonderful friends, kind boss(es), supportive colleagues, a good job, good pay, great car, privacy of my own place, the ones who love me, and the one my heart loves.

 And to all those who wish me upfront, face to face, via phonecalls, sms, Whatsapp, YM, BBM, Gtalk, and FB... Thank you for the kind thoughts. They really made my day.


Yippadee dooda, yippadee dei! Wonderful feeling, beautiful day!

dont count the candles. (Google Pix)


  1. Yea happy birthday to you.. Coffee Girl

  2. Finally I can post a comment here. Recently it said that it was blocked for some kind of error.

    Happy Birthday Coffee Girl :)

  3. Happy birthday and merry christmas!!! :D

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May God grant you all that you've wished for and more :)
    I hope the following year brings great things and beautiful sunsets. Enjoy Life, Live happy :)
    Happy Birthday Again !

  5. THANK YOU ALL!!! :))) LOVE YOU ALL:))) *emotional la pulak*


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