Saturday, December 31, 2011

Curtain call ...

They come and they go, and I'm still here, and what an amazing adventure that was!

  1. Moved into my new apartment and already everything smells of me now. The space I've always wanted. That's the biggest achievement so far this year, I think.
  2. I had a year of getting to know my new boss and how his mind works. Still learning. 
  3. My second eldest sister announced her engagement and she will be married in three more days. One less hurdle on the way before it's my turn. *We try not to jump the queue, it's my family's unwritten code of conduct*
  4. Paid off one creditor. Phew. One less debt to worry about.
  5. On the other hand, signed up for this group fund thingy under CIMB bank. hope it bears fruit fast and I can go overseas next year with the interest. Yeay!
  6. Donated blood twice already this year. Best moments ever lying there pumping out blood and feeling heroic. Next year will be my third.
  7. Spent time holidaying in Sabah, Melaka, and KL in the same year. Ok no more local trips for me. Next year will be overseas all the way.
  8. Burst my online shopping quota in a year, ever. The junks were mostly dresses, lingeries, books, and personal effects.
  9. Still going strong on the coffee, and recently formed an attachment to Kopi Tenom.
  10. Been blogging consistently for a year now after I got that April Blog of the Month from Sarawak Bloggers. Yeay!
  11. Met a guy. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
Well that about sums it up, although when I think about it, I don't really remember the bad moments. Can't waste time dwelling on them either.

So with that, me man Hugh Jackman and I wish you all a very very


Look to the future,
Learn from the past,
Remember the adventure,
Will never be last.

Be kind, be lovely
Be brave and strong too,
Be different, be sexy
Be better, just be you!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beware of curves ...

Well you know, year end is always a tough season. Between the seasoned duck and the roasted chicken, and a whole lot of tasty treats on the side, I am closing one eye on breaking every one of the 10 commandments of weight loss. Thankfully the wet season drowns the appetite for sodas, and that's where the coffee comes in. A total love gained and not an ounce lost. Appity. I so adore this round chin, and now there's two more to love! Having curves is a priviledge ok. Careful around the bend baby.

That's one more goal to be carried forward to next year. Maybe I could buy that ab-exercise thingy with this year's bonus ... what's it called? I dont look that bad I promise you. I was gonna post my latest look in my Christmas overalls, but it's too pretty for the broadband to handle, so ...

Between being on leave from work and getting bad network coverage down here, I just have very little mood to write. And not much inspiration besides. But I still read you all although i may not always leave comments, so I got that part covered.


I dont have much of a resolution for the coming year, still working on it actually. I dont want to jinx it by naming them out loud because you know, when you put pressure on yourself, and you could get cooked up before you're even ready to eat. Hah.

You got any you want to share, maybe ones I could borrow?

Happy New Year 2012 you all!  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A year wiser ...

Coffee Girl is officially a year older today. Yeay.

Dear God,
grant me the wisdom, the courage, the strength, the wit, the charm, the compassion, the agility, the backbone, to be a better person. 

Help me make better decisions, to stand up for all I believe in, and to stand up for all those who need me.
Grant me peace of mind, and a quiet understanding of all Your ways.

Oh, and  thank you for blessing me with a great family, wonderful friends, kind boss(es), supportive colleagues, a good job, good pay, great car, privacy of my own place, the ones who love me, and the one my heart loves.

 And to all those who wish me upfront, face to face, via phonecalls, sms, Whatsapp, YM, BBM, Gtalk, and FB... Thank you for the kind thoughts. They really made my day.


Yippadee dooda, yippadee dei! Wonderful feeling, beautiful day!

dont count the candles. (Google Pix)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday rant ...

1 draft speech done, 2 more to go. Nuked my morning coffee thrice already. Every time I'm set to go, something comes up. A phone call. A discussion. Emails. Walk-ins. And then I would be on it long enough for my coffee to get cold again.

Woke up at 5.15am today, drove all the way to my own place from kampung, continued sleep on my sofa, reawaken at 7.00am, did the laundry, washed hair, fixed breakfast, drove to work at 8.10am.

On the entrance to the building's car park, realised I forgot my tag that carries my parking/building pass, office door access card, and staff ID. Must've left it still in my luggage from last weekend's trip to Sibu. Parked outside, awaiting noon, then drove balik kpg again just to get my tag. Nasib baik kampung dekat sub-urban je.

Moral of the story: Don't drowse and drive. You're bound to forget something.

Anyway, Happy Monday people!

P/S: No ammo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for my Birthday is ...

 Pics: Lepo Music Centre

A purty little Taylor Acoustic 114ce model with the sexy Grand Auditorium curve with pickup. I could play with it all night long. The sound it makes is hot and heavy. More erotic than any acoustic I've beheld.

And this baby is valued at over RM3000 ...

I hope I dont have to smash my piggy bank for this.

P/s: Are you reading this dad? Mom? Baby? Anybody?

Friday, December 2, 2011

All Hail December ...

Have you done all you set out to do for the year?

I still don't have even half a million dollars in my bank account, and I have not been out of the country at all. I have not purchased my Taylor acoustic guitar, and my intention to acquire an overseas Masters Degree is put on hold. I am still not fully cleared of all financial debts, and the guy I am supposed to marry is still only a figment of my aunties' imagination. So all in all considered, that would be a big NOT YET.

But, I'm cool. 

I still have about 29 days to go before the year closes in.

Shall I press the panic button?