Friday, December 2, 2011

All Hail December ...

Have you done all you set out to do for the year?

I still don't have even half a million dollars in my bank account, and I have not been out of the country at all. I have not purchased my Taylor acoustic guitar, and my intention to acquire an overseas Masters Degree is put on hold. I am still not fully cleared of all financial debts, and the guy I am supposed to marry is still only a figment of my aunties' imagination. So all in all considered, that would be a big NOT YET.

But, I'm cool. 

I still have about 29 days to go before the year closes in.

Shall I press the panic button?


  1. Belum lagik ya perlu untuk tekan panik button.. haha.. Be happy and smile always..

  2. i rasa..everyone ada panic button. cuma tak tau tekan, selalu tekan atau tak tau kewujudan.


  3. yeap, many more weeks to go. sure can achieve if not all, one of your wishes!! Or can do next year loh!!

    Like me, always procrastinating to next year! :p

  4. Sometimes being patient can do you a lot of good instead, it is about you and your life and no one should bother you as far as that is concerned,, hey all the best to you ya ,great weekend and god bless

  5. anything is possible within those 29 days. heeee :)

  6. errr....but so far...i do not know what i want to achieve next year. hehe...

  7. yes, anything can happens in 29 days.

  8. Amirfx: gegar dah bah. hahaha. thank you!

    Tia: ya bunyi degupan jantung dah berhenti jak..... hahaha

    Hanie: panic button i masih baru, butang masih belum ada fingerprint. rasnya ada yg butang pun dah tersabut. kahkah

    Rose: macam Annual Leave jugak kan, boleh carry forward...

    Eugene: oh im patient, just not focused. and thanks. Happy Monday to you!

  9. Dadyana: oh i hope ur right ...

    Willie: i pun have no idea yet. macam sama jak tahun lepas...

    Ivynana: like... getting a half million dollars in my account before new years eve? hahah not very likely.

  10. Hahaha now you only have 19 days. Well I landed here by accident and stayed for the music. May the rest of your year be happy :)


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