Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beware of curves ...

Well you know, year end is always a tough season. Between the seasoned duck and the roasted chicken, and a whole lot of tasty treats on the side, I am closing one eye on breaking every one of the 10 commandments of weight loss. Thankfully the wet season drowns the appetite for sodas, and that's where the coffee comes in. A total love gained and not an ounce lost. Appity. I so adore this round chin, and now there's two more to love! Having curves is a priviledge ok. Careful around the bend baby.

That's one more goal to be carried forward to next year. Maybe I could buy that ab-exercise thingy with this year's bonus ... what's it called? I dont look that bad I promise you. I was gonna post my latest look in my Christmas overalls, but it's too pretty for the broadband to handle, so ...

Between being on leave from work and getting bad network coverage down here, I just have very little mood to write. And not much inspiration besides. But I still read you all although i may not always leave comments, so I got that part covered.


I dont have much of a resolution for the coming year, still working on it actually. I dont want to jinx it by naming them out loud because you know, when you put pressure on yourself, and you could get cooked up before you're even ready to eat. Hah.

You got any you want to share, maybe ones I could borrow?

Happy New Year 2012 you all!  


  1. Careful around the bend ya sekpat nak gerenti.. haha...

  2. I am also not very happy with my curves.. A small addition I will need to change at least most of my office pants;((

  3. I kind of suck at sticking to my resolution. So I just take every yer as it goes.

  4. Be happy and satisfied is a good resolution! Happy New Year!

  5. AmirFx: hahahaha drive under own risk! bahaya bahaya...

    Wan Shariff: you have curves? hihihi. for men, it must be a sign of good and happy life, isnt it? well dont worry, the tailors will be happy to retake your new measures. :-)

    Korawk: Happy New Year to you too my blogger friend! :-))

    Cyril: same, thats why i dont wanna list them down where i can see it coz it's hard to live up to.

    Cherrie.mia: same to you! same to you! :-))

    Rose: Indeed it is, be content. if only we cud. Happy new year to you too!


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