Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday rant ...

1 draft speech done, 2 more to go. Nuked my morning coffee thrice already. Every time I'm set to go, something comes up. A phone call. A discussion. Emails. Walk-ins. And then I would be on it long enough for my coffee to get cold again.

Woke up at 5.15am today, drove all the way to my own place from kampung, continued sleep on my sofa, reawaken at 7.00am, did the laundry, washed hair, fixed breakfast, drove to work at 8.10am.

On the entrance to the building's car park, realised I forgot my tag that carries my parking/building pass, office door access card, and staff ID. Must've left it still in my luggage from last weekend's trip to Sibu. Parked outside, awaiting noon, then drove balik kpg again just to get my tag. Nasib baik kampung dekat sub-urban je.

Moral of the story: Don't drowse and drive. You're bound to forget something.

Anyway, Happy Monday people!

P/S: No ammo.


  1. agree agree,, hey now I just realized that you are with Adverlets instead of Nuffnang, is it better?

  2. Makanla Nesvita untuk kesegaran pagi anda.. haha...

  3. Office hour starts at 9am ka kawan?

  4. 3 kali minum coffee? serius? kmk sik pernah amik sekali pun.. hehe...

    minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat..=p

  5. Eugene: eh which part u agree? *lost* And im on both nuffnang and advertlet. The nuffnang surprisingly is veeeeerrrryyyy slow in picking up cents (not dollars) compared to my advertlets. maybe coz advertlets have more interesting campaigns. eh tolong click la yer. thanks!

    AmirFX: makan Nesvita macam sik makan breakfast pulak dah, maybe psychology kot. haha. mok makan besar juak.

    Ms Tikot: sik eh, mun sikda jammed, ada dekat 40 minit. mun peak hours ada sejam lebih. tapi dah namanya ada kemahuan, adalah jalan...

    Ivynana: hahahaha aku express bah. kejap jak ready. 830 start, tapi besalah masuk lewat sikit jak. masih juak balik akhir, so break even lah.

    Amni: ney gaya. dah kejerun kata org. haha. sik juak 3 kali, kadang2 panaskan balik bila dah sejuk. Milo pun ok, cuma berkrim jak rasa

  6. You were in Sibu last weekend? Wish I had known that - we could have got together for a drink or something...

  7. suituapui: yes i was, in Julau actually, but stay in sibu. ya hooo... we cud go to one of those nice places you blog about. next time?


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