Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for my Birthday is ...

 Pics: Lepo Music Centre

A purty little Taylor Acoustic 114ce model with the sexy Grand Auditorium curve with pickup. I could play with it all night long. The sound it makes is hot and heavy. More erotic than any acoustic I've beheld.

And this baby is valued at over RM3000 ...

I hope I dont have to smash my piggy bank for this.

P/s: Are you reading this dad? Mom? Baby? Anybody?


  1. Waaaaaa.... Serius gila kacak dan gila mahal.. haha.. Ok.. Kmk support ktk pecahkan piggy bank ya... haha...

  2. Happy Birthday....hahahaha! U get a man, get married & ask him to buy this guitar for u...JOKING! Jangan mare

  3. AmirFX: kan? nang syuk nanga, main pun tang berbunga-bunga. tapi mahal aih. huhuhu. hahahaha nulong bayar la

    Globalized Dayung: muahahahha. why do i need to marry a man to have it? i dont want to be 'berhutang' to a guy just coz he bought me a guitar. lawak la lu

  4. whoaa..mahal nye, but i believe they`ll get it for u, rite dad, mom, baby, hehhehe..happy birthday !!

  5. Rose: thanks! belum gik...

    Luciana: i hope soooooo.... if not then i have to fork out my own money for it. and thanks!!

  6. I have a guitar but jadi koleksi musium.

  7. Frouline: thank you babe. a few more days to go. :-)

    Willie: derma ngan aku jak. boleh?

  8. Taylor is worth the money........

  9. cooknengr: oh yes that's why ive been eyeing it...


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